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  1. This is what it says on the Carenado homepage the version 1.1 should be compatible wit ALL sims. C172SP SKYHAWK G1000 FSX/P3D $34.95 Special Features Version 1.1 Full FSX, P3D v2, v3, v4, and Steam compatible. G1000 with Navigraph updatable database feature
  2. Who is the developer or your Cessna 172? Jack
  3. Lorby.... yes and no! Almost ALL my ORBX scenery are marked RED and can not be moved. Why? I don´t know so I have decided not to mess around with my scenerys. Jack
  4. As I understand it, you can not. You have to disable every scenery (in the sim addons) you don´t want loaded. Jack
  5. No, only FREE ORBX liubraries. Jack the Swede in Spain
  6. 1. Got to the disc where you want the ORBX files to be stored. 2. Create a library like ORBX New. 3. Start ORBX Central. 4 Go to settings./Libraries and ""Create a library (marked blue) 5. Under "Library Path" CHANGE the default path to the library you just created. 6. As I allready have created my library I don´t remember if I got the question if this was to be my main library. If you get that question, answer yes. Done If you run into problems, ask and I will help you. Jack
  7. Use ORBX Central and migrate/move ALL your ORBX scenerys to whatever hard disk you want, In your case I guess it would be D or E. Don´t understand why you have split your 2nd hard disk into two partitions (D and E). I my opinion symbolic links just create problems. Jack the Swede in spain
  8. Info: For Win10 Pro users, the latest version is v 18362-10014. Jack the Swede in Spain
  9. Hm, installed and loaded it without problems but have not tested it with my sim yet. Jack
  10. Anyone tested this? http://www.geminisoftware.de/index.html Jack the Swede in spain
  11. So Nick, first time in a long time, a POSITIVE posting from me. Bought EGLC this morning, downloaded it manually (as I allways do). Started ORBXCentral, installed from "manually downloaded file". It took about a minute to unpack/install the scenery. Tested it and it just works perfectly. Super with the function to activate/deactivate AI aircraft at differtent gates. Hats off for ORBX. Even an atheist can become religious. Jack the Swede in Spain
  12. F737NG, interesting point you have in your posting. LIEO was released march 31, AU2 june 8 and LEAS june 26, that is 3 airports for P3D Since may 30 -- aug 12, 11 airports for XP has been released. IMHO that says it all. Jack
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