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  1. I have found about 50+ postings about "insufficient space to install..." Have you guys ever heard about the search function? Jack the old goat, again Swede in Spain
  2. I want TE Spain, focused only on Castalla (Alicante) where I live, so I can see my house! "But Jack, nobody else want that". So what, I want it and I want ORBX to do it. Jack
  3. More and more often I se postings about "Can we get TE for this or that region".... why not demand TE for the whole world? Guys why don´t you just stop this "I want TE for........". postings. ORBX will release new TE products when they are ready. Jack the old grumpy Swede in Spain (yes, feeling better now)
  4. Nope you can not. Only chance to have a discount is when ORBX has a sale or if you are 65+. Jack the Swede in Spain
  5. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a Photo Scenery and the ORBX True Earth (TE). Jack the Swede in spain
  6. To be honest, I try to use every new realesed/installed scenery at least a couple of times, but with that said.... some of them have not been used for many years. Now I use only P3D v4.5, too old to change my sim.
  7. PMB, what I mean is every scenery, regardless of sim (P3D, XP or...), like 90 for P3D + 20 for XP + ? for ?? = ALL ORBX releases. I myself have everything released for P3D, including freeware. Tried to make a poll but.... Jack the Swede in Spain
  8. Hi again. Curious as usual. I wonder how many of us own EVERY ORBX scenery ever released! I have been an ORBX customer more or less since day 1 and own every single scenery, what about you? I alwatys pity myself for not having the patience to wait until a sale, but that is my problem. I am very thankful to ORBX that I at least can use the "old goats" discount. Have a nice Easter all of you. Jack the Swede in Spain
  9. Thanks Nick. I guess I made my point and you have nailed what it´s all about. I think you can close the topic now. Jack
  10. Every now and then this question pops up and people seem to be very concerned about their fps (frames per second) and especially if it drops below 25. In my opinion , for what it´s worth, as long as the sim works smooth and withuout stuttering, what is the problem? Enojy the flight and forget the fps, but it almost looks like a competition abouty who has the highest fps regardless if the sim works fine or not. It is widely known that a human eye only can register fps up to 24-30 fps. Here are som links for you. https://www.gamingscan.com/what-does-fps-mean-in-games/ https://www.techsmith.com/blog/frame-rate-beginners-guide/ Have nice day all of you and i wish you a happy Easter with flower from my garden in Spain, today. Jack the Swede in spain
  11. Hi Just out of curiosity, how many members are there on this forum? Jack the Swede in Spain
  12. Downloaded the new uploaded version and it updated nicely. Jack rhe Swede in spain
  13. Well, might be, but I wonder how she managed to be a member here and why I´m the lucky choosen. Jack
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