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  1. Hi all, We aware of those 2 bugs and working on hotfix for that. Raz
  2. Yep, exactly the opposite as @joe d park find (result of 2+ weeks with 3 kids inside the quarantine ). I'v edited the original post and here is also the correct order: 1. Orbx_EGPH_ParkingLights.BGL (copy to -> ) Orbx\p3dv4\EGPH Edinburgh Airport\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGPH\scenery Confirm the overwrite. 2. ORBX_EGPH_ParkingLights_Ctrl.fx (copy to -> ) Orbx\p3dv4\EGPH Edinburgh Airport\Effects
  3. @Vieira12 @Markus Felber here are 2 files I'd like you to place here: **go into the folder you set Orbx Central to store your products** and than: 1. Orbx_EGPH_ParkingLights.BGL (copy to -> ) Orbx\p3dv4\EGPH Edinburgh Airport\Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGPH\scenery Confirm the overwrite. 2. ORBX_EGPH_ParkingLights_Ctrl.fx (copy to -> ) Orbx\p3dv4\EGPH Edinburgh Airport\Effects This should solve the problem. please let me know if it's works for you. Raz Orbx_EGPH_ParkingLights.BGL ORBX_EGPH_ParkingLights_Ctrl.fx
  4. Thanks for the info. Will check it and will try to find and solve it asap.
  5. Hi @klka Thanks for the report. Currently trying to track the issues (we have a suspect). Will back to you asap with the solution. Can you please tell if you are using Orbx Central version or Gaya installer? Raz
  6. @Vieira12 As we wrote you on Facebook- we are looking at the issue you reported and will back to you soon with our conclusions and solution (if it's cause by EGPH). Here are few initial information ill ask: 1. What generic addons are you using (e.g FTX regions, GSX etc). 2. Are you using any 3rd party lights/night add-on? if so- which one? 3. Following the scenario you mentioned- what is the length of the flight you did before arrived int EGPH and find the dynamic lights off? Raz
  7. Thats correct- there is interior modelling (with people! ) for some of the terminals!
  8. Yes- Vienna Airport is Perfectly blends with Austria Professional. It's going to be very simple- you could chose what version you would like to run at dedicated Control Panel inside Orbx Central.
  9. @gordonhutchison Yes- XP-11 version is also about to be announce officials and release on the same time or in very short time after the P3D one.
  10. EGPH- will have a look and will back to you soon with that. EGLC- @Greg Jones
  11. Welcome to Vienna! We are thrilled to introduce you to Austria’s capital: Vienna! After a long and exciting development period, we're delighted to showcase this major European airport. Working closely with active airport staff, airline pilots and local experts, we've created an incredibly detailed rendition of this beautiful airport. You will have an amazing time exploring everything on offer in Vienna. Join us on our latest adventure to Austria. Situated just 18km southeast of the capital of Austria, Vienna International Airport is an exciting destination in central Europe. Numerous airlines visit the airport including KLM, Lufthansa, Eurowings, Lauda, Level and of course, Austrian Airlines. The 2 long runways and multiple terminals mean that there are plenty of opportunities to reach new destinations from Vienna International Airport. You have complete control over the choice of aircraft you want to use to recreate your favourite routes. From short-haul 737/320 routes to long haul cruises in your favourite 747 or 787. All the buildings have been reproduced with an exquisite level of detail, including a highly detailed modelling of the main airport terminal's interior.. With photos, experience and guidance from staff at Vienna airport itself, this product features the current ground layout including the new Bravo cargo parking stands. Plenty of innovative new techniques have been used in developing such a large scale airport, including highly detailed 3D ground vehicles, immersive ground texturing and stunning HD buildings. A lot of attention was given also to the surrounding of the airport, and whatever is "beyond the fence": animated trains and offices are included and amongst some of the areas that you will be able to explore! Another example are the bright purple tones of the Moxy hotel just down the road from the airport are there also, as they represent a well-known landmark to pilots. For the ultimate experience, Petrochemie Danubia is fully modelled just North-East of the airport, and it ensures a spectacular approach. As the seasons change, so does the airport environment. From the hard winter of Central Europe to the colourful spring, Vienna is a destination for year-long travel, offering rich views on all the arrivals and departures! Vienna has been tested and optimised for the best possible performance, keeping in mind the medium and lower end specced PCs. You will have a smooth approach into such a big and busy international HUB. Gaya Simulations has collaborated with an entire team of experts to provide flight simmers the best balance between detail and performance, in a very immersive and realistic product. Whether you are gearing up for a long-haul trip, or you are preparing for a multiple sector day across Europe in your favourite airplane, the all-new Vienna International Airport is for sure a must have in your simulator library! FEATURES - Prepar3D Authentic and complete rendition of Vienna Schwechat Airport in its current state including the extension of Bravo cargo parking Highly detailed 3D modelling of all buildings, with interior modelling in the main terminal Superb quality texturing and PBR usage for most buildings and assets across the airport Realistic and custom made ground service vehicles including pushback trucks, service and Vienna Airport specific taxis and buses. Completely custom groundwork with high-quality and accurate signage and markings. Animated 3D people at various parking stands (can be controlled via the control panel) Seasonal variation covering all types of weather including hard winter Full integration with SODE jetways including VGDS Custom made and optional static aircraft throughout bringing the airport to life Superb modelling outside of the airport including realistic hotels, Petrochemie Danubia and even animated trains Precise parking positions for airlines in their correct real-world gate assignment based on current data Perfectly blends with Orbx Global, openLC Europe, Austria Professional and others for a seamless experience. Developed with close assistance from real world pilots, airport workers and staff for incredible authenticity Created by Gaya Simulations (Kos Airport)
  12. We will push an update through Orbx Central asap. By than, Here is quick fix you can install manauly: 1. copy the 4 BGL files (attached) for the following path: your Orbx library folder\ Orbx\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGPH\scenery 2. overwrite the files when requested. ORBX_EGPH_Lights.BGL Orbx_EGPH_ParkingLights.BGL Orbx_EGPH_Entry.BGL ORBX_EGPH_TaxiLights.BGL
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