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  1. The maddest collection ever!!! Great shots all the same and brought a smile to this viewers face! John.
  2. Wow Carlos, a great selection indeed!!!! Really, really enjoyed them. John.
  3. As always, an excellent selection to please the eye! Thank you OND. John.
  4. Fantastic shots Bernd, can’t ask for more! John.
  5. I’m beginning to wonder if you work for a tourist promotions company? What an outstanding collection Pete! Photo quality really. Get onto Brisbane tourism now! Kindest regards, John.
  6. How many remember Dennis? Excellent shot as usual! John.
  7. Nice one Iain, great perspective. John.
  8. Great touring shots, felt I was there. Loved this catalogue, John.
  9. Love it Pete, just love it! John.
  10. So real!!!! Dare I say too perfect? John.
  11. As always super shots Iain and brilliant to see you back posting. John.
  12. Excellent shots! Really beautiful captures. John.
  13. Great shot Alain, loving it with XVision2. John.
  14. Great set of shots Carlos!!!!!!!! John.
  15. Great post and info Jon. I don’t think anyone is happy with how MS/Asobo have handled these past months of update/fixes. They seriously need to up their game and fix what we purchased. John.
  16. Really beautiful Adam! John.
  17. Excellent shots Carlos, sort of aerial tourist guide. Well taken and use of colour outstanding! John.
  18. Great shots Pete, am loving your puttering! John.
  19. Wonderful shots Jankees. Absolutely fab!!!! John.
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