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  1. The release notes for 11.33r1 indicate 1460 airports have had improved scenery as part of the release which includes EGQS - RAF Lossiemouth and EGXP - RAF Scampton. The versions I have were from the Laminar Scenery Gateway so if you have the same you can delete those individual airports.
  2. Hi Frank Other ones I've found are: EGOQ - RAF Mona EGXE - RAF Leeming EGQS - RAF Lossiemouth EGXP - RAF Scampton EGXY - RAF Syerston - used by the air cadets now for Glider training.
  3. There are some awesome shots here. Good Luck to everyone. Nightfall at Barton EGCB
  4. I think it's DomHenry's from here https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49023-avro-vulcan-bmk2/
  5. Crackin' picture. Unfortunately I've now got the Eastenders theme tune in my head
  6. Great shots Frank, thank you. I must admit that your post on X-plane.org from October last year listing all the RAF bases has been a great help to me building my collection within X-plane. Thanks again
  7. A great series of shots there Frank. For those that don't know the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is located at East Kirby. This was set up by two brothers to commemorate the 55,000 airmen of Bomber Command who lost their lives in WWII including their third brother who died over Germany in a Halifax raid. https://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/ Visitors can pay for a runway taxi ride in a restored Lancaster Bomber NX611 "Just Jane". A work colleague has experienced this whilst sitting in the Bomb Aimers position and cannot recommend it enough. They also have a restored D.H. Mosquito "Spirit of Val" which has now performed engine runs
  8. Another test video and hopefully learning all the time about the editing. This is a short flight from EGGP Liverpool to EGCB (Orbx) Barton Manchester City Airport then to EGCC Manchester via Jodrell Bank and EGCD Woodford. Also testing Live Traffic so see if you can spot any other aircraft.
  9. Some great shots and flying skills there Jack.
  10. Awesome flying there EMM ... but badJack
  11. Nice shots. Jack has started a dangerous trend.
  12. So I decided to mess around with formation flying using a new LUA plugin as posted here. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50534-formation-flying-flywithlua-script-update-see-notes/&tab=comments#comment-266502 It jerks too much for video recording but is pretty nice for screenshots especially with an Orbx background.
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