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  1. You mean, without Hilda you would have many more passengers and room for more beer and haggis.
  2. Thanks Jack. Thank you much OND. Thank you Ken, love the small airports. Thank you Karl.
  3. Thank you John. Thank you John. Yep, still using it. Can't beat the real thing Jack.
  4. Thank you much Iain. Thank you kindly Graeme. Thank you John. Thanks John. Appreciate that Roger,
  5. The dream machine, may have to spackle a bit, but other than that she's in perfect condition,
  6. Great views of your new plane Iain!
  7. Well done once again Gerold!
  8. Hilarious stuff Karl. Maybe if you should hire a slimmed down version of Hilda and serve hamburgers and fries you business would pick up a bit, just a thought.
  9. Wonderful set of shots from NE Pete! We need some Plum Island and Starks in MSFS, Bill.
  10. Happy Birthday Ken, have a great one and keep on making those great airports!
  11. Nah, just something from Bryce. Thank you Gerold. Thanks man. Thank you Mikee.
  12. Thank you much Graeme. Thank you very much Gumby. Thank you Iain.
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