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  1. It didn't create a link, it just installed it in 'normal' folders but it did do it in the library. I'll follow your suggestion and give it a try. Thank you once again
  2. Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: central.log
  3. Just downloaded the path for Washington TE. Thank you for adding the two helipads we can now land on. I know it's only two, but makes a huge difference to us helicopter pilots, so thank you once again, it is very much appreciated
  4. download the latest version of Orbx central, that seems to have fixed the issue....I tried several times over the weekend with no joy, downloaded the new version of central yesterday evening and it worked fine...so thank you Orbx for fixing this so quickly
  5. Finally got this software to load after 2 days of trying, seems there was something wrong with the file because once a new version of Orbx central was released, it loaded fine. Firstly, 10/10 for the scenery, it is up to the usual high standard for Orbx and is terrific for the VFR pilot, I love it. On the negative side, there is little to offer the helicopter pilot with regards to helipads. Take LA for example, the area is riddled with helipads on top of many of the high rise buildings. They have even included the max weight in pounds that building roof will support for choppers - ok, appreciate they are for emergency, but some are proper helipads. Unfortunately Orbx has not made them hard landing spots, so you just drop through them. Even a few would have been a nice touch I then moved south to San Diego, probably one of the biggest US Navy bases. But only pictures of the many ships based there...with one exception, a large aircraft carrier has been modelled, so off I go and try and land on it...nope, again, not hard deck and just fall through it. Sorry Orbx, but a missed opportunity to please the many chopper pilots out there. Please going forwards, would you consider adding helipads? Still love the scenery though and don't regret the purchase
  6. well after about 10 attempts to download I think I finally have it, although Orbx central seems to have screwed the settings. It's taken me 2 days but I think I have it installed, not tried it yet as backing up some files before I run it. My main copy of xplane is on my D: drive and that is where Orbx 'usually' places any downloads. For some reason, it's decided to install so call te on my back up drive on e: and is where it is pointing now for any download, so need to find out how to fix that
  7. I've just binned my 4th installation, just keeps hanging up half way through, best I've had is about three quarters then it grinds to a halt. Going to try once more before bed, if no joy will raise a ticket in the morning.
  8. Just restarted again, it finished the download immediately, so have all 53.84 gb, it then finished extracting, but converted now says 0 and it's not doing anything now. I'll give it another 5 mins then maybe restart again....but getting there
  9. Anyone having problems installing this? I'm on my second attempt. First attempt it just hunger after about 26gb download. I let it go for 2 - 3 hrs then gave up. On second attempt, it has downloaded 52.7gb of the 53.84 gb download. All was going well until it had extracted 49793/52869 and converted 7124/14665. It now looks like it has hung again, it certainly has not increased it's download count for 20 mins, but don't want to disturb it...just in case. I have high speed fibre broadband which is working fine, I've a high spec pc with well over 1 TB disk space still free. Any idea how long it should take to download/install, it's certainly been going over 2 hrs. I've downloaded all o Orbx te before and never had any issues. Anyone else having problems?
  10. Sorry just read your not Wolfko, I searched the forum and found the details there, then I found the update that Ben mentions and to use the new central library feature which is much easier:)
  11. Could you post a link to that location please. In your response it says I don't have permission to read it!! Thank you cancel that...found it:)
  12. I only every fly TE scenery now, and this upcoming release is another example of why I do this. Outstanding:) thank you
  13. Damn, I was hoping it would be for Christmas, oh well, something to look forwards to in the New Year:) Thank you for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.
  14. Yes I get that power line as well, there is a small strip of land running across the loch, the northern side of the loch is a few metres lower than the south. I landed using a seaplane, put my wheels down and crossed the strip of land, but capsized due to the difference in level I suspect they messed up the heights when they were doing the mapping.
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