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  1. Yes I am flying the lead, thanks
  2. Had a little time over the weekend. Great fun in VR with the Reds
  3. I fully agree with you, I am blown away. Looking forward to the SP for TE Central Thank you so much Mr Orbx. Dave
  4. LOL, least I missed him.
  5. Zibo into Newcastle 07
  6. Now we are at a point when I have to ask if that's a real photograph or taken from the sim?
  7. All that and the original product for £30.... bargain! Many thanks to Orbx , great stuff.
  8. So glad I got a 500gb M.2 drive for Xmas, still wont take long to fill it! I am amazed that TE North is the largest, lots of trees and flowers? Will download later.
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