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  1. Actually St. Martin is the French side and St Maarten is the Dutch side.
  2. Wonderful set of views Martyn. You forgot to mention the landing part, or is that something you would rather not talk about?
  3. He likes the view from the hole in the floor. Thank you Iain. Thank you John Indeed. Looks perfectly fine to me Gerold. Don't have to worry about locking the hanger door John All my dogs drink beer as well. Why? Thank you Roger. It ain't for the faint of heart John. Thank you. I think everyone would go a mile out of there way to get away from me. Thank you Bernd. Thank you Mikee. Give me one good reason, it's a lean mean rustin
  4. Three beauties there Iain!
  5. I took the photo's from inside the Grizzly Jean Marc. Thank you much.
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