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  1. Yes I am flying the lead, thanks
  2. Had a little time over the weekend. Great fun in VR with the Reds
  3. I fully agree with you, I am blown away. Looking forward to the SP for TE Central Thank you so much Mr Orbx. Dave
  4. LOL, least I missed him.
  5. Zibo into Newcastle 07
  6. Now we are at a point when I have to ask if that's a real photograph or taken from the sim?
  7. All that and the original product for £30.... bargain! Many thanks to Orbx , great stuff.
  8. So glad I got a 500gb M.2 drive for Xmas, still wont take long to fill it! I am amazed that TE North is the largest, lots of trees and flowers? Will download later.
  9. Hi chaps, Any news on TE North or the Service Packs for TE South & Central. Dave
  10. Vote of thanks from me, I am new but had great support from the Orbx team. I am amazed that the CEO takes time to look at and update this forum. Great way to get customer feed back AND act on it. Thanks to all of the team.
  11. Very nice video. You using a EOS, Nikon or Sony to get shots like that? PS well done, love camera work and panning.
  12. Next year for TE North I take it. Shame you don't do vouchers Jon, would be a great Xmas present
  13. Thanks John. That's doable on a 500gb M.2 then. Regards Dave
  14. Hi, have you got a "rough" idea of the size TE North will be installed on the drive Just trying to workout if I will be able to fit TE South, Central, North + Xplane on a 500gb M.2 drive Thanks PS Cracking job with TE Central John.
  15. Hi thanks for the reply, No it's not the sensitivity, its the mapping. On the Oculus some keys / sticks are reserved. Anyway I will spend more time trying to configure it up as we now know the "wheel" has not been invented. Thanks again, regards Dave
  16. OK I have had good information from this site before so will give this thread a try. So, I fly in VR only, with a Oculus I am looking to get into Helicopters. It's not easy to control the collective, I have been trying to map the collective to the oculus controller (small joystick ... UP/DOWN) No had any success & have search the net for any Oculus Rift joysick profiles do do this It's bugging me, have a missed a simple fix for this or does everyone have the same issue??? Thanks for any help or link. Dave
  17. Agree, excellent job Orbx Thanks for all your hard work.
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