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  1. Very artful, are they paintings? Just kidding, great shots. John.
  2. Beautiful shots, cant ask for more. John.
  3. Hi Carlos, That is one awesome collection. Well Done. John.
  4. Great shots and good luck with the new PC. John.
  5. Excellent pics Dario. Shots 2&3 could be postcards. As ever, John.
  6. A wonder set of shots. Great variation. John.
  7. Hi Jon, Thanks for heads ups on this. Remarkable guy and they will always be remembered. John.
  8. Great shot! Some paint job!. John.
  9. Mmmmm postcard material! Love it. John.
  10. Agree with you Joe. Great shots Martyn, very real. John.
  11. Great shots OND and great story. John.
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