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  1. Hi All, As I live about 10 minutes from Weston airport to the west of Dublin, I would love to see the rest of the country done in TE. To my knowledge a lot of the flights done for the photography was done out of Weston in 2018. It was a specially adapted for the job and I could see it from my kitchen window. I learned to fly at Weston and am a regular visitor there. I haven't seen it so far this year. That's not to say it couldn't use Dublin but I imagine landing fees and hangarage would be very expensive there. Someday soon I hope!! John.
  2. Stunning Bob, Stunning!!!! John.
  3. Excellent stuff. Don't really need seasonal clothing here. Ye can wear the same thing all year round!! John.
  4. Nice shots Ben! I will be over there at the end of the month near Luchon. Flying around there can be rough with the wind banging off the mountains. John.
  5. So so real! One of the best shots ever in my opinion. John.
  6. Really really scenic. Don't mind the reg! I see N reg planes all the time in Ireland.
  7. Great Shot. BBC 4 had a great program last night detailing the British Aircraft History form after the war until the 70's. Excellent stuff and what innovations and creativity. John.
  8. Great Shots Ian, makes me want to fire up P3d and give it a lash. John.
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