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  1. I just lost my dinner. You chopper pilots sure have strong stomachs! Thanks for an enjoyable video Dave. All the best. Stu
  2. Hey Ben Thanks for the update. Any free good safe VPN you know of for the amount of data required for a couple of airport downloads? I could just wait till tomorrow but I set aside a bit of time tonight to download and have a fly around.
  3. I have issues downloading from FTX Central too for the libraries and three new airports to me ... goodwood, Manchester and Cardiff. Im sure its just a temporary issue and all will be well in a while. Maybe it’s linked to the O2 data outage somehow?!
  4. I’m out too, same issues.
  5. Meabeachboy

    EGHR Goodwood for XP11 on short finals

    Amazing, thank you.
  6. There is normally a buttercup, just left, midway, down the side of the runway.... anyone else notice this was missing?
  7. He needs to check the list twice... Tons of work.
  8. Meabeachboy

    New stick

    The warthog is great.... but my stick broke after four months and I’m in a position where they require a video of the stick and driver instal which I’m not that happy about. Maybe I got very unlucky for a product of that price!
  9. Early morning foggy Shoreham from where we sit and watch the planes land.
  10. Meabeachboy

    Viewing Screenshots

    https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/07/after-nearly-a-year-vodafone-broadband-trying-to-fix-imgur-bug.html Turns out it is a Vodaphone DNS blocking issue and I had to change the DNS settings to google standard I've put a link above so other people who experience issues with vodaphone/imagur can sort it quickly Best Stuart
  11. Meabeachboy

    Viewing Screenshots

    Hi all I'm not sure if this is the right area for this, but I'm sure it will get moved if not. I can't always see peoples screenshots in this forum! either on an ipad or the pc. Fsm Frank's I can see and select other members but... Winner of the October 2018 Screenshot Contest I cant see and this goes for the large majority of other posts here. When I can't see the image I get the jpg. name but it is not clickable... what an I doing wrong here?
  12. Meabeachboy

    A lovely Autumn day in Shoreham - EGKA (XP11)

    Strange given the extortionate landing fees
  13. Meabeachboy

    Fire over Socal

    Plus one on that.!
  14. Meabeachboy

    EGKA XP11 My First look.

    Great shots Iain, can’t wait for your final shots.