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  1. I have just checked and the website as well as the support are working just perfect. Make sure you type the "www" (www.gaya-simulations.com).
  2. Hi guys, Thanks for the great feedback. I can confirm that issue moved to the next update fixes/features list.
  3. Thanks for the feedbacks guys, For any official replay or support please open a ticket in our Zendesk and we will be happy to assist or note features for updates. Raz
  4. Really happy to read your feedback! it's make us all proud and satisfied! As for the runway "markers"- those are actually the runway starting points we defined there at the hold short positions at each of the corresponding taxiways for each runway. We made it by purpose and it's not a mistake.
  5. Briefly-The pricing is direct reflection of the scenery development costs and complexity. While the SDK and development pipeline and tool are very good, stable (and official..) for P3D it's another story with way more unofficial tools, "hacks" and internal technics involved many more tools- bottom line of all the described is time invested at the development leading for our pricing decision.
  6. Kristiansand Airport is now available! The culmination of months of work, our latest project, centered in Norway's southern city of Kristiansand has hit stores now. To celebrate, we've got two new release offers to share with you all. Firstly, save 15% with our special launch pricing this weekend only! Normal prices will return at 0800z on Monday, so get in quick! Secondly, if you're buying the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D versions together, you get 25% off! That offer is valid for the next week. Make sure to drop by our brand new website on the w
  7. We added the star to Kos long time ago when updated. Will make sure we re-check it and update if needed. ENCN: Thanks! No at the first day but not long after. It's already sent to MS and should be there within the next 2 weeks (estimated time).
  8. Thanks guys! happy you like it and we all sure you will have an amazing time in Norway
  9. Welcome to Kristiansand - Prepar3Dv4.5 & v5 Shortly before the release it's the perfect time to share with you the full picture of ENCN for Prepar3Dv5! The airport will come also to Prepar3Dv4.5 (and MSFS of course) and will be released via Orbx Central. We are also planning to celebrate our brand new website (exciting!) so expect cool surprise to come with it! And yes- there will be cross platform discount!
  10. Hi Ignacio, For full log please see here: https://forums.gaya-simulations.com/topic/303-eddt-loww-and-lgko-update-11-msfs/ For any other issue please contact GAYA official support. Raz,
  11. Thanks for your kind words guys! We will share the full P3D preview shortly aiming to release both versions together!
  12. Almost there! We will share the preview of the P3D version (it's really exciting!) and we are waiting for the right moment to release both together. We have not-that-short content we are about to release (LOWW 1.2 XP-11, ENCN-MSFS, ENCN-P3D, not to mention some other HUGE projects creating and more...) so there should be a little sequence and I want to be sure each release will go as smooth as possible.
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