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  1. Has Orbx binned EGNT for Xplane ? I had a thread on the forum about it and its gone now! It's been in Dev since 2019 and made it to P3D but not Xplane Can Orbx officially confirm it's been scrapped?
  2. The ETA for EGNT is ~ end of January. Fingers crossed for the fix
  3. Hi Nick, No I am not upset the the lights are to high. I just need a reply to let me know if the problems will be resolved or not. If its not then that's fine, just talk to me and let me know that's all I am asking. I am NOT having ago at you personally Nick, you always do your very best. Regards Dave
  4. I agree with you, The support on this forum has gone down the pan. Just look at the amount of RED active posts, some including my own post'S with no reply at all! I have posted twice in the forum with the same problem asking for some sort of reply from Orbx and no reply at all, nothing, zero!..... that not good. I don't expect Orbx to fix the problem tomorrow but a reply would be nice, even if its "thats the way the product is and we don't intent to resolve that issue" I know Nick always does his very best to resolve the posts but I
  5. Has Orbx got any info or plan on the above Bug. Please
  6. Hi and thanks for the reply, Done as you suggested with the ini, still same. Last year when the problem was pointed out I found that if I disable Orbx TE Central the light are correct. I was hoping for a reply from Orbx. Mind you don't get me wrong, just had a low and high-level flight around my local area and the scenery is superb.
  7. my scenery.ini file Can anyone confirm this bug, please? scenery_packs.ini
  8. I have installed the latest SP for TE Central and fully expected the problem to be resolved as it was "Noted in Dec 2018" PS the roads look much better, thanks for that. See
  9. OMG remember that, at the time it was great That video took me back to the "good old day" I am off to find my tape recorder!
  10. Yes I am flying the lead, thanks
  11. Had a little time over the weekend. Great fun in VR with the Reds
  12. Thanks for the reply Tony, I know the drill, when it's done it's done and could I just say that TE in NOT perfect and it never will be........ It's the road out back of my home, its got a tree next to it but the problem is no cat in the tree, I need to see the reflection in the cats eyes... Just kidding Tony, Orbx is second to none and cheap as chips an amazing product. Many thanks Dave
  13. Only asking.... Are we still pending SP 1 for TE Central?
  14. Not sure if you can go back but have you tweaked the graphics sliders back a bit.. this might help. Fact is the better it looks the more work has to be done by the graphics card & more data has to be moved about by the system. No such thing as a free lunch. Dave
  15. I fully agree with you, I am blown away. Looking forward to the SP for TE Central Thank you so much Mr Orbx. Dave
  16. Hi, I have noticed this as well, think its just a case of more to do and more data? I only fly in VR, try using https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50553-ovr-settings-oculus-rift-supersampling-asw/ Might help Dave
  17. It's down as "Noted" Fingers crossed might be fixed in the SP.
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