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  1. I have the 737 Immersion for the NGX that I purchased in mid 2018, I was inquiring if there is at all a upgrade path available for previous owners to purchase the new version at a discounted price? Thanks
  2. On the main taxiway at YGDI/Goondiwindi in Queensland there is a cone in the center of the taxiway. There is not one there according to satellite imagery and it blocks the taxiway either-way.
  3. central.log Operating system: Win10 Latest Simulator: P3Dv4 (XP11 Also Installed) Screenshot: Issue: Orbx Central 4.0.39 using 12/16GB of ram when idle. I checked Orbx Central a couple hours prior and had left it open and once I had open Prepar3D, I wanted to turn down the settings due to I had it higher for a different region of the world but when it was loading the scenery library I was notifed I was out of ram, I checked Task Manager and noticed that Orbx Central was using 11GB of ram. Central shouldn't had being doing anything and after closing Central via the show hidden icons Central was still using 12GB and it appeared there was a hidden process by Orbx Central? After opening another instance of Central the ram usage went down gradually to only around 700mb.
  4. Textures are from Rex Worldwide Airports HD. They are from Texture Set 11.
  5. " ADE_FTX_AUS_YBBN_CVX.BGL.disabled-by-ybbn" needed to be renamed "ADE_FTX_AUS_YBBN_CVX.BGL"
  6. I spent a couple hours banging my head against the wall and to say I'm frustrated at how simple the issue was is an understatement. Turns out when using the config tool inside Orbx Central it turns off the CVX file for Brisbane inside Australia V2. TLDR; issue resolved, config tool inside central disables a file it shouldn't.
  7. Starting a couple months back (around about when AUSv2 came out) I noticed that Brisbane's taxiways & runways didn't have all ground polys. At that time I was pretty busy and decided just to use default runways and photoreal. However when testing out the Ground Poly option, the issue is still here. It's persisted over multiple reinstalls (going from 4.4->4.5.1->4.5.2). I've attached some screenshots of the issue from today after a fresh download of Brisbane. If you zoom in, you can clearly see the lines where it transitions from a Ground Poly to the photoreal background. I've attached only four places where it joins but there are plenty more. Brisbane and FlyTampa's Sydney are the only airports I've found to have this issue (I will be posting a relevant post on their forums promptly). One last thing I've found, there is a random apron on the end of RWY19.
  8. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: Prepar3D v4.5 hf1 Screenshot: Issue: Unable to install Orbx Tamworth & Brisbane due to error coming up when clicking install. central.log
  9. I honestly doubt it, I think orbx is only focusing on Photo-Real for X Plane.
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