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  1. OK first training flight out of the way. Now on my first genuine revenue flight. I'm liking it. ;o)
  2. Thanks Senchay. I generally don't have the time to track down these problems. I appreciate your efforts to help me out. I deleted everything I could find for one drive then re-installed and it now appears to be working. I'm loading the sim now to see if they communicate. And they do indeed communicate. Thank you again :o)
  3. I have just bought the skypark but the transponder crashes every time I try to run it. I have worked through the help and support solutions all to no avail. Can you process a refund for me please. TSP_Transponder_CrashReport_1610725222632.txt
  4. I saw the same thing. Also this evening when I fired it up the Netherlands is now awash with trees which it wasn't last night.
  5. 21 minutes to go until downloaded. AFS2 give us that helicopter......
  6. As an aside, I live in the Netherlands, I married a Dutch woman, in a place called Almere. I have flown all over the country in helicopters and I recognise just about every screenshot. Another two hours to wait for the download to finish. This looks to be awesome.
  7. OK update. I had done a reinstall of AFS2 but not run it, so the installer didn't know it was there. I ran the sim and now it is recognised and Netherlands is installing. A very happy teddy.
  8. I have bought the Netherlands for AFS2 but the installer does not allow me to install it. I get the screen below and when I hit close the whole program simply shuts down. Help.
  9. Maybe a silly question but is this compatible with the steam version of AFS2?
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