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  1. Hey everyone, The Orbx Melbourne team is pleased to announce the Orbx Central Open Beta for Windows, macOS and Linux. To learn what Orbx Central is all about visit the preview topic here: To download the beta and get started, head to https://orbxdirect.com/central There are a handful of products that are not available to download through Orbx Central just yet but we're working hard to have everything available as soon as possible. Any support enquires should be made on the Orbx Central Support Forum: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/283-orbx-central-support-forum/ The Orbx Central user guide can be found here: https://orbx.to/central-guide If you have any non-support related questions feel free to post them here. We hope that you enjoy all the improvements that Orbx Central brings. - The Orbx Melbourne Team
  2. Hi Pete, You can create as many libraries as you like across any of your HDD/SSDs and can choose what products you'd installed into each. You can have all your scenery in a single library or across multiple libraries. It's entirely up to you.
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