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  1. Berlin Tegel [EDDT/TXL] for Prepar3D v4.5+ and v5 ** Prepar3D users- it's your turn! ** EDDT - Berlin Tegel Airport for Prepar3Dv5! We are really happy to share with you that very special project! Like any of our products, that version was built from the bottom up (not conversion!) using the native tools and setup of P3Dv5. The airport will release to P3Dv4.5+ and P3Dv5. Get It Here: https://orbxdirect.com/product/gaya-eddt Long live Berlin Tegel !
  2. It's not, it's just available here: https://forums.gaya-simulations.com/topic/312-how-to-contact-our-support/
  3. No. Our support is only by the ticketing system. I have just checked and seems like it's down for some reason- we are on it to solve asap (should be done quickly). Specificly for @VINCENZO LOFARO i'm in personal communication with him via Gaya forums. Raz
  4. @Jon Clarke We using ticketing system for support: https://gaya-simulations.com/support/ That's take place for any Gaya product. Raz
  5. I can confirm we (Gaya) are working on that.
  6. Thanks a lot Dario! I'm sure you all will love LIRQ! we bring you so much love and passion (I think it's stand out from the photos and the video). Not much left for the waiting
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Much appriciate for your support. I'm sure you will love that one as we do.
  8. Benvenuti in Toscana - Welcome to Firenze! We are thrill to share with you the official trailer for LIRQ - Firenze Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Release on Firday (16.10.2020)
  9. Find the change log here: https://forums.gaya-simulations.com/topic/303-eddt-loww-and-lgko-update-11-msfs/
  10. Benvenuti in Toscana - Welcome to Tuscany! What better way to explore one of Italy's most revered regions than at it's heart in Florence, capital and most populous city. Picked out with Microsoft Flight Simulator in mind, Florence's Airport is just minutes from the city centre, perfect for low-and-slow VFR scenic flights or convinient tourist travel from abroad to and from one of the Renaissance's great hubs. An Italian hub for Vueling and offering flights across Europe both seasonally and year-round, Florence is the perfect product for Microsoft Flight Simulator -
  11. Released for X-Plane 11 - EDDT Berlin Tegel Airport Located a short 10 kilometres by road from the centre of Berlin, Tegel is most certainly an urban hub - and it's this proximity which we, Gaya Simulations, have used to our advantage in making our next flagship scenery. As always with Gaya Simulations airports, Berlin Tegel is designed for best in-class immersion, detailing and performance. Our artists have spent months trawling through documents, images and other primary sources in order to create the most compelling and realistic recreation of the airport on the mark
  12. Berlin Tegel [EDDT/TXL] for X-Plane 11! We are super exciting to share with you the our coming prodcut! Like the MSFS and P3D versions, we build it from the bottom up as native XP-11 addon (not a conversion). The development goes in parallel to our other simulators developements. For more background info about the airport please refer to our MSFS version announc: Long live Berlin Tegel ! Coming soon to Orbx Central!
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