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  1. Graeme, that’s the money shot! John.
  2. Great shots Adam, love the manky plane! John.
  3. Super set and nothing wrong at all with XP and TE scenery!
  4. Great set of shots and the last typifies the changeable weather that is prevalent in this area. The four seasons in one day is not uncommon in late spring! John.
  5. If products were still being boxed these would be on the outside showing you what’s on offer! Have this airport in XP but it looks really good in MSFS. Thank you, John.
  6. As I support the red side of Manchester this is your worst shot yet!!!!! Only kidding! Great year for “City” and good luck to them
  7. Welcome Captain and your first post is just marvellous! Thank you, John.
  8. I echo what Carlos said! Wonderful tour of London. John.
  9. Beautiful shots and XP looking very tasty! John.
  10. These shots are stunning and exceptionally well taken. Get on to the NZ tourist board! John.
  11. Two of your best ever shots, just my opinion!!! John.
  12. Ah brilliant stuff OND! One of my favourite routes! John.
  13. Wonderful collection and showcase! John.
  14. Lovely shots John, inspired me to take a look there next time I fire up MSFS. John.
  15. That’s a great shot. Well taken! John.
  16. Beautiful shots OND, very crisp and clear. John.
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