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  1. Thank you ORBX for great flight simulator experiences! Happy New Year to everyone!
  2. Update, cause today Santa Claus is very busy.
  3. Christmas flight from Helsinki, capital of Finland, to Rovaniemi, home of Santa Claus. There is a lot of traffic! Merry Christmas!
  4. United Dreamliner approach and landing in heavy thunderstorm at San Diego International Airport.
  5. Thank you Ken for your nice comment! It's simple, I record those views with my mobile phone, which is located behind my seat. Jukka
  6. Thank you for your nice comments! I have developed my simulator many years. I use six monitors, but only four of them are included in the game. Two of the monitors are just selfmade 2D still images of the cockpit. Of course I have a high performance and well optimized computer. I use FSX because there are plenty of add-ons available. I have purchased almost a couple of hundred additional sceneries and also almost all available passenger aircrafts. I got my first ORBX scenery about a year ago, and Orbx really took the simulator to the next level. Jukka
  7. A short flight ENSG-ENSD. Tested some rain effects (Adobe Premiere Elements 2020).
  8. Hi Ken! Thank you for your comments. I don't use any extra software. I have edited 2D panels in panel.cfg manually for every aircraft I use. When I start FSX, I move virtual cockpit view to main three monitors (Nvidia Surround 5760x1080) and open 2D panel with popup windows on lower screen. Jukka
  9. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Jukka
  10. Thank you for your kind comments. There is no excess play when you are looking for center line on runway
  11. Great scenery! Visby (ESSV) is Included in ORBX Kiruna airport (ESNQ).
  12. Everything working now, thank you very much!
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