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  1. I've only got EGTB but I can confirm that, although there are what look like fuel pumps they don't work. Then again neither do the ones at Asobo's EGCB Barton. This is a problem not just with the ones you've listed above. Asobo's Out Skerries doesn't have fuel pumps modelled and the same at EGHC St.Just, neither does their EGPR Barra and if you request a fuel truck you get told none is available. Burning Blue Designs EGMD Lydd does not have refuelling yet the default did. However Orbx's EGNM Leeds Bradford does and they work. So some custom ones work, som
  2. Awesome, thank you for the reply Nick. It's not a big issue in the scheme of things, I tried searching here and on the official forums but either my searching was ineffective or now one else had raised it, which made me wonder if I was the only one seeing it, until I saw the JustFlight post.
  3. Is anyone else seeing dual windsocks at certain addon airports? I first noticed this at Digital Design's Liverpool EGGP however when I went to take a screenshot today I could only see one. However today I saw dual windsocks at Orbx's Dundee EGPN and Orbx's Newcastle EGNT as per the screenshots below: EGGP from 7th March when I did my Silver Spitfire flight EGGP today Newcastle EGNT today Dundee EGPN today There is a post about dual windsocks on Justflight's forum where the user men
  4. If I recall correctly the Orbx TE scenery has an exclusion zone around airports to stop any conflicts. So default and custom airports will show.
  5. You can set up your mouse wheel as a trim wheel if needed, although you do have to remove the zoom bindings otherwise it gets very messy. The other issue that you have to watch out for, is if you move to another screen (e.g Littlenavmap) and zoom in there, if you have not first clicked away from MSFS then you are still changing your trim whilst zooming in/out.
  6. I have the Steam version and I'm assuming that the MS store version is the same but the folders are in roaming files. Items purchased from the Marketplace go into a folder labelled Official. Purchases from Orbx and all other mods go into your Community folder. Yes you can rename your Community folder to say CommunityX and let the sim build and create a new Community folder, you can then after update move the folders from your CommunityX to Community one at a time to ensure no issues have been introduced by the update with those mods and addons. I had a cou
  7. The POV2 hat on the X52 Pro is often referred to the trim hat. I have the JustFlight Hawk in X-plane, when you look closely at the control column there is a hat switch modelled and that is marked as Trim on the aircraft and many other military aircraft are similar afaik The MB-339 in MSFS has exactly the same. And my Thrustmaster Warthog is also physically marked as trim on the "hat switch. I think if you look at mappings for the X52 you will see it marked a POV2
  8. Anyone else notice the twin windsocks at Digital Design's EGGP?
  9. Southport off to port and evidence of the Global AI Ship traffic ahead and off the starboard wingtip.
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