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  1. Dark gray and white with a black stripe as shown, Magoo.
  2. Thanks John. Like Martyn said, PilotsPlus is the Orbx partner who made the scenery. Thank you for doing such a great job with Oxford, my kind of airport! Thanks for the help Martyn.
  3. Thank you Iain. Thank you much Martyn. Thank you John.
  4. Not if you want to go to Key West. Fly to Key West, go to the old hotel and do whatever, then spend the rest of the day hanging out at Sloppy Joe's, sounds like a plan to me.
  5. Ah,ah,ah, its right on the tip of my tongue.
  6. Thank you John. They are real photo's of skies from a program called Luminar4. Thanks Jerry. Thank you Wayne. Much appreciated Mikee.
  7. Thank you Martyn. Thank you much Iain. Thanks John.
  8. Gorgeous shots Graeme, well done!
  9. Just buy her a new gaming computer, yoke and rudder pedals.
  10. I wonder what the guy is thinking sitting there staring.
  11. Mr. Magoo, Look up and a little to your right old man. If you still can't figure it out call 1-800-hen, ah, Ken.
  12. Thank you John. Thank you very much John.
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