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  1. Or we could be a “community” and help. Particuarly when we know the answer. We could then also help and refer the person to the manual as was the case. Maybe ive woken on the wrong side of bed again.
  2. Or we could be a “community” and help. There seems to be a terrible company line on the Orbx forums, between Orbx wanting a help forum just for Orbx products and also wanting a community. Obviously a community where people come back to visit and help others with a variety of issues will help sell Orbx products. I left these forums for a couple of months because I got fed up of seeing unhelpful comments like the above, but I like the community members so I came back. I hope that someone helps you here Wombat, I don’t have the answer for you as I’m an xplane user, someone more useful will be along shortly.
  3. I would love to see the xvision presets too or a file you could share
  4. Hi Brian I and I’m sure many more people will vouch for the orbx TE GB product. I was using a mixture of orthos at 18, 17 and 16 along with UHD mesh and simheaven xeurope and it was becoming a nightmare to keep track of. Not to mention the size on the hard drives. I clean people’s swimming pools for a living so know my area very well. The Orbx scenery doesn’t allow me to make out very many of my clients pools at 500/1000ft, where as the orthos at 17/18 did. This should not put you off as the compromise is more than worth it and the points of interest are fantastic... I now let FTX central update the software for me and can actually spend more time flying, than updating and tweaking libraries and free scenery etc. Have a look in the video section in the forums here and see if you can find your local area or where you fly. (Make sure you are viewing an xplane video however!) Also YouTube is going to be your friend. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/24-community-videos/ The orbx TEGB range is great and the airports are very good as well
  5. I can’t believe the impatience for a service pack! Impatience for a main product I can understand, but an update!!! Wow. I’ve gone for a beer with Frank!
  6. Just a little update in the end I looked at a load of YouTube videos and websites and it turns out the connector which joins the stick to the base, had pushed just enough into the base where it wasn’t making contact. Most likely I was careless one day when attaching the parts! I took the lot apart and made a repair and it all works as it should. It is a lovely product but the tech support could be made a lot easier.
  7. That is a really good idea, I for one wouldn’t mind paying a tad more for further detail in certain areas.
  8. Thanks John and the Orbx team. I plan to buy the two other regions when I get a little more cash in the next couple of weeks I really only fly my area, but want to support your investment. Im always very thankful for what is extremely impressive at the low price point it has. Stu
  9. So wow I tried the free one. It is really nice to fly something like this and is a joy to fly over orbx goodwood, it works in vr nicely, sounds great and feels heavy as you turn her, she feels quick underfoot but with a decent amount of weight, if that makes sense. She is quite a moderate handful but still ok to just chuck around without worrying too much. A lot of the switches and dials are flat in the cockpit and she is a little flat compared to the flyingiron one (which I have only seen in a video). The problem is that it has made me want the flyingiron one even more now for more fidelity. So when/if I get it I’ll report back. But the free one is almost what I would classify as payware.
  10. #Happy birthday to ya, happy birthday.... Have a good one, thank you for the UWXP and xvision settings you provided. They are probably the second best item I use in xplane other than orbx scenery to bring it to life.
  11. Ohh that’s exciting as it’s free. i saw the flight and fun YouTube video for the flyingiron version and was very nearly sold! But I have a rather expensive spitfire and “Red arrows” Hawk in DCS World which are lovely to fly. I brought the Just flight Hawk for xplane which is great, but not quite as good as dcs. But it is still wonderful to fly around Orbx TEGB South, down the Solent or through the Mach loop. Ill report back back and say how the free Spitfire compares to the DCS model. It would be glorious to fly over the fields of my home town in a Spit.
  12. I’ll be interested to hear how it is John, if/when you get time to try and report back.
  13. +1.... I fell on the option of the save as a zip for next time option recently and now have a back up on my hard drive and use the useful check files buttons. Not everyone is great at pc file/folder movement, some “me” cock it up, so I was happy to find this “managed” re-install option. It should be almost a default where it forces a save of the zip on the hdd and looks for this first when a user tries to download again from orbx servers. Maybe offer an opt out tick box for those that complain about hdd space.
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