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  1. Being from CT, I can honestly say that's the best representation of Table Mountain yet, in any sim.
  2. Can I ask which mesh topography package was used in these screenshots? This is by far my most anticipated Orbx package since LC South America
  3. Would love to see the Okavango Delta area with vector and Africa LC
  4. Africa Landclass was a Q1 product on the original post. Any updates on the status?
  5. One of the long awaited packages for me is Africa LC. The Roadmap originally said Q1. Is this still going to happen?
  6. Hi All Are the remaining global landclass packages still due for release this year? Cheers eric
  7. The point was to get flightsim user opinions - Google can give you an answer but not necessarily with the context you are looking for. The cost-benefit factor is quite significant. There are others in the flightsim space that say SSD's don't provide significant enough benefit to justify the cost.
  8. Superb! It's the lengthy tulip fields that make this scenery unique. Would the scenery reflect seasonal colour changes to display the variation of colours of the tulip fields when in season?
  9. Great shots. Which PTA preset was being used there? Any possibility to share it? regards
  10. I'd prefer focused resource on P3D anyway. Sad for the XP peeps, but they get loads of free good scenery anyway.
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