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  1. At the age of 56 I've rejoined the RAF Air Cadets 40+ years after I left them, I'm back as a Civilian Instructor not uniformed staff. RAF Woodvale's main runway was recently resurfaced and cadet air experience flights have recommenced. The squadron I'm with sent some cadets their last week but unfortunately the weather was not good and they were unable to fly. Funnily enough the same happened to me as a cadet when I was last there. Anyway I decided to create the flight they would have had if the weather had permitted. I used the weather from earlier in the week when I knew another squadron has successfully flown there.
  2. It's definitely Nessie, I saw this when TE GB North was first released for XP
  3. @jjaycee1 I love the Typhoon but the weapons and the drop tanks on that model are hanging off the pylons in the wrong place. You can correct that through plane maker however the latest version of that does not like the FMS that was used in the model and you have to swap that out if you want to save the weapons in the correct postion. I can share you the .acf from mine if you wish
  4. Super shot that. Love those colours
  5. That sky does look good for default. nice shot
  6. I love the Typhoon but it always bugged me that the weapons and fuel tanks are situated too far back on the pylons. You'd end up igniting the rear two ASRAAMS if you hit the afterburners. So I moved them myself in plane maker which was easy enough, the problem was that the model was built in an earlier version and the FMS used is not compatible with the current version of plane maker. I'm too lazy to fix the cockpit to make it look right. My D-Day tribute
  7. Tatton Mere is the water to the right hand side of the image with EGCC Manchester International above that and further back Manchester City centre above the fuselage with Salford and Trafford Park the lighter colour to the left of Manchester Tatton Park below the main wheels Mere Golf Resort and Spa just below and in front of the nose The roads are the new A556 bypass and the old Chester Road both crossed East to West by the A50 heading to Knutsford. XVision 1.25 with Renault's natural preset and UWXP 2.5
  8. Just seen your other post naming the plane as the ATR42. Thank you
  9. Nice shots Adam. Which plane is that please?
  10. @Jack Sawyer So UWXP 2.5.1 has been released to fix the Violet clouds https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/180724-ultra-weather-xp-v251-released/
  11. Can I suggest renaming the JPEG that you uploaded to make it harder
  12. Running UWXP 2.5 with Xvision and Renault's Natural Colours preset. Today I discovered that if I changed SKY colours or applied new Clouds it left me with Violet clouds again I had to remove the XVision preset and Verify X-plane files to remove the Violet clouds. I can use the Xvision preset as long as I don't mess with the SKY Colours and the Clouds AFTER I have installed the Xvision preset.
  13. Manchester sun set - the lights in the distance (left of center) is Barton
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