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  1. Hello Nick Thank for the quick reply. It pointed me in the right direction. I only have the Orbx central installed. When l looked in the 'Documents\Prepared3D v4 add-ons' it was empty. When reinstalling it, it would only put ObjectFlow to the main Orbx library. So l tried to reinstall ObjectFlow manually to Documents\Prepared3D v4 add-ons\ but it couldn't find it. So l let it install it to the Orbx library, then copy and pasted it into Documents\Prepared3D v4 add-ons. I have left the Objectflow copy in the Orbx library too. It all seems to be working fine now. Could all this be caused by having P3d on a separate hard drive.(F)? Do you think the SODE file needs to be moved as well? Thanks again Carl
  2. Hello. I am running the following: W10 home edition. RTX2080 graphics I7 6700k processer. 32.GB ram 2x SSD Samsung drives Fire wall and security turned off. P3v4.5 latest. Your products: Where's the purchase numbers found please for all these? Orbx Central V4.0.38 All the Global, including HD trees HD building Airport pack No Light Configurator All the EU regions. (No True Earth) North America.. All the regions. Except PNW demo. Airports: Palm Springs Friday Harbour Cardiff. A couple of the freeware ones. HD trees HD building All up to date. My problem: I installed "Nanaimo Water Aerodrome". It asked me to install "Objectflow 2", which l did. When l looked at Nanaimo none of the extra detailed stuff was there. Buildings, wharfs, people, animals. Nothing. I had it before with my old P3d setup, so l know what its supposed to look like. Its basically a waste land. Now I find that all the people and moving objects in "Friday Harbour" have gone as well. None of the other areas or add-ons seem to be effected. What l have tried. I have uninstalled and reinstalled "Nanaimo Water Park". No change. I have uninstalled and reinstalled "Objectflow". When l restarted P3d these came up: GFDevP3dv4.exe MSVCR 120.dll missing MFC 120.dll not found MSVCR 120.dll missing These are part of the data bridge for my "Goflight" modules Why they should be effected.. no idea! I have uninstalled and reinstalled "Friday Harbour. No change. I have uninstalled and reinstalled PNW. No change. I did a system restore back to a week before the trouble. No change. Any ideas? What info do you need? Regards Carl Vokes.
  3. I find some of the programs linked to p3dv4 need or work better with FSIUPC . Plus all the useful bits like autosave and control configuring.
  4. Sorry lads. You all have it wrong. That's not the Loch Ness monster. That's my ex wife in her summer job. Bigcav
  5. Hello all. I am running P3dv3.1 on a W7 platform. I have Global and Vector installed. Also LC for Europe and America. All of the Orbx scenery works fine except for the freeware pack ones. I noticed that my freeware EU airports had returned to default, so I reinstalled them. That was fine, then I noticed my NA airports had gone back to default. Reinstalled them, now EU airports have gone back to default again. It appears the program wont let me have NA and EU freeware airports installed at the same time. Any ideas? Bigcav
  6. So, just so I can be clear. You cant own 2 computers from the same email address with Orbx on ,even if you create another account and pay again? Bigcav
  7. Ok got it I think. So, next question... Can I create another account using my email address for my other computer? bigcav
  8. Hello I have ftx central 3 with several Orbx products installed on a computer running P3dv3. I would also like to install some of them onto another computer I have with FSX on it. Can I download and install them using my account or do I have to create another account and pay again? Regards Bigcav
  9. Sorry! Brains of a Hamster! Forgot to include Europe Bigcav Ftx Freeware Europe.kmz
  10. I have done a Google Earth overlay showing the locations of the freeware airports in the Global Freeware packs. This is as they are in the July 2016 versions. Bigcav FTX freeware Canada N & S America July 2016.kmz
  11. Hello I have 3, 1 terabyte drives. I would like to put FSX on one, P3dv2 on another and share the FTX/Orbx on a third. Is this possible? bigcav
  12. Thank you for the info. Profile is updated (l think) bigcav
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