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  1. #25 for me please. Too many great shots to choose.
  2. Ok and many thanks for your reply Jon
  3. Hello I have flown in TEGB South numerous times and have recently noticed this elevated road. I haven't come across it before and not sure if this was done in the latest SP update. This road should be flat and not elevated as in picture below. I am on Xp11.41. Many thanks
  4. Hi, Not sure if this is noted as of yet. Flying in TESOCAL, and noticed 2 uneven runways very close together. Loma Madera Ranch (25CA) and Hoffman (0CA5) as shown in screenshot. XP11.41 Many thanks Si
  5. I would be happy if mine looked like this picture. True Earth! It looks to me that the area where the shops reside are too low. I don't know, as I am not familiar with this area, but in the sim it looks way too severe and not natural.
  6. HI I have done the update today to TE SOCAL, which has flattened the various runways in the region, but is this now a fault with said update to produce this cliff near KMFY? I have reloaded the scenery a couple of times and checked and unchecked runways follow contours to refresh the scenery but I have this cliff. Didn't have it yesterday though. I am on 11.41. Thanks
  7. I also have numerous bumps at this Airport. (Default XP11 and version 11.41)
  8. Hi, I have noticed more floating buildings in TE Southern California on XP11. The location shown from screenshot on the Avitab. Really noticeable when flying over hence why I stopped to take a picture. I know there have been numerous reports of floating buildings and not sure if these have been noted. Many thanks Simon
  9. Hi I am not sure if this has been noted, I haven't seen it on any other posts so far, but apologies if it is. This is towards the end of the runway at San Diego KSAN. Also my KSAN is the default XP11 version, and still has some bumps on the runway. Many thanks Simon
  10. Another great capture. Sky and the rays look awesome!
  11. Very nice indeed. Love the sky and clouds in this.
  12. Well done guys! Very nice pictures and always nice to see other people’s experiences captured here on this forum and competition. Well done and Happy Days
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