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  1. Some interesting stuff in your post Martyn, well done!
  2. That's pretty neat, never saw the two prop version of the Spit. Super trio of captures Martyn!
  3. V4.5 Orbx REXEF/SF Just Flight
  4. You guys keep showing these great Duke images and I still keep forgetting to install it.
  5. I heard you laughing Martyn. Great minds think alike I guess.
  6. CP would Jack, they have had that color scheme for a long time.
  7. Your on a roll Adam, keep them coming.
  8. Beautiful paint and captures Adam!
  9. Thank you. Thank you for the kind words Rodger. Thank you Iain. Much appreciated Karl. Thank you John. Thank you much Gerold.
  10. Thank you much. Man that's a long time in a 170. Thank you Jean Marc.
  11. First-rate set of images Gerold!
  12. Wonderful paint, always liked the CP colors.
  13. Very nice indeed JK, I don't know how you do it.
  14. Terrific shots Richard, great job!
  15. Superb set of captures Zinj!
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