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  1. It will advise by comparing the version in the Official folder to the latest version it has. That's why moving things out of the Official folder comes with some peril. Am I missing something here? Do you exclusively use Orbx add-ons or are you saying that Orbx Central can be used to install add-ons from any source? Orbx Central would be of little use to me if it only installs Orbx products.
  2. If you are only using Orbx DLCs then it's unlikely you would get the CTD. So far the conflicts have been with DLCs from other devs.
  3. Right. I've done that and up to a point it works fine. But how do you know if a Marketplace item has an update? All I can see to do is move everything back to \Packages\Official, let the Marketplace do it's thing, and then move everything back again to the directory Addons Linker is using. That would be easy if it was only DLC in the \Packages\Official folder, but it also contains all the Asobo and Microsoft airports, plus some other stuff that I don't recognise.
  4. Hi Jon, I had hoped to use the MSFS Content Manager as intended but I think I am liking your idea of controlling payware through MSFS Addons Linker more and more with all these issues starting to arise. Where (on the Steam version) does MSFS allow you to specify the location for DLC to be saved to?
  5. I've tried one of these mods and it suffers from massive issues with LOD loss at mediums to long range. This results on the long distance view being inferior to default, and whilst the near view is very good (19m resolution I think), the snapping from one LOD to another as you approach and depart from mountains is too obvious and jarring. According to reviews the same applies for the payware mod currently available. Seeing as Asobo have announced their UK mesh will be 50cm resolution, and they plan to improve the mesh worldwide, I think it won't be worthwhile for third party deve
  6. Guys, Just to clarify, as the image for the first linked post seems to suggest the issue has been fixed. It hasn't. Orbx Tacoma Narrows still conflicts with other sceneries, to such an extent that I've removed it from my system for the time being. However, as more payware DLCs get released it's becoming apparent that it's not the only DLC with conflict problems. If you read that first linked post fully you will see more info about the same kind of problem with a product from another developer. I expect it's something as simple as a file name conflict...
  7. I agree. It's not working for me either with WAP uninstalled. But when we experimented in December it was the only conflict on our systems at that time. So I don't think overlapping aerial image files is the cause.
  8. I asked Azurepoly about the LFOU issue and this was their response: 'Aerial imagery might be the cause of all those conflicts. In fact, every imagery region of the planet has one single name but unfortunately, regions are way too large, causing multiple add ons to have the same imagery name and leading to CTD. ' However, as we know for a fact that Wycombe Air Park was at one time conflicting with Tacoma Narrows I strongly doubt they shared an aerial image file which spanned continental America and the Atlantic. If you do want to troubleshoot it you could use
  9. I've just now noticed that starting a flight at or around Azurepoly's LFOU Cholet Le Pontreau is causing a CTD with a similar radius of effect to Tacoma Narrows. If anyone still experiencing the Tacoma Narrows CTD has LFOU as well, is it possible for you to give it a try and see if you have the same issue?
  10. Thanks to MSFS Addons Linker, luckily it's quite easy to take the freeware out of the equation. It's the paid DLC that's more of a struggle for me. Thinks.... I suppose I could move all my paid DLC into the folder which I use for MSFS Addons Linker. That would make it a bit easier to swap things in and out but the real obstacle is the MSFS load times themselves.
  11. I guess my concern is that it 'takes two to tango' where there are DLC conflicts. I've installed many other DLCs since this issue was raised and could spend days swapping them out to get to the root of it. I've paid a lot of money for this sim and all it's DLCs and I'd actually like to spend my time playing it . What I'm seeing now is Tacoma Narrows installed, area around it CTDs: Tacoma Narrows removed, happy days! The answer moving on isn't just to remove things which conflict with Orbx Tacoma, or get the other developers to fix them. We've had an interlude waiti
  12. I just updated to version 1.12 of Wycombe Air Park on marketplace, and it appears it isn't fixed. However, if I remove Wycombe Air Park and London Southend (both Pilot Plus products) the sim still CTDs at and around Tacoma. If I remove Orbx Tacoma Narrows and add the Pilot Plus products in, the Tacoma area loads fine. This suggests to me there is now a conflict with some other DLC, but the common factor is Orbx Tacoma Narrows. In between downloading updates and testing this out I've spent 1 1/2 hours already this morning, and I can't afford to spend any more time on it for now.
  13. That's disappointing, so Asobo really have us to ransom on that one
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