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  1. Thank you much. Glad you enjoyed them Don. Thank you John. I did as well Jack. Thank you kindly. Yep, me to. Thank you John. Sad, but true Gerold. I just made it to the edge of town, so, I have a ways to go yet. Thank you Carlos. Now that's pretty cool. Thank you again everyone.
  2. Thank you very much. Much appreciated Don. Thank you John. A Zen moment Jack. Thanks John.
  3. Terrific job with the shots Jack!
  4. Great looking paint and plane James!
  5. Thank you much Iain. Thank you Dolf.
  6. You have your sim well tuned Dolf, they look terrific!
  7. V4.4 Orbx REXEF/SF Carenado - C152
  8. V4.4 Orbx - Damyns Hall REXEF/SF Aeroplane Heaven - C140
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