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  1. As you all know Aimee´s soon=Next month or later. Just could not resist. Jack the Swede inb spain
  2. Regardless of what we think about Microsoft, hats off! They have managed to create the most extensive discussions ever, on most forums on the net and it will be ongoing for over a year and the product is not even released yet! Amazing. Jack the Swede in Spain
  3. Is it possible to create a new Happy Birthday forum like the Neil Hill Memorial Lounge, so people can post their congratulations there instead of in the "normal" General discussion forum? Jack the Swede in Spain
  4. Interesting, but a while ago I remember ORBX announcing that new scenerys will be released for all 3 platforms at the same time! Still, XP seems to be "the thing", it seems that the 2 other platforms are rigidly treated. Jack the Swede in Spain
  5. This is PMDG´s (Robert S Randazzo) opinion on this matter. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/14257-12jun19-pmdg-and-the-microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-question Jack the Swede in spain
  6. https://fsi.microsoftstudios.com/insider-program-faq/ Jack the Swede in Spain
  7. Oz??? Do you m,ean ORBX? Jack the Swede in spain
  8. As I understand it, FTX Central 2 is not supported anymore. You have to migrate your FSS account to ORBX, install the latest FTX Central and after that you are ready to go.
  9. It is already there! Just click the link, top left, under the text ORBX. Jack the Swede in Spain
  10. As I understand it the size of ANY file is fixed, so regardles of your Internet speed, it is up to you to download it or not. In my humble opinion it is not an ORBX problem, so why blame them? Get a faster connection or talk to your Internet-supplier. Jack the Swede inb Spain
  11. Correct Geezer, I jhave been doing that for many years, that is putting them in the same folder and it works fine.I have made a note of the release dates (for my scenery) and frequently check the Misty Moorings scenery page and check the dates for "new releases" and update mine, if necessary. Jack the Swede in spain
  12. I totally agree with you Nick. Why just not keep it simple and follow the update instructions from LM: "Only the Client installer is requiered....... are optional". But to my defense I have to say that I did not understand what Gek_the-Reaper meant buy recommendign a clean install of P3D. Jack PS! Sorry Nick just could not resist. Have a nice day. ------------------------------------------------------- Techopedia explains Uninstall Typically, an application includes an uninstall program that can be used to remove the application if the need arises. In fact, this is the recommended way of removing a program or application from a device, as it removes all the configurations, registry information and other files, including the files generated by the program or application to ensure that no conflicts, if any, will occur in the future. In some cases, searching for the application file by means of a file browser can help in uninstalling the application. However, an uninstaller may still be needed to remove all the files, including the orphan files that were not deleted by a manual uninstall.
  13. Gek_the-Reaper. If you do a complete uninstall/clean reinstall, you uninstall every trace of P3D and that means everything in Appdata/P3D-folder/C:/Programdata and Documents, so you will have to reinstall P3D and all of your add-ons again. Not sure what you mean as you said "I meant a clean P3D install meaning to unistall P3D entirely" an to me that means remove every trace of P3d and reinstall a clean copy. so I still claim that uninstalling Client/Content and reinstalling them is more than enough. Maybe you should clearify what you really mean. Jack tj´he Swede inb Spain
  14. There is no need what so ever to do a clean (new) install of P3D, upgrading from any v4 version to v4.5. If you do a clean install, it means you have to reinstall all the add-ons installed in earlier versions. Jack the Swede in Spain
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