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  1. Ok Greg, I understand that and appreciate your answer. Hope someone can answer the first part of my question. Jack
  2. Thanks Ben but.... as per today my ORBX-products are installed in the ORBX directory in the P3D root, will they be "transferred" by the Central v4 to the "new" directory I am going to designate? Just noticed one more thing that puzzles me. My KSUN is installed in my P3DV4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN directory! Installed with the xml-method but to my "normal" ORBX directory!!! Jack
  3. "a step on the way towards the stated aim of eventually having all Orbx products installed outside the P3D folder". Thanks for the info. Looking forward to have to reinstaal all my ORBX scenery that per today are NOT using the xml way of installing. Jack
  4. Nick, so why does ORBX tell us to set the ORBX Library Insertion Point BELOW all our 3:rd-pary add-ons if it doesn´t matter where they are placed? Does this mean we can just skip setting the Insertion Point, if the installer will place all new ORBX scenery on top, in the future? Jack
  5. Well, you might be right, but the freeware designers have a different opinion., I have asked them. Jack
  6. You can use SCE for all entries exept for the ones added with XML. Jack
  7. Sorry Nick, but some of my freeware (Norwegian, Swedish and more) MUST be put on top of the scenery-list. Jack
  8. So life just got a little bit more complicated again. Installed the new KSUN and guess what? KSUN is not visible in my Scenery Config Editor. In P3Dv4.4 it is placed on top in the scenery list and can NOT be moved down to a place where I want it to be. Yes I can move it in Lorby-SI AddonOrganizer_P3D_V4, so it looks I have to skip my SCE. Very sad about this. Jack the Swede in Spain
  9. Happy Birthday from Spain!!! 60.... so young. Jack the Swede in Spain
  10. Sorry Nick, didn´t know that. Jack
  11. RalphC, you must have missed something, there is NO "70% off" right now for any ORBX products. Answer to second question is yes, you can buy it now and download/install it from your ORBX-account any time. Jack the Swede in Spain
  12. Just a question, what do you mean with "My computer has four 2.7 G processers"? A computer has normally only one processor (CPU). Sorry, posted this before I saw the posting from Scott. Well in my opinion a 2,7 GHz processor is not good enough. For P3D system requirements look here. https://www.prepar3d.com/system-requirements/ Jack the Swede in Spain
  13. "The conditions state that I need FTX Central and Net Framework 4.5, but I'm not sure what this means." Easy, it means you have yo download and install them'. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 https://orbxdirect.com/ Jack the Swede in spain
  14. As said about 100 times in the fourm, ALL ORBX products should be placed BELOW 3:rd party add-ons. As UTX is a mesh product I have placed mine BELOW ORBX products. Jack the Swede in Spain
  15. Add AoN (Airports of Norway freeware) and other airports and you will have a lot more to enjoy. Works nwith ORBX and P3D v4.4. Create an account for download. https://www.flightsimnorway.com/index.php Jack the Swede in Spain