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  1. VR Flight. EC135v5 Back to Goodwood EGHR by Orbx. Located in Chichester for some Low-level fun. Not been back here for a while. Looks like Vulkan might have killed off the animated race cars that I chased in the AB412 last time. This time a lot slower with a bit of low-level flying. The surrounding area has some nice low-level runs.
  2. EC135v5 Landing Practice At Lowi. X-Plane in VR with Rift S and Oculus mirror. streamed live with the G Force Software. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun.
  3. X Plane. Keeping it straight! Using replay editor to show errors. EC135v5. Wonky's Blog 117 A really short video on my attempts to improve my landings using the replay editor. After you land hit shift R and then shift 2 not shift F2 as I said in the Video!. You can then position yourself using the arrow keys and the W key in front of your helicopter. Then use the backward keys on the replay editor to rewind the replay backwards, then press play and see how you do. I know this is all pretty basic stuff but some new pilots might not know how useful this is especial when making videos.
  4. X Plane. EC135v5 Taxi Practice At Shoreham. Wonky's Blog! 115. More practice getting used to my new set-up. Shoreham is a great place to practice as it has a great outer road that then leads onto the runway. And what better to practice with than the new EC135v5 from Rotorsim. I have put a link to the download page below. It's a great piece of work and the graphics and sound are fantastic. It's super steady and in VR with the Rift S looks so crisp and sharp. Frame rate is good and loads of liveries, inc a toggle dashboard that lets me use my favourite GTN750 and Avitab, and this is the Beta ver
  5. Low-Level Flight At LOWI With ViewTracker Demo Wonky's Blog! 112 Finding a nice little valley to follow at LOWI just at the end of the runway. Used view track works ok and you can get it from steam. Costs about £10.00 and you just need a webcam. So great to get back into the helicopter but showed how rusty I am in flat screen mode. VR on the same flight what a doddle.
  6. X Plane Beta XP11.50b17 Summer Storms and using ASXP for the weather. Wonky's Blog! 109. After a few days of over 30 degrees here in the UK we had been waiting for the thunderstorms to arrive. As they came in from the south I started up X Plane and ASXP to see if the real weather update was working. For the video, I changed the default sky colour to "Orbit" to try and brighten it up a bit but on second thought I should have left it on default as that really gave a good stormy look, but as usual, I discovered this after the video. For VR users or anyone that gets a bit hot and highly recommende
  7. XP11.50b16 and VR multiplayer in X Plane. More testing. Wonky's Blog! 108. New Beta is working really well with the rift S in VR. Now and again it will not shut down but I can put up with that. This week's blog is just showing some more testing with my friend ROB, PC to PC in VR multiplayer. Had a number of issues with the Dreamfoil Bell 407 that showed multiple tail rotors when flying multiplayer. The same applies to the S300 CBi. Not sure why but the MD 500 works really well as does the Bell 429 from Tom Woods. No doubt we will stumble around and find the answer. Managed to get some outside
  8. X Plane. A VR Slow multiplayer ride with two Bell 429's around Meribel LFKX from Orbx in the amazing Bell 429. And yes I know I can have the GTN750 built into the dash of the Bell 429, and I do have that mod. But I just opened a window and stuck it to the dash this time.
  9. Also, I didn't have all the sounds turned up when I recorded so you have a lot more background noise to add to the flight model.
  10. X-Plane VSKYLABS 'Test-Pilot': FA Tensor 600X. Wonky's Blog! 106. First Flight fun and Games. My first flights with this great VSKYLABS FA Tensor 600x high definition autogyro. I will do a VR version next week. But here are some highlights from my first flights around my usual test ground at Shoreham. I did seem to get a lot of smoke/Dirt/Dust from the touch and go on the runway that persisted for a while but I think that might be my graphics card. I only had about 10 mins in VR and was just too tired last night. Highly recommended and a real blast in VR.
  11. My X-Plane VR Multiplayer PC to PC Link-up Finally working. Wonky's Blog! 105. I had some trouble setting up Multiplayer in X-Plane, so my good friend Rob and myself spent about a week getting it all sorted out. This was a 45-minute flight cut down to twenty minutes for the video. No stutters or computer problems. I had an engine failure and auto into a very dark field at the Six-minute mark. I love the fact I am saying "Engine failure" in a very calm voice and rob is still giving me directions like "come up a bit or you're going to hit the ground". Most of the video is just our chit chat as w
  12. Police Helicopter, Wonky's Blog 103. Low-level flight Just for the fun of it! Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz.
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