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  1. There is a suggestion at the top of my installed product which advises that Holger Mesh be uninstalled before proceeding . Is this the correct procedure ?
  2. Thank you viewers for giving this some thought . After having trawled through the forums and youtube I think have it all sorted . I guess search is your friend . All is good , fingers crossed . Happy flying to everyone .
  3. New system specs , HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 790-00xx Intel (R) Core ( TM) i7-8700 CPU 3.20 GHZ Memory 16.0 GB 64 Bit operating system nVidia GE Force GTX 1070
  4. I have recently purchased a new computer with high end specs . I have successfully downloaded most of my ORBX products from ORBX Central to a dedicated drive and simply named FSX . It has 2TB of of free space . I am able to open FSX and arrive at the saved default airport , however if I choose to -- Go to Airport - another part of the world , FSX loads to 24% and stops . Any suggestions would be most appreciated .
  5. Thank you for your reply . It took a while for me to see it . Lamb roast is almost done . Maybe I should re-register with a new account . I wonder if that will do it ?
  6. However it takes so long to access the ORBX forum , I almost have time to cook a lamb roast on the BBQ before I can reach the pertinent threads for support . Am I doing something incorrect here by signing in to the FTX site ? I notice at this time there are only 10 other people signed in . I am a patient person ( retired ) and have all the time in the world to enjoy our hobby , but this is becoming tiresome to wait so long for a response from ORBX Systems . I have an efficient computer / processor which does not prevent me from accessing any other site expeditiously .
  7. I have been away for 6 weeks in USA and Canada . Big trip from Australia . Couldn't wait to fly again . To my surprise , everything in FSX had slowed to glacial pace . So ,frustration consumed me . Bugger , I used all my resources , Nvidia Inspector and Advice from Kostas website . Back to basics . A simple reduction of Auto Gen . All good . The number of times I used the Shift -Z key to get a good result is innumerable . Then I found that ---- if your aircraft is flying smooth -- don't touch FPS .
  8. Wow . Great shots Iain . I can see the house I lived in near Park Beach , where I used to surf and the Coffs Harbour high school I attended all those years ago .
  9. Karsten, Excellent shots of NZ and the F27 . Just on the weather here . You really would not want to be here in Cronulla , Australia . Yesterday it was 40 degrees celsius most of the day until a cyclonic southerly wind caused havoc throughout the city . There was a death from a fallen tree onto a car . Rain was torrential during the night . Strange days indeed .
  10. Thank you to ORBX , for ORBX Europe . I am from Australia and have a fascination with English History . From Ethelred onwards . I have crissed-crossed your continent , low and slow (sometimes looking for ancient castles) and I am still amazed how this small Island was defended in WW2 against overwhelming odds .
  11. I had the most marvellous experience at the Qantas Jet Base in Sydney YSSY in the 747-400 full motion simulator . When I arrived , armed with charts , I met the chief training pilot and entered the cockpit and gravitated to the left seat . He explained that I wouldn't need all that paper , pointing to the FMC . After a brief rundown , I taxied to RWY 34L . Entering the active was a bit tricky as I tried to steer onto the take-off position. My " co-pilot " reminded me that the nose wheel was 50 feet behind us , so don't be alarmed when you look down and you see the grass below you when lini
  12. Excellent shots . Zinj . I have searched for this Qantas DC-3 . Would you mind pointing me in the right direction .
  13. Hi there , It has been ages since I have posted a screenshot . I have had to re- register on the new OZ Imaging site , On the former site there was "upload preferences" facility , whereby I could store screenshots in an album before releasing them for all to see . I did upload one shot today using the drag and drop method and it went out there for general exhibition . Have I missed a step here ?
  14. You should put one of them in the screen contest .
  15. Here is the key . When flying long distances or anywhere , be prepared to give up your flying seat whenever she wants to use the computer . Usually for an inane visit to Facebook . The way to do this . Show her how to press the Alt Key , select Views and untick Full Screen , then minimise . Problem solved . No more wild accusations about not being able to use the computer because " you are always flying that thing " As for add-ons , you will have to find a way .
  16. Thank you Edward . Since you are on the FTX Beta Team , I will respect your advice .
  17. I have just stumbled across a product at the FlightSim Store -- AUscene Sydney Professional X V2 . As far as I know ORBX do not have any plans to cover YSSY in the future . I am just wondering if anyone has used the AUscene product and is it compatible with AUS SP4 ? If you think there could be any problems with this add-on conflicting with my ORBX installations I will stay away from it .
  18. Brilliant . How do you do that ? Flying in formation .
  19. It's raining in Melbourne --- again . Ground control has sent me to the boondocks . Passengers will get wet .
  20. Thank you Iain and Stu . Kiwi Stu , I know you are a fan of the Avro series . I have struggled with this aircraft initially but I have persevered with it . I have found that it is unforgiving if you don't have the fuel weight ,approach and landing speed correct . I love this aircraft for regional sectors globally . Hence I have many liveries . The Air NZ and the QantasNZLink are spectacular when flying in" the land of the long white cloud ".
  21. Outbound from Coolangatta Gold Coast to YSSY The Avro from Quality Wings has a great feature for long distance flying . It can be configured to automatically pause at the Top of Descent if you are away from the computer .
  22. Thank you Gentlemen . Thank you Andy for a good read on NZ operators .
  23. Out of Hokitika for Wellington Parked at Wellington
  24. Nice ones Rob , You have urged me to do the same flight today . Will have a can of Guinness on the flight deck rather than coffee .
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