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  1. Congrats and such a great shot. Very realistic and looks great over the English countryside. Well done
  2. Wow, I can’t wait to see this in my home. These shots look so good!
  3. Such amazing shots, and the scenery looks so good! Never been to America in real life and shots like these makes me excited to explore this upcoming scenery, and expand my horizons as they say.
  4. Thank you all guys and I look forward to seeing more of these wonderful screenshots from you all.
  5. Wow! I’m so thrilled. Thank you all for voting for my shot and choosing it for the competition, and thanks for the kind congrats. There are so many amazing shots in these competitions, and with the backdrop of such wonderful scenery it’s just a great place to explore.
  6. Hi Orbx Is there any plans in the future to do Wyoming area and Devils Tower on X plane 11? Thanks
  7. Many thanks, I have just updated to Central from FTX and thought it was something along those lines. That's great as I don't need to worry about a large file sitting somewhere it shouldn't. Thank you
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