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  1. Great stuff Dario, its the quarantine after arriving that's putting me off!!!! Plus when I get back then another 14 days at home in self isolation. John.
  2. Great shots and story. An aerobatic pilot gave me a tip when I was learning to fly. During the walk around tap on the fuselage to see if anyone left a tool after them during maintenance!!! Comforting. John.
  3. Again a wonderful set of shots. And very realistic given the weather we are having at the minute. John.
  4. Interesting and great shots. Have not tried it yet but it looks promising. John.
  5. Excellent Zinj, truly excellent. John.
  6. Great shots Iain and what a fantastic piece of engineering the Harrier was. Got to see one doing similar approach as yours not more than 1000 ft from me at Baldonnel outside Dublin.. It landed without bursting into flames!!!!! Enjoyed the story. John.
  7. Great shot Peter and nothing to be critical of. Welcome and looking forward to seeing more of the same. John.
  8. Excellent shot, love the clarity and lighting. John.
  9. Evocative. Nuff said. John.
  10. Great pic Pete. Cool Jack, very cool.
  11. Hi Dave, No need to thank me. Jon Clarke, Doug, John Dow and Nick Cooper are the guys who really are to thank. Their endless efforts and patience is phenomenal never mind their in dept knowledge. They are the real heroes on these forums. Stay safe too. John.
  12. Hi John Dow, Yep you were spot on. I thought you could manually force the option by renaming the files. However issue resolved and hope this info helps anyone else. Cheers, John.
  13. Beautiful image Filou, chapeau!
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