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  1. Interesting, this is what it says in the first post of the thread (Update Cityscape Honolulu) and I have seen info about most updates. ______________________________ Hello all, An update has been made available for Honolulu on Orbx Central. Changelog: Fixed crash issues (invisible obstacles in the air with crash detection on) Reworked building textures Fixed floating custom buildings Further reduced flickering Added night lighting for several objects (ships, docks etc.) PHNL: APX work brought up-to-date Fixed minor issues and bugs ________________________________ But if you say there is no info, so..................... Anyway, it would be a great help if you told us what AU airports you need info about. Jack
  2. I guess the easiest way to get the info (as you have not told what airports Central updates) is to open this thread https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/217-orbxdirect-release-announcements/ and scroll down the pages until you find the airport and read the info from the devekoper . Jack
  3. Ok found them by searcing for David Atkinson, but they are not for P3D as I understand. Jack
  4. Link returns an error message: No Files matched your search criteria. Here you can find a lot of freeware, not only for Africa but for the whole world. https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html Jack
  5. Problem solved after 2 days. A Spanish freeware caused LEST to crash. Thanks for trying to help me. Jack
  6. Now I get these two error messages! This is driving me crazy. Jack
  7. Problem with LEST solved. Wanted to add it in P3D but error said scenery.cfg could not be opened. Had to delete the scenery.cfg and let P3D rebuild it. After that I could install LEST in the sim. But my problem now is that ALL my other scenery-add-ons are gone. Why does my P3D say it can not open/read my scenery.cfg? Jack
  8. Event Viewer says something about kernel.dll, but that is pure latin for me.Jack
  9. If that is the case then it also should close down on othewairports, or..........? How can I detect a bad AI aircraft? I use Ultimate Traffic Live2 bought in Jukly 2019 and it should be up-to-date without FS9 objects. Jack
  10. This is NOT an ORBX problem just need some help. I bought Pilots LEST, Santiago de Compostella, and installed it. When I chose LEST in the sim, it closes down. So I deactivatet the scenery so I could use the default LEST, chose it and the sim closed down. I have NO other LEST installed, doublechecked. I uninstalled SODE and reinstalled it but no change. All other airports using SODE work just fine.Interesting thing is that in the setup, after chosing LEST the image of the airplane stops rotating and when I press OK the sim closes down. It does no matter what airplane i use. All airplanes wor on my other airports.Any suggestions?Jack
  11. This is not ORBX Direct it is ORBX Central, two dirrenent things. Jack
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