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  1. Had a quick look through and the only thing I can see in the ini file which could cause a problem is yOrtho4XP_Overlays, if you had previously been using Orthop4XP scenery in the UK could it be that some of the overlays still exist in that folder?
  2. I might be wrong but to me it looks like its not picking up Orbx textures as they all look like default X-Plane rather the ortho photos? If that's the case then there may also be conflicts with road & autogen data as well causing the issues with the trees. It's likely to be caused by an issue with the scenery.ini file so I'd take a look there to start with - if you're not sure what you're looking for then if you can paste the ini file into a post I'm sure someone will be able to help re-order it (I'll take a look if I spot it before someone else comes along) Another thought... you mention you installed TEGB South, but then to test it you went to Manchester, which is in TEGB Central - could the issue be as simple as not going to a suitable test location or am I missing something?
  3. Nick, this isn't the water appearing to be green due to colour correction, this is the areas in question not having water mapped to them at all, when at ground level its clear that the standard decal is applied and there is no attempt to map them as water bodies, this occurs at random points all around the scenery as per my post on Oct 30th. It would be nice to get this fixed as a lot of the bodies of water are used as Nav points and its impossible to see them within the trees. Original post on this issue - Grass Lakes and Wonky Trains
  4. Oh no! Now I'm dissapointed, I was looking forward to the 192 new POI's not sure I want the update now there's additional realism! Some people - never happy, I think we're called "British" - the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence - and the fence is in very slightly the wrong place, speaking of grass being green does anyone know if the mis-textured water bodies issue has been resolved where a lot of ponds and parts of rivers were luscious grass? Looking forward to the update, especially the darker roads - its a shame that x-plane thinks that every road has to be wide enough to fit 4 cars side by side, it makes small country lanes look a little odd at times.
  5. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Orbx can do to sort out Brexit - the current simulation of a government acting in the best interests of the people it serves isn't very convincing and there's plenty of room for improvement. I'm sure with a bit of work Orbx can make everything look so much better in the UK even if there will still be people who will complain about things!
  6. For info you're unlikely to find anything if you search for aawater, its called "Beautiful Water" by kingnothing75, the download file is called aawater but I can't find it referenced as that in any searches
  7. I just completed a navigation exercise and noticed these towers when passing Folkingham. Do these exist for anyone else? I moved the aircraft over the bigger group of towers to include the coordinates on the screenshot, in case it can't be read they are at 52.889, -0.4512
  8. I'm taking my first baby-steps of learning to fly a 3 axis microlight in the UK and have started to learn navigation (I'm doing things out of order as its not good flying weather at the moment!). This morning at home I planned a simple 3 leg wind corrected route as a bit of practice and flew it in X-Plane with TE - the end result, I'm even more impressed with TE now. All the nav points I'd noted were in the scenery and it's helping me to get a better understanding of air navigation. I've got a long way to go and need to make sure I don't fall into any bad habbits on the sim but its a good start. I was originally using Ortho4XP scenery and was sceptical about TE being worth it but after seeing it at the Cosford show it was impressive, the colour matching and the way autogen sits naturally in the scenery means I don't have to spend weeks or months trying to get my own scenery up to that standard, add to that the number of landmarks to help with navgiation and its a no-brainer - thanks to the Orbx team for producing such a great add-on.
  9. Great, thanks for looking into it. Hopefully its not something which causes the team too much grief to resolve.
  10. I've really been enjoying GA flying in Orbx TEGBS but there are a few issues I've found in areas I know which make me wonder if the issues exist in the wider map. Bodies of water are useful navigation points but I've noticed a lot where they have been made into grass fields instead of water - is it possible to correct these in a patch (as well as the local example below I've noticed it in many areas including a large lake near Brands Hatch which shown as a field. My previous Ortho4XP scenery didn't have this issue so I assume the bodies of water data is available. I should note that I've stripped out all other add-ons to leave X-Plane 11 and Orbx alone and the issues are still there so I don't think anything else is interfering. Lenwade Lakes in Norfolk (which will soon be used as a nav point to return to my local airfield) is shown below - the layout of the lakes are shown in the google maps link, with the screenshot taken from the north side of Lenwade towards the A1067. Google maps link: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.7200684,1.0850313,13.75z The same has happened to the River Yare at Great Yarmouth: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.594308,1.7414365,13.72z The other issue which looks bizarre (other than a number of floating buildings I've spotted) are train tracks not being flattened so trains apparently run on hillsides at an angle - many years ago when I used to create MSFS scenery it was relatively simple to tell the tools to keep roads and railways level, is it possible to correct this and mold the terrain around it to make it more plausible? I think the issue is that overall the scenery is impressive so good that anything which is wrong really sticks out.
  11. A short clip to compare a recent C42 flight from Felthorpe Airfield with Orbx True Earth of the same area - it all kinda goes wrong and out of sync when I get to the cloud layer so best to ignore that. When leaving the airfield it comes under Norwich Class D airspace so departure is at 600ft along a corridor over the ex RAF Swannington (Brandiston CP).
  12. I think they must have been the special microsoft minutes which can expand and contract as Microsoft is able to the laws of the universe - aka, it took Ady nowhere near as long as that to decompress the scenery
  13. Sorry, another quesion - once downloaded, does it try and unpack in the same drive its downloading on, or will it unpack to the target X-Plane install? Theres enough space on my download drive to get tehe install, but not if it tried to unpack there.
  14. Did you have to trigger the unpacking of the files manually or did it crack-on once downloaded, was going to leave PC on to finish downloading (which will finish after I'm asleep) - so just wondering if I'll be stuck waiting all morning tomorrow for it to unpack (no problem if thats the case, just setting my expectations)
  15. Wherever England is, I suspect it will take a few hours of watching numbers tick up before I can start exploring it :op
  16. Lyrics on this seem more appropriate... (dredging up cheese now!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZr6AE-u2UM
  17. The tiling effect will be from applying a decal texture to the ortho photos so that when at low altitude you see variation instead of blur as you would using ortho photo only. This technique is used by many already including myself. The only thing I would question about this implementation is the obvious repetition of the chosen texture leading to lines in the landscape, something I've not seen in my own use of this. It's certainly not landclass texturing though, just a way to give more of a visual cue at low level.
  18. My optimistic side is thinking it's Friday in Australia now... Release was proposed to be at some point from Fri and Sun... My buying finger is twitching uncontrollably ;o)
  19. Lots of great screenshots in this forum but are any of the beta testing team able to post videos of TEGBS? Would be nice to see more flights rather than just the promo video snapshots.
  20. Hi Tony, thanks for letting me know, if that's the case then that's great, as for where I heard it, it was from John on the orbx stand at Cosford, in reply to a direct question of "what zoom level is the ortho?"
  21. In most respects I was very impressed when I saw TE GB at Cosford - the colour balancing, coastlines and the way that the autogen sits in the scenery is much more natural than my current Ortho scenery. The part I'm struggling with though is all the work thats gone into it but only at ZL15? Thats a big step backwards on detail for me as I currently cover the UK at ZL17. Are there any plans to make a "pro" version (or whatever label you want to put on it) which uses a higher resolution source - or is this a limitation of the ortho licensing which limits it to ZL15? The main use for this type of scenery I'm assuming is by GA pilots who fly low and slow, so if the underlying source is annoyingly blocky at low level it will spoil the wow factor.
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