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  1. Thanks Nick. It is fixed in MSFS2020 (light dimming) , but not in X-Plane TE GB( adding lights). I own both sims, and have all the Orbx add-ons for both sims.
  2. In X-plane is dark , in MSFS2020 London landmarks was grossly over-lit !!!!
  3. Thanks. It is just funny how Canary wharf in TE GB has no night lights at all , and the same in MSFS2020 London landmarks is over-lit so brightly, requiring a tone down in a patch. It seems that the team who did the TE GB series is completely different from the MSFS ad-on team. This is unfortunate , because many of the landmarks in the MS products are not in the TE scenery. Hope for this to be rectified in future patch/update.
  4. Yes still not updated on the Marketplace . One should purchase ad-dons from the developer directly if at all possible. I made a mistake and got the London Landmarks fro the Marketplace.
  5. This is an interim update to resolve the major issues. As I read between the lines, Orbx will be working on further updates to London Landmarks to improve the whole package further.
  6. That assuming Microsoft has received the updated version from Orbx and implemented it.
  7. It appears that this issue has been reported already. Sorry for reporting it again.there is a fix for it , now pinned. Thanks for the fix. Will try it.
  8. Noticed floating houses toward the eastern end of KSMO in TE Southern CA. I have no other mesh , Orthoscenery or airport add-ons the that area, except TE S CA.
  9. I also bought the London Landmarks from the marketplace. It shows as owned and installed. It also appears in the content manager, where you can delete it. I suppose, when Orbx send the update to Microsoft, one should be able to update it in the content manager.
  10. We are all aware of the mishap/oversight that Orbx did with the release of the low res London Landmark ( some of them). they were quick to rectify this. A new update replacing the low res scenery with the defaults that are much superior. Good first step. There is nothing wrong with using/keeping default scenery that are already good. Orbx did that with TE GB south , utilizing the default London landmarks, but they added so much more. Your first correction to the MSFS London landmarks is appreciated, but your users expect more. We hope the quality/resolution of all your landmark will be improved and polished, adding few more landmarks to make up for the one that you deleted from your scenery ( utilizing the excellent default one - nothing wrong with that). I trust Orbx will get it right eventually. Myself and many other long time Orbx customer were a little surprised by this unusual little Orbx blunder. we trust Orbx will get things perfect in the end.
  11. Thanks Orbx for the quick update to the London Landmarks. How to Update it when bought from the Marketplace. In the Orbx central it does not show that it is purchased. In the marketplace there is no option to update/reinstall. Thanks.
  12. The situation, as it apears to be now, that Orbx central and MSFS marketplace do not communicate. Items bought on Orbx central do not appear to be "owned" in the marketplace, and vice versa. surely Orbx will sort this out with MS/Asobo in the futer.
  13. I am also very disappointed with the London landmarks. I have been an Orbx customers for many years, having spent literally thousands on Orbx products. This is maybe the first time I’m really disappointed and feeling let down by an Orbx product. hope Orbx will update London landmark from current FSX/FS9. standard to MSFS2020 level. Actually, I expect of Orbx to even better MSFS2020.
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