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  1. Has anyone gotten this plane to work in P2Dv5? I have it in the hangar, but it does not show up when I go to Select Vehicle. Thanks
  2. I notice you have your frame rate set to Unlimited. Didn't I read here some time ago that maybe we should set the Frame Rates to about 30 so the computer can work on other things instead of using it's power to maintain very high frame rates?
  3. Maybe I missed the memo, but I seem to have lost my City Scene Orlando KMCO. It no longer is in my Central and it looks like it has gone missing in the store. Is it missing, or am I looking in the wrong place. I originally bought it for my P3Dv4, I think, and now I can't find it for my P3Dv5. Was this discussed in another post? Thanks
  4. I was running P3Dv4 when I purchased AU. Now I have P3Dv5 and AU has not been upgraded for v5. I received the e mail from Orbx offering me the free Brisbane, but when I try to order it, I get a message that my e mail address is invalid. But you sent me the offer on my e mail. What's up with this? Thanks Howard
  5. Not being familiar with X Box and not having an X Box or its controller, can you use the PC with the X Box Game Pass to check out the new sim?
  6. Are you saying that you had put all your addon Orbx scenery and other stuff like addon aircraft in a file outside of P3D and they all went away? I thought that having all those addons in a file outside P3D was supposed to prevent that from happening.
  7. I have a similar situation. My C drive is a small SSD of only 250GB. My D drive is a hard drive of 1 TB. I have installed my P3DV5 on the D drive just as I have all earlier versions with no problems. I keep all my addon aircraft and Orbx scenery in a separate file outside P3D on the D drive, again with no problems. Even my non Orbx scenery is kept in a file outside P3D. You just have to be careful when adding new aircraft or scenery that you point the installer to the proper file. I find V5 loading a little faster than previous versions of P3D. The first start of P3D of the day takes about 5 m
  8. From Dimond Head to Honolulu International and on to Ford Island. Using Honolulu Cityscape. Wonderful moving waves breaking on the coral reef and rolling on to the beach.
  9. Just curious, how did these customers end up with a commercial account? Thanks
  10. Gerold, Great shots. I just bought the Africa LC. Do you have a flight plan for your flight? Even just a rough outline would do. I am not familure with Africa. Thanks Howard
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