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  1. I would love Holger to move on the rest of Alaska once the new Australia is released! I would probably let him have a few days off first though!
  2. love the lighting in these shots, very nice!
  3. Interesting shot and I used to love playing crysis!
  4. Lovely shots! This was my first orbx airport purchase, a good few years ago and I still enjoy going back. Or a nice little run from darrington to concrete sometimes instead!
  5. That is stunning! Don’t have X-Plane but may have to invest! I only live a mile from Barton, but I don’t really fly in the UK, however this may change that. The detail around Barton bridge, the AJ Bell stadium and the Manchester Ship Canal is lovely.
  6. Yeah, great sale and a JV daily diary to boot, the first entry was an interesting read!
  7. Good shots, SAK is still my favourite region. Still hoping to see the rest of Alaska as a full fat region!
  8. Great set of shots, enjoyed looking.
  9. I would love to see the rest of Alaska, I have really got into flying the PMDG DC-6 around there and it would be cool to fly to the likes of Fairbanks, Barrow, Deadhorse, or Dutch Harbor etc in the sim, amongst loads of others.. I watched a youtube video of an Everts Air DC-6 landing in Sparrevohn so would love to try that too! But you can't go wrong with any Orbx scenery and everyone has their own wishlist..
  10. Really enjoyed this set of shots. Love the Alaskan airports!
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