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  1. At the age of 56 I've rejoined the RAF Air Cadets 40+ years after I left them, I'm back as a Civilian Instructor not uniformed staff. RAF Woodvale's main runway was recently resurfaced and cadet air experience flights have recommenced. The squadron I'm with sent some cadets their last week but unfortunately the weather was not good and they were unable to fly. Funnily enough the same happened to me as a cadet when I was last there. Anyway I decided to create the flight they would have had if the weather had permitted. I used the weather from earlier in the week when I knew another squadron has successfully flown there.
  2. It's definitely Nessie, I saw this when TE GB North was first released for XP
  3. I noticed the at Sumburgh cars driving backwards last night. Thought I was going daft, so loaded up other scenery to check what the cars were doing elsewhere then got distracted.
  4. @jjaycee1 I love the Typhoon but the weapons and the drop tanks on that model are hanging off the pylons in the wrong place. You can correct that through plane maker however the latest version of that does not like the FMS that was used in the model and you have to swap that out if you want to save the weapons in the correct postion. I can share you the .acf from mine if you wish
  5. Weird but glad you sorted it
  6. @paulk I'm running this at the moment. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49749-livetraffic/ It's not great but it's better than nothing. It reads from several free data sources and seems to have a 5-10 seconds delay if you are watching in-game compared to the source (https://opensky-network.org/network/explorer). You can see the planes in the sky with name tags which (I've removed so they don't show) the other planes are animated (once you've downloaded and installed the separate plane package) but once they've landed they don't taxi to the gates which apparently they do in WT3. You must follow the full instructions otherwise you will have the planes disappearing half-way into the runway like I had at first. I created the video below to show a flight from Liverpool to Manchester via Jodrell Bank and on this you can see Live Traffic in action. One is an overfly as I approach Jodrell Bank (4:38), the other is actually landing at Manchester Airport as I fly past (6:50). I've read people talking about World Traffic and how good it is, certainly it looks good on the videos, but it apparently has an FPS hit.
  7. If you refer to my post here and TonyWob's response you will see that Barton came with its own scenery for those that did not have TE GB Central. This contains the roads in it' s own Overlay folder. TE GB Central SP1 changed the colour of the roads in the Central package not the Barton Overlay folder. As Tony says you can delete the entire Orbx_EGCB_B_Barton_Overlay folder as this is not required if you have TE GB Central. Sorry but that does not explain your London City Airport problem
  8. Yes I am. I raised my concern after the original release of TE GB Central. Overflying Fiddler's Ferry Power Station since the release of SP1 I cannot see duplicated Cooling towers. Which is probably why when loading that airport in Overlay Editor I could not see any objects at Fiddlers Ferry Power station, but there were a number of other objects around the region (which surprised me as I assumed that your airport was just that the airport) including one of the Runcorn bridges. And I seem to recall someone posting elsewhere on this forum that he could see a duplicate bridge at Runcorn which would explain that. I have deleted the Runcorn bridge from your EGGP region scenery I now need to review the rest of the region to delete any other duplicates but as I'd not noticed them before it is not urgent.
  9. Move SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/X-Plane Landmarks - London/ above your OrBX TE entries in your ini.
  10. That sky does look good for default. nice shot
  11. I love the Typhoon but it always bugged me that the weapons and fuel tanks are situated too far back on the pylons. You'd end up igniting the rear two ASRAAMS if you hit the afterburners. So I moved them myself in plane maker which was easy enough, the problem was that the model was built in an earlier version and the FMS used is not compatible with the current version of plane maker. I'm too lazy to fix the cockpit to make it look right. My D-Day tribute
  12. I never noticed it until your posts but the bridge is definitely too low. You cannot see it from EGCB and you clearly can in real life
  13. Tatton Mere is the water to the right hand side of the image with EGCC Manchester International above that and further back Manchester City centre above the fuselage with Salford and Trafford Park the lighter colour to the left of Manchester Tatton Park below the main wheels Mere Golf Resort and Spa just below and in front of the nose The roads are the new A556 bypass and the old Chester Road both crossed East to West by the A50 heading to Knutsford. XVision 1.25 with Renault's natural preset and UWXP 2.5
  14. Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Barton Bridge looks the same to me. The closest ASDA is behind the Trafford Centre I've not checked if it was there before the update, certainly not looked for it since the update
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