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  1. Great shots Adam. The last one is a classic. John.
  2. Love it Adam. Thank you. John.
  3. Another jaw dropping set of shots! John.
  4. Is that Artetta, the Arsenal manager on the left? Must have legged it after loosing to Southampton in the Cup? Seriously though, great shots Iain!!!! John.
  5. Welcome to my world!!!. Great shots though. John.
  6. Thats a photo!!! Seriously that shot is so professional! John.
  7. Fantastic shots Pete. XP + TE are a great combo IMO. Bought XVision 2 last weekend so hopefully my XP will look half as good as yours. John.
  8. Print and frame and then down to the nearest gallery. John.
  9. Lovely shots Pete, glad you shared them rather than delete them. John.
  10. Fab shots and happy to hear you got sorted. John.
  11. Brilliant!!!, now where’s the PayPal or buy me a coffee button? John.
  12. Great plane and really excellent shots. John.
  13. Wallpaper quality. John.
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