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  1. It is only an update for the airac cycle and water asking for the Baie du Somme area which featured in the promo video but not in game. Honestly I think I will give this sim a pass for the next few months as I am loosing the battle with it. After last update a stutter fest and I have tried all known remedies bar a complete reinstall. Hours lost searching and trying fixes.
  2. Hi Nick, Very interesting and informative post. The photogrammetry stuff is nice when it works but is in imo very much a hit and miss affair even with caching enabled. For the moment like yourself I have it off. After the last update for me the sim is a stutter fest. I was also under the impression that MSFS were working with the likes of Orbx prior to releasing updates but that does not seem to be the case. For me the city packs are works of art and long may they continue. John.
  3. Great shot. There’s a paper mill south west of Toulouse in a town called St Gaudens. You could leave your bike on the stink as you go by! John.
  4. Fantastic shot as always Filou. John.
  5. No idea, but mad looking colour scheme John.
  6. Sweet Martyn, sweet!!! John.
  7. If you are using rolling cache, delete it and then restart. That may sort it for you. John.
  8. Great shots Adam and a well deserved winner!! John.
  9. That P3D of yours is looking really good. Betty would be proud of your efforts!!! John.
  10. More than 80 years on and they are flying! Brilliant OND, just brilliant!!!! John.
  11. Real stunners. Photos really!
  12. Great shot Martyn and I will be up that way as we were gifted a hotel stay for a weekend. It really is gorgeous but being from the west coast myself, I favour North Mayo down to Shannon as the best in the world!!! Thanks, John.
  13. Wonderful shots Iain and always great to have a good alternate when other sims go south. Broadband outage last night so went to XP for the evening!!! Thanks, John.
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