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  1. Well done Iain, well deserving of your long service leave and awards! I remember when you turned up on this site a decade ago, the true gentleman always. I have left and come back (and left and come back again...) but I reckon you will be the stalwart foundation for the next decade in our flight sim journey. Cheers mate! Dale.
  2. I have only just installed KSAN v2 (did not have v1) and I have this issue as well as the very bumpy ride that more often than not crashes the aircraft during taxi.
  3. Hi Ben, No, unfortunately that has gone a long, long time ago. Is there any way to merge it with this new one?
  4. It has been so long, I could not even access my old account, but after many years away, Archie has returned to the fold (as Old Archie). The big question, given I have been out of it for so long, I have no idea where to start. I am going to have to purchase all my favorite Orbx scenery and aircraft again. I have installed P3D v4...what else do I need?!?
  5. Ok, have done a 2nd full reinstall of P3D with latest hotfix for v3.4, using FTX Central V3, uninstalled each of my ORBX products and downloaded and reinstalled them all (sorry JV...) but every time I set up a scenario and click ok to go and fly P3D does an instantaneous CTD with no error messages at all. When I select a default area to fly from, no problems, starts fine, it only happens in FTX areas. I don't have Global or anything, just my region packs and airports. ORBX Libraries is updated to the latest version before you ask. This is doing my head in.... I just want to fly. Any ideas? Any
  6. Well, it has been a long while, a lot longer than I had hoped, but for those old codgers still hanging around these parts, it is with great pleasure that I say hello to you all once again! For those in the know, I literally disappeared from the FS world a few years back (and have not played with FSX since then), but have now completed my life changing endeavour (you may now call me Dr. Archie by the way...) and was looking to get back into the sky. I have taken a huge leap of faith (when I discovered that my FSX install no longer worked on my sparkly new Windows 10) and purchased Prepar3d v3.1
  7. Fictional Boland NZ (anyone remember the SAFAIR Herc from the Wild Geese movie?) L100-20 (C130) on approach to stunning Queenstown Enjoy!
  8. Tinkering with a fictional Air New Zealand Link repaint for the good old Aerosoft Twin Otter so I can do some bump and grinds in a small commercial twin at all those wonderful NZSI airstrips! Should be up at OzX sometime soonish. Cheers, Arch.
  9. It has been a long sabbatical from FSX land I must say, I dropped off back in May or so, but now I am back and ready to fly the friendly skies! As some of you may (or may not know) I took a major life changing direction a few years ago and left my work of 25 years and returned to University. Over the last few years I completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and decided that I did not want to be an accountant any more, go figure... So basically I decided after long discussion with my family and University colleagues that I would pursue an academic career. To that end I did my Honours ye
  10. A quick repaint I did in celebration of the new Cairns patch, thanks Jarrad! Skytrans don't fly the C340, but they have Titan's and 310's which are very similar.
  11. Some oldies I just can't seem to put away, the Carenado Mooney being one of those, just love her. Couple of shots from a morning departure from Port Lincoln SA on my way to Portland VIC. A great trip it was.
  12. My bare metal Mooney gets a workout around beautiful Chilliwack in BC, first trip back since Winter passed.
  13. MAAM-SIM North American B-25 Mitchell 'Briefing Time' for FSX. Add-on aircraft package for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Version 7 The Download Version of the award winning MAAM B-25J Mitchell, 'Briefing Time', version 7 includes many new features: COMPLETE AUTOMATIC INSTALLER FOR FLIGHT SIMULATOR X INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL COCKPIT CONTROLS REMOVABLE YOKES ENGINE DAMAGE OPTION EMERGENCY FUEL SHUT-OFF VALVE CONTROLS 40 INSTALLED REPAINTS EXTENSIVE FSX CAMERA DEFINITIONS (3D VIEWS) ANIMATED PILOTS WIDE-SCREEN 2D PANEL OPTION See: http://www.maam.org/flightsim/PACKAGES/BT.htm for all th
  14. "Last joy flight of the day...." Thanks Bill, what a fantastic bit of work.
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