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  1. Great shots Pete. I think I am becoming a Community Screenshot tourist myself!!!!! As a side note its a great way to start the day in these troubled times. Grab a coffee and enjoy! John.
  2. Great video, really enjoyed what you did here. Still using XP for a more realistic flying experience. MSFS out of de box is excellent on atmospherics but short on flight modelling .etc. The issues are well documented. True Earth plus plus enhanced true to life airports in XP11 make for a pretty realistic expectation. Default XP scenery is nothing to write home about. Good job all the same. Regards, John.
  3. Nothing shabby about those shots Pete. Well taken. John.
  4. Splendid shots as always Iain and despite the beauty of MSFS2020, XP with TE is still out on its own. Just my opinion. John.
  5. Great shots Dario, glad I wasn't in the cockpit with you! John.
  6. Really superb shots. John.
  7. Those shots look so clear and brilliant. Love them. John.
  8. Just tested this and update was applied (around 33mb) before AFS2 was playable. Wind turbines now correct. John.
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