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  1. Thank you for your reply . It took a while for me to see it . Lamb roast is almost done . Maybe I should re-register with a new account . I wonder if that will do it ?
  2. However it takes so long to access the ORBX forum , I almost have time to cook a lamb roast on the BBQ before I can reach the pertinent threads for support . Am I doing something incorrect here by signing in to the FTX site ? I notice at this time there are only 10 other people signed in . I am a patient person ( retired ) and have all the time in the world to enjoy our hobby , but this is becoming tiresome to wait so long for a response from ORBX Systems . I have an efficient computer / processor which does not prevent me from accessing any other site expeditiously . Any advice would be helpful , but it probably will take time before I can read it . Remaining patient .
  3. I have been away for 6 weeks in USA and Canada . Big trip from Australia . Couldn't wait to fly again . To my surprise , everything in FSX had slowed to glacial pace . So ,frustration consumed me . Bugger , I used all my resources , Nvidia Inspector and Advice from Kostas website . Back to basics . A simple reduction of Auto Gen . All good . The number of times I used the Shift -Z key to get a good result is innumerable . Then I found that ---- if your aircraft is flying smooth -- don't touch FPS .
  4. Wow . Great shots Iain . I can see the house I lived in near Park Beach , where I used to surf and the Coffs Harbour high school I attended all those years ago .
  5. Karsten, Excellent shots of NZ and the F27 . Just on the weather here . You really would not want to be here in Cronulla , Australia . Yesterday it was 40 degrees celsius most of the day until a cyclonic southerly wind caused havoc throughout the city . There was a death from a fallen tree onto a car . Rain was torrential during the night . Strange days indeed .
  6. Thank you to ORBX , for ORBX Europe . I am from Australia and have a fascination with English History . From Ethelred onwards . I have crissed-crossed your continent , low and slow (sometimes looking for ancient castles) and I am still amazed how this small Island was defended in WW2 against overwhelming odds .
  7. I had the most marvellous experience at the Qantas Jet Base in Sydney YSSY in the 747-400 full motion simulator . When I arrived , armed with charts , I met the chief training pilot and entered the cockpit and gravitated to the left seat . He explained that I wouldn't need all that paper , pointing to the FMC . After a brief rundown , I taxied to RWY 34L . Entering the active was a bit tricky as I tried to steer onto the take-off position. My " co-pilot " reminded me that the nose wheel was 50 feet behind us , so don't be alarmed when you look down and you see the grass below you when lining up . The take-off roll was exhilarating as the engines spooled up . When told to rotate I was amazed at the sensitivity of this massive aircraft as I gently pulled back on the yoke with my fingertips . As we launched up , I could feel the clunk of the undercarriage leaving the ground and subsequent gear up procedure . After a flight down to Wollongong and landing back on 34L I was totally overawed by the experience . We spent almost an hour and half doing take-off and landings until the real Qantas pilots knocked on the door and kindly asked for their training session . What a night . Although it wasn't over yet . My host then asked if I wanted to do some "hangar talk" . So we left the simulator , walked across the tarmac into the hangar where there was a 747-400 in for service . We climbed up the stairs , through first class to resume our positions on the flight deck . I was full of questions and we talked until midnight . Oh what a night .
  8. Excellent shots . Zinj . I have searched for this Qantas DC-3 . Would you mind pointing me in the right direction .
  9. Hi there , It has been ages since I have posted a screenshot . I have had to re- register on the new OZ Imaging site , On the former site there was "upload preferences" facility , whereby I could store screenshots in an album before releasing them for all to see . I did upload one shot today using the drag and drop method and it went out there for general exhibition . Have I missed a step here ?
  10. You should put one of them in the screen contest .
  11. Here is the key . When flying long distances or anywhere , be prepared to give up your flying seat whenever she wants to use the computer . Usually for an inane visit to Facebook . The way to do this . Show her how to press the Alt Key , select Views and untick Full Screen , then minimise . Problem solved . No more wild accusations about not being able to use the computer because " you are always flying that thing " As for add-ons , you will have to find a way .
  12. Thank you Edward . Since you are on the FTX Beta Team , I will respect your advice .
  13. I have just stumbled across a product at the FlightSim Store -- AUscene Sydney Professional X V2 . As far as I know ORBX do not have any plans to cover YSSY in the future . I am just wondering if anyone has used the AUscene product and is it compatible with AUS SP4 ? If you think there could be any problems with this add-on conflicting with my ORBX installations I will stay away from it .
  14. Brilliant . How do you do that ? Flying in formation .
  15. It's raining in Melbourne --- again . Ground control has sent me to the boondocks . Passengers will get wet .
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