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  1. We've got too much land, not enough inhabitants (to pay for the upgrades actually needed), and a botched plan and works in progress. I'm waiting on "super fast NBN technology" that will provide speeds that I was getting in the UK over 10+ years ago; needing to wait until July19' for it to arrive too. At least it's going to be faster than what we currently have Micro community ISP's are popping up all over Oz, and they're providing 500mbps connections, but they're too few and far between unfortunately. Thanks for the update and providing the download Ben. As well as the below tutorial for X-Plane Mac installation:
  2. It's for use with FTX Central - which isn't available for Mac users yet.
  3. Go here and you should see the cross platform link at the bottom of the page... (https://orbxdirect.com/account/info/gbr-south-xp11) If not, maybe try logging out of your account, then back in again. The link appears to direct to a holding page, which also ties in with the above as mentioned by Nick: Just be patient, it'll be here soon enough
  4. Getting a 404 Not Found page when I click the “Cross Platform Download”. Is the Mac download available yet?
  5. Thanks for the clarification Nick. I wasn't sure if there would be a restriction on having to use FTX Central for a purchase made prior to the Mac/LINUX versions release.
  6. Hi John, I myself use a Mac. Can I buy TE GB South now and download the "Mac" version when its available, or do I need to wait?
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