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  1. P3Dv4.5 Orbx - TEWA Carenado
  2. Thank you Jan. Bobby died way to soon, he was one of my favorites. Thank you John.
  3. Outstanding captures there Joel!
  4. Good looking set of shots Jose!
  5. Excellent shots.
  6. Beautiful shot Christian!
  7. Thank you Herman, Cape Town is such a beautiful area.
  8. Thank you Martyn. Thank you Iain. Sounds good, shark steak and a side dish of abalone and hush puppies. Thank you Patrick. Funny how that seems to happen time after time Gerold. Thank you Dario.
  9. She hasn't lost much weight since your last post, be can still get airborne. excellent work JK!
  10. Very nice JK, looks pretty da, ah, darn cool.
  11. Splendid shot Jimmy! Nice paint on the Comanche.
  12. Not a good way to end the day I would say.
  13. Thank you very much Carlos. Thank you much Jack. Thank you Mikee.
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