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  1. I'm having the same problem....I dont quite understand what instructions you are saying.." "please delete all of the folders with Earth_nav_data in the name from your X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\Orbx_EGFF_A_Cardiff folder" ...........So do I go into my Orbx EGFF folder and open Earth nav data and delete the two items what are in there...one is a folder named +50-010 and the other is a file named apt.dat file.....please can you advise? Thank you Paul
  2. Thanks John....appreciate your input, looking forward to future products from Orbx for sure
  3. I get all that John, I did have all applications closed etc as you recommend. I want to keep this positive though because at the end of the day with a bit of patience whatever setup you have it all works and it is bloody marvellous what you guys have done here, absolutely awesome. Thank you. Regards Paul
  4. Hello everyone and Orbx This will be a very short opinion of my my experience downloading and installing true earth central and South for XP11..... not! My wife bought me these two products on Christmas day afternoon and I finally finally got Central installed over 48 hrs later, South has been downloading now since yesterday morning Fri 28th starting at 11am and it's still not done.. it's nearly there.... ..but not quite....it's going to be approx 40 hrs for the full complete download and installation for South......quite ridiculous I think. Now.........I am no novice with flight simulators, ive done it all and got them all and had them all.......I have Fibre broadband, a mega computer....the full shebang... ...but wow......it's a lot of time isn't it to get the full immersive experience.....I think so. Soooooo if your having the same experience has I have had book yourself a two weeks holiday and leave your computer on..... my computer has been on continuous now for quite sometime. While it has been downloading South I did manage to fly from Leeds to hull in airfoils Cessna.... it was totally awesome.. . .....I've never seen this in a desktop sim in over 20 years... totally MEGA! So thank you Orbx........I think I will go away for a month though when I purchase North! Regards Paul
  5. I live near Beverley now but I used to live in Rochdale in Lancashire and I had lots of flying lessons at Barton about 15 years ago, it will be awesome to fly back in Lancashire and also in and around east Yorkshire, its beautiful countryside in both countys for sure Regards Paul
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