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  1. I was using X-Plane 11 until MFS 2020 arrived on the scene. I now use MFS 2020 as my primary flight sim. However, I invested a lot of money purchasing Orbx products for X-Plane and it seems these are not being updated for MFS 2020. Most of us buy airports and upgrades to the scenery that is either local to them of they fly from on a regular basis. It would be nice if Orbx could update these first before producing new products. I understand that this is most likely a money making exercise, but to be faithful to your existing clients please first upgrade your
  2. Hi, I'm a recent user of ORBX software and like it very much. Are you able to tell me if FTX Global will be released for X-Plane 11, and if so do you know when? Regards, Dylan
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