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  1. Would there be a possibility of an Aerofly version. This would make a great hop from/to Orbx Innsbruck.
  2. John, please don’t shoot me down for asking this question. How many are going to be for FSX or other platforms, I don’t have P3D or XP
  3. Thanks Nick ... I was talking about future developments for AFS2 and them being marketed on Steam. Please don’t take my comment out of context. It’s pretty obvious that Orbx has previously sold AFS2 products via Steam ... The intent of my comment was ... if Orbx had developed GB for AFS2, would Orbx have used Steam , with the implementation of Orbx Direct? I for one very much doubt it would have done just going by JVs comment, and that market approach, in my opinion, could have impacted future sales on the platform. I guess we will never know ...
  4. If Orbx do move away from AFS2 completely, it will leave a sour taste in my mouth that’s for certain. Ever since the original GB announcement I have been holding out for this development (and others) Justflight also seem to be investing in the sim, the combination of the 2 developers would be a VR VFR paradise. Maybe JV should consider selling via Steam instead of just Orbx Direct. After all, I should imagine most AFS2 (VR) simmers purchase from steam for the easy interface to VR.
  5. Cheers Nick, didn’t even realise that forum was there
  6. I spend most of my sim time flying ‘regionals’ around the outback strips featured by OZx. Before jumping to AUv2 can someone let me know how OZx interacts with AUv2, does it cause graphical anomalies, issues etc? Thanks in advance QF10
  7. I don’t want to be a ‘stick in the mud’, but Rochester castle looks strange. Why are their rectangular holes in the buildings structure? if these were not included, it would look great ...
  8. You could always look at a hybrid landclass (outback/bush) vs true earth/city scene (populated areas) package for each state of Australia ... that would vastly reduce file size.
  9. Fantastic ... and with military traffic the icing on the cake
  10. Great shots, is there any chance of a few around Rochester (castle, cathedral, etc.)
  11. “Delude myself” not likely, I take it for what it is ... By the sounds of it, it’s not the correct distribution model to use due to the reasons Tim cited. It was an idea - case closed.
  12. Thanks for that insight Tim, that’s a very compelling reason and makes for a strong argument “against” a subscription based service.
  13. Don’t get me wrong, the original “buy and download” option would still be available to customers, this would be an option to attract other / new customers to the hobby and provide Orbx with a steady flow of “known” cash flow. Once the customer quits the subscription, access to the product library would stop and the customer would need to purchase. Also it would help if people could provide some insight into why you think it’s a bad idea (if that’s your opinion)
  14. With all the talk of bandwidth issues, cost of supplying data, imagery costs etc, has Orbx explored the new “Netflix” for games subscription based delivery system now being rolled out through the console and PC gaming industry? For those not in the know, this is where (if introduced by Orbx) for a monthly fee, you would get all of the Orbx product library (maybe only a selection) available for download. I have subscribed to this service for the “kids” Xbox and have parted ways with a great deal more of my hard earned cash on Xbox games than I would normally - and guess what I don’t mind, I am supporting gaming development and getting access to about 200 titles I wouldn’t normally touch. In other words if Orbx introduced service with their products, they would get access to a slow and steady flow of cash from customers that would not “normally” purchase as many of their titles, keeping the development cycle and bandwidth resourced for future (and new) Orbx customers.
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