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  1. Is there any other projects besides TE USA this year? Is there a hope for KPSP, KJAC and so on? In December. KEGE seems to be almost finished. I have purchased KACK and KVUO, as always, high quality But I hope there are some places to let me take off and land 737 and other commercial aviation.
  2. I am very happy to see that Xplane's TEGB project has been completed! So?Any news about KEGE or the conversion airport in the US? I will continue to wait thanks to orbx
  3. Hello there!I am very happy to see that you can convert your products to Xplane!thank you all But I have some small question. I know you should now busy converting British Airports for TEGB. So before the completion of all airport conversion projects in the UK, will you start to convert airports in the US?Or wait until the Pacific Northwest project begins? I saw that KEGE. I hope to get all orbx North American airports as soon as possible!!!!Just like KPSP, KEGE,KSAN and more!!Thank you for your interest in XPLANE!
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