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  1. Indeed, Jon and thank you too. When scanning back through this long thread I couldn't help noticing that the only thing that worked (uninstalling from Orbx Central and reinstalling via MSFS game) was something that I had first suggested back on the 4th of January. So maybe something to add as a last resort tactic when other things have failed? Cheers, Nick
  2. Dear all, Just a quick note to confirm that the credit for KSBA bought from Orbc Central was safely received. Thank you. As promised I bought it again, this time via the in game store, and there it was, buildings and all. Very happy to have it back, but strange we couldn't ever crack the "Case of the Missing Buildings" PS - it always looked good at dusk, so here's a quick shot.
  3. OK - Mind you it was there before, because when we were testing stuff I used the "Verify Files" button (after removing the bgl that you identified), in order to force a new download of that file. I was surprised not to be able to uninstall from here, but assumed that part of the refund process included inhibiting the software somehow from My Products. Which made sense.
  4. It no longer appears under My Products (for MSFS). Only SoFly is visible with a green tick. Plenty of products under the X-Plane tab. I thought someone had removed it at your server end, which is why I just removed the folder/file as above... There was no way to run the uninstaller in Orbx Central. I ran the game just now and checked to see and can confirm that it is the default MSFS scenery there, rather than the flat Orbx (without buildings) scenery.
  5. Where did we fly on Australia Day? Damn right, beautiful Sydney! Epic city scenery chaps, thanks!
  6. Hi Nick, Thank you again for your time and effort. The refund is now being processed. I have manually deleted the Orbx-KSBA file from the Community folder (it had already disappeared from Orbx Central, so I couldn't uninstall from there), and also deleted the relevant KSBA line in that content.xml file that we explored earlier. Are there any other Orbx related files that I need to amend or delete, to leave a clean system, ready for a reinstall from within the game? Cheers, Nick S
  7. Thank you for the suggestion Jon - I did try that just now. Even rebooting the PC as well as the game. But my hopes were dashed. No change. Do Orbx have a refund/return policy for this seemingly insoluble KSBA issue? Happy to then buy again through the in-game store, just to test if that works. FWIW I bought the rather nice Sydney scenery yesterday, for Australia Day, and no issues there at all. Cheers
  8. Hi Faisal, Sorry to hear that, as it's SO frustrating and time consuming too. But in a way I'm glad to hear that I am not alone. Let's see what the next suggestions are... Nick
  9. Gents, If no one has any more ideas on this do you think it is worth my while deleting the scenery altogether, using Orbx Central, then installing afresh via the MS Market Place? I've no idea if it would work, but all my other Market Place bought scenery (in MSFS) is working just fine? Nick PS - Or do I just find another South California centre of operations?
  10. OK - latest test results as per suggestions. The first test was removing the modelLib.BGL file, and any back-ups on the PC (I saved it to a USB drive). I rebooted then ran Orbx Central which, when verifying KSBA, did detect the missing BGL and re-installed it, just as Jon had predicted it would. I checked it was inserted in the right folder (it was), before launching the game. No luck. Next was changing the BGL file name as Carlos had suggested to KSBA_modelLib.BGL - again no luck when rebooting and re-launching. No buildings, but at least the snow
  11. Gents will try these suggestions tomorrow, otherwise my long suffering wife will be initiating divorce proceedings! Fingers crossed. Some great ideas in there!
  12. Are those bright flood light lamp posts "supposed" to be missing? I'm pretty sure that I also noticed that back when I had the buildings, though it wasn't a big deal as I rarely fly at night. Cheers and thanks again for all your help. It's much appreciated.
  13. I can confirm, for what it's worth, that the Game's World Map also does show KSBA Santa Barbara Muni with a small plug icon, indicating it is third party content.
  14. Just checked and it's actually remained at the top, since I moved it there as suggested last week... Cheers, Nick
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