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  1. Poland, Czech Republic, and others have it right.
  2. Really, I had no idea. Look at Europe as well, what a shame. I want to remember Europe like it was in1962 when I visited every country along the Med, what a great time.
  3. Beautiful place that's for sure Martyn. I can't imagine the things you guys got to see on a world trip, something you will never forget.
  4. Not just the west coast Martyn, from one end of the US to the other. Keeps going like this, in 10yrs you won't know it anymore. good thing you got to see some of the US when you did.
  5. Lot more that rats John. My wife and I were in California in 1988, we drove from SF down to the Mexican border stopping at various places along the way. It was such a beautiful place back then, really, really sad to see what's going on now, and not just there.
  6. Yeah, but, I've seen quite a few rare birds at this forum. Vey nice indeed martyn.
  7. Thank you very much Fred.
  8. Yes, I get it Martyn. Thank you buddy.
  9. V4.5 Orbx REXSF Alabeo - Piper 350 Chieftain
  10. Quality shots Jack! I like the livery as well, looks good.
  11. Thank you John. Thank you John. Lucky lady she is Jack, that is one great looking plane. Thank you much. Appreciate your kind words Kev. Thank you John. Thank you. My favorite biz jet. That would be me OND.
  12. Excellent stuff Martyn, looks like a Great place to fly!
  13. Really enjoying these posts Martyn!
  14. Is there a prize involved first of all?
  15. Down-right perfect set of shots Jack!
  16. Did you survive, that's the question?
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