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  1. My X-Plane VR Multiplayer PC to PC Link-up Finally working. Wonky's Blog! 105. I had some trouble setting up Multiplayer in X-Plane, so my good friend Rob and myself spent about a week getting it all sorted out. This was a 45-minute flight cut down to twenty minutes for the video. No stutters or computer problems. I had an engine failure and auto into a very dark field at the Six-minute mark. I love the fact I am saying "Engine failure" in a very calm voice and rob is still giving me directions like "come up a bit or you're going to hit the ground". Most of the video is just our chit chat as we fly along. We didn't have a glitch and had super frame rates with just the two of us linked together. Better quality colour on the last part due to the sun being behind us. Next time we must get closer together on a low-level run that we both know. As I virtually never leave Shoreham I had no idea where he was taking me or the route we would take? as it turned out I am not sure rob knew but he pulled it out the bag and we ended up at the end of the runway at Exeter. If you want the same experience you have to have the same scenery and airports! It seems my default Exeter airport was not the same as Robs. When we started this I saw Rob in his helicopter and he saw me as a Cessna 172 but it was flying like a helicopter. It all comes down to making sure that you have identical folders and helicopter version numbers. If enough people are interested I will make a video on how to get it working, if you can all do it already! then it was my lack of computer knowledge, that was the problem. Big thanks to Rob Coultous for all his help. Sorry for the curser showing, didn't show in VR headset.
  2. Police Helicopter, Wonky's Blog 103. Low-level flight Just for the fun of it! Johann Strauss II - The Blue Danube Waltz.
  3. X Plane. Wonky's Blog! 100th Video. Some of my favourite Helicopters and a bit of playing around. Just want to say a big thank you to everyone that watches and has subscribed to my videos. Also a big thank you to the Helisimmer forum and the VRAG group for all the support this year. I am not going to mention individuals but also a big thank you for all the help they have given me. first real flight with my Flight Sim Pro Controls, so not the best flying in the world as it's going to take some getting used to. all I can say is I am glad that I have finally got a set, but I can see a lot of mods yet to come. Stay Safe To All Of My Virtual friends. Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun.
  4. Flat-screen 4k VSKYLABS Dynali H3 Project inc. Trip Round British Airways i360. Wonky's Blog! 99. First VR flight with the Dynali H3 from Vskylabs, on special offer at $16.99, just a fantastic small fun helicopter with amazing textures. This trip is from Just outside Shoreham up to the pier and the Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion. Then a flight around the i360 tower on Brighton beach then landing at the Hilton Hotel. Orbx Scenery and X Plane 11.50b6. Recorded originally in VR and then made a video of replay. VR version can be found on Wonky's blog! 98. Maxed out except for reflection and antialiasing one notch up. Still have some problems on outside shots with a fuzziness now and again.
  5. X-Plane. VSKYLABS Dynali H3 Project inc. Trip Round British Airways i360 Tower. Wonky's Blog! 98. First VR flight with the Dynali H3 from Vskylabs, on special offer at $16.99, just a fantastic small fun helicopter with amazing textures. this trip is from Just outside Shoreham up to the pier and the Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion. Then a flight around the i360 tower on Brighton beach then landing at the Hilton Hotel. Orbx Scenery and X Plane 11.50b6 and its the best VR experience so far. Maxed out except for reflection and antialiasing one notch up. I have a flat-screen version in 4k out later today under Wonky's Blog! 98.
  6. X Plane. 222UT from Joshua Cowan with GTN750 flight to Goodwood and back. Wonky's Blog! 95. Sorry about the sound quality. Had to use an old headset. Also had few health issues with my throat and my dystonia condition lately so it's even deeper than usual with a bit of a tremble. But getting better. A long video on how I use the GTN750 in a very basic mode to fly to Goodwood and back on autopilot. I have edited it down a bit to help. Please note I am not an expert on the GTN750 and being English have never read the manual. So if someone would like to take up the challenge of how it should be done on this fantastic helicopter and others please do so. A bit of a rushed landing at the end but after being on Autopilot for so long, I had nearly forgotten how to fly, or at least slow down at a reasonable rate. Managed to get away with it! still, a lot to learn. For those that want a good introduction, Tom Woods video on the 429 and GTN750 is a great place to start on how it should be done but not all features will be the same. All links in youtube blurb.
  7. New Hughes 500D Wonky's Blog! 93. Showing monitor, Vulcan settings. But now video capture problems. So here are the settings I am using under Vulcan on my flat screen set-up. It's the smoothest its ever been and I also have for the first time clouds and reflections turned on with full texture quality. Screenshot at start and end of the video. During the flight, it's the best visuals I have seen at my local Shoreham. That's not to say the same settings would work in London! What surprised me is the video capture using G Force was for the first time not keeping up. It has a number of stutters and some blurriness. I have never seen before? It could be that the card can't cope as it used to with recording and all the data now being thrown at it. so I might have to look at lower settings for video. It's a shame as it did really look good. I have an I7 at overclocked at 4.9 and a 1080 graphics card. More investigation needed. It's worth a look as at times it looks so good, and then a stutter and a blurriness for a short time. So we have an updated Hughes 500D 11.41.5. you can get it here. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52938-hughes-500d/ As ever she is great to fly and I hope we will continue to see upgrades in the future.
  8. 222UT from Joshua Cowan. John Brays X-Plane 11 version of the Gazelle. Wonky's Blog! 93. Well, what a week! So much great stuff going on and even being isolated I can't keep up. I want to play with it all. You will be pleased to hear no voice commentary again this week as the old throat has been playing up. Just as I put this together I have just seen an update on the MD500! pop up. So it's just a short video of my first flights with the two Helicopters. No landing for the Gazelle as I managed to crash it coming into the pad. So I finished it with a nice closeup. But even without my voice, you do have the great soundtrack of two great Helicopters. We have the first release of the 222UT from Joshua cowan and it looks and flies beautifully. The HeliSimmer paint scheme by David Erard for the Bell 222UT is just beautiful but wasn't out when I made the video, but do have a look and download. We also have the John Brays X-Plane 11 version of the Gazelle, John is working on other projects but has released the work so that others can add or finish the project. "In an effort to reduce the number of requests for an updated version of the X-Plane 11 version of the Gazelle I have, released an updated version of the X-Plane 11 version of the Gazelle. It contains all the features available at this moment in time". Thanks to John perhaps it will be picked up and completed. We then also have a great utility included in the great Nimmbus Simulations UH-1 as standard, a joystick axis viewer created by Joe Kipfer Adrien Filliol. This is the Helicopter Edition of AxisViewer for viewing the cyclic, collective, and anti-torque pedal position. I think this will be particularly cool for those of you who make videos, or those of you who are instructing/learning. It's very DCS-ish in that way. Tested working well in Non-VR, VR, and Vulkan. All links in YouTube blurb. What a week for X-Plane, even the updates work for me. Stay safe.
  9. We just need to stick to this home isolation, it will save lives. And the time will fly by. Yes, I did cheat and fly through the building " Good Old Orbx!" And then stopped the replay. JUST AT THE RIGHT TIME!
  10. X Plane, The AS350 B3+. Wonky's Blog! 92 So after much debate, I took the plunge and downloaded The AS350 B3+, It is packed with advanced features including the new 'Arcade Mode' that will allow anyone to fly this helicopter with great ease. Well, some of you might have seen my post in the week. I was tempted because the Swiss creation team did a really good job on AS350 B3+, like the AB4212. What I never expected from dream foil was a dark and dismal display from inside and a virtually unusable helicopter with my standard settings. As you will see in the video I ended up with rates set at 70% and it is still very unstable. After a recommendation, I tried advanced physics on and off and played with the number of frames. Tried it with Vulkan and 11.41. I am getting better. And I did use arcade mode at the start out of frustration. I would love to know from others, is it me. I love everything about the outside, especially with the swiss mod. But surely no helicopter is this difficult to fly. In real life, I did get to hover one of these many years ago when a member of my RC helicopter club used to give me lessons at our flying field near Box Hill and from memory, it was better in the hover than the R22 and the Enstrom 280FX Shark that another member-owned. I had lessons in all three. So why is it so touchy and so variable. compared to the Bell 407. What a disappointment. The pitch angle looks like it on a knife-edge when you fly. I even put spring back in my X52 and ended up with rates at 70% as you will see in the video. If anyone has any updates or could let me know about I would be very grateful. Out of 15 or so X-Plane helicopter's, it's the most difficult and I don't see why. Used spit screen move just to show the best flight so far, jumped around a bit on the top Flight as it was meant to be single screen video at the start. I think its Sinesio Brito who has been using spit mode so sorry if it was you for stealing your idea! my most Succesful flight so far. Rubish landing but I can get some sense of achievement on making it back. I flew the EC135 v4 straight after and what a joy! Standards X52 joystick wth springs on as without them it was even harder the first time that has been the case. More practice, More work needed or I need an update to a more realistic flight model. And that inside is so bad. I thought people must have done upgrades over the years but nothing I can find so far. I want a glass G1000 or GTN750 or better. I really thought this was a popular Helicopter that had loads of things done for it. I should have looked more closely. just one other thing the sound isn't great. nothing like the Bell 407 that sound so realistic. So you might have gathered not overly impressed. Not one other helicopter in my library behaves like this. Some might say it's the only one that behaves close to a real one but i would disagree. The nearest I think in hovering terms is the MD500. But happy to be corrected as it's been twenty years since had lessons. and if you have any recommendations for updates please let me know. My first disappointment in X-Plane that I wash I could get my money back.
  11. Joshua Cowan UH-1 Police Helicopter, Nimbus UH-1. And more rooftop landings in VR. Wonky's Blog! 90. So this week, as you will see from the Blog. I am trying to get to grips with why I can't land on Rooftops without a fair bit of practice. This VR episode is the Royal London Hospital and You can download the building for just £1.00 from the link below, and it works with Orbx South ie. London. One outside view at the end. More practice required. Being in lock down with the family, I think it might be one Blog a day for a while. could see that 100 videos a bit faster than expected. Also, the amazon Neck brace for Oculus mirror is working a treat with my dystonic tremor hopefully giving you a much less shaky experience. but I would recommend it for anyone doing a lot of VR use. I wish you and all your families good health during this period. Let's hope together we can all beat what Bill Gates said would happen in his Ted lecture all those years ago. Keep your distance and stay safe. Joshua Cowan UH-1 Police Helicopter version is another work of art. You need the original Nimbus UH-1 to start with and then download this beautiful version he created.
  12. Lowi Innsbruck. Thump Thump River Run, Nimbus UH-1. Wonky's Blog! 89 Just another River Run. Turn the sound up and Thump Thump enjoy. Sorry about the funny zoom bit, but I edit in real-time and hit the incorrect key. Stay safe and keep your distance. I wish you all good health and look forward to better times ahead. Might take an hour or so for the 4k version to appear! Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun
  13. FREEWARE GAZELLE FOR X-PLANE 11 IN PUBLIC TESTING, Wonky's Blog! 88 Posted a few videos on my channel using this FREEWARE GAZELLE FOR X-PLANE. So thought I would use one my playing around Videos as my Blog! The very last part just before I enter an Auto Is a sigh! that many of us make when X-Plane Crashes, worth a listen to on its own. John bray had asked to see some testing. So a few of us have posted videos as john uses a mouse and does not a very high spec machine. So here are a few spins inside and out a bit of low down showing a problem I have with the trims when in-ground effect and then a low-level dash around Shoreham with a X-Plane crash and big sigh at the end just before the auto. First time in ages it has crashed. it is in 4K but might take a few hours for YouTube to do its encoding. so only 1080P to start with.
  14. X Plane Lowi airport Innsbrook easy run following the river, great practice. Wonk's Blog87. fly to the end of the Orbx Innsbrook Lowi runway and you will find a nice river run Back to the town. It's a great width for practising low-level flying. Using my new dragon filming unit EC135 v4 with all the mods I am finally getting to grips with this bird. outside view 2mins 31 secs. Oh! and don't rate my landing! Rotorsim EC135V4 Avitab and GTN750 integration 4.12.2 Wonky Joystick Productions A voice Made For silent Movies Videos For fun https://youtu.be/xIJQJre4dqQ
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