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  1. Hello Nick I use Prepar3D_v4.5.14.34698
  2. Please check the FOOL Libreville airport area. Fixed only by disabling Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal. With respect. Andrew
  3. This is what the lakes in the FMMI area look like. I use Global BASE Pack, Global openLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal. How to solve the problem? With respect
  4. Hey, Jack. I bought a BIKF yesterday. If you install it through Orbx Central, it will disable all the files that you need. You don't have to do anything yourself.
  5. You're right, Nick. Just because the person wanted to know how it can be done, I answered. By the way, the second method works for all Orbx airports in Sweden, except for the default airports, but I think it's not worth flying there. With respect Ron
  6. Hello Jack There are two ways to try installing ESKS in a library outside of P3Dv4. 1. leave the height File in Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery. The rest of the script files can be safely placed in the library. 2. Completely put all the ESKS script files in the library, but delete the default file \Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0601\scenery\APX52100.bgl. Only then will the airport be displayed in the list of p3dv4 scenarios, otherwise ESKS Strangnas AB will be displayed. Very beautiful airport. It is a pity that the developer did not make it possible to fully install it in the libr
  7. Hello Nick I understand that these instructions are still relevant. Thanks for the help. With respect Ron
  8. Hello, Nick. Is it relevant to use the recommendations on the order in the library from this page? With respect. Ron
  9. I have a LORBY addonorganizer Thank you very much for your help Nick
  10. What kind of warning? In order not to waste your precious time, the question was about the correct order of Orbx scenes in the library. So you don't need to leave it to Central. You just show some file or image where this is explained. I'll arrange it manually. With respect
  11. Hello, The simulator works well. But if you put a check mark where the layers are. this error still occurs. With respect
  12. Hi, Nick. Attached Orbx Central log With respect central.log
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