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  1. Hi Ian, thanks for the response. There are consistently NO ground roll/rumble sounds at the following airports UNLESS the taxiways are used before moving onto runways:- Cessnock, Cunderdin, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Tamworth, Caloundra.I have also occassionally experienced the problem at 1 or more of the above airports even when the taxiways were used. This is intermittent though. The Following airports (generally) don't exhibit the problem (although I have not extensively landed at all of them as yet) Busselton, Aeropelican, Port Lincoln, Redcliffe. I have not experienced the problem as yet at the following airports Brisbane, Cairns, Lilydale. I wouldn't be so concerned if the workaround was simply to taxi before takeoff, but the problem extends to landings and naturally there is no ground contact prior. Thanks again
  2. Hi Norman, thanks for the reply. I am a little baffled by the fact that this only occurs with ftx runways and select ones at that. I suspect as you do that a modification in one of the config files will probably fix it but I lack the expertise to find which one and then make the appropriate modifications. The lack of wheel rolling/rumbling sounds on take off and landing spoils an otherwise brilliant fsx addon, (for me that is).
  3. Hi Tim, thanks for the reply. I was beginning to think that I had the wrong format or something. Yes, it is odd, and although I haven't tried every aircraft it occurs with the default Cessna, Carenado's C182RG and Piper Archer. I also noted that it occurrs intermittently on the taxiways as well. I have REX2 installed as well I was wondering if the runways in aero had some impact on the problem. I have fiddled around with them a bit but to no effect. There are no sceneries above FTX sceneries in the library. I was wondering if there was some adjustment in the fsx config file or something but I haven't uncovered anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, This is my first post, I hoped I had got it right, but maybe not. I posted this earlier in what was probably the wrong forum so I am trying it here now. I have installed several ftx airports and Aussie scenery all of which are great however there is a problem with the rumble sounds or rather lack thereof. I find that if I "go to airport runway" without using taxiways then there are no rumble sounds during takeoff. When landing same problem. Get a landing screetch sound but no rumble. This only occurs at ftx airports (exceptions being Cairns, Brisbane and Lilydale) Can anyone help with this? Thanks- (Mark Smith FSS Order Number: 89396)
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