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  1. Orbx on another computer

    So, just so I can be clear. You cant own 2 computers from the same email address with Orbx on ,even if you create another account and pay again? Bigcav
  2. Orbx on another computer

    Ok got it I think. So, next question... Can I create another account using my email address for my other computer? bigcav
  3. Hello I have ftx central 3 with several Orbx products installed on a computer running P3dv3. I would also like to install some of them onto another computer I have with FSX on it. Can I download and install them using my account or do I have to create another account and pay again? Regards Bigcav
  4. FTX Global

    Thank you. carl
  5. FTX Global

    Hello I apologize in advance if this is somewhere in the forum. In a recent announcement about FTX Global it says: "What does FTX Global include?" One of the statements is "Replaces default FSX so you can run with FTX Central set to EU, NA etc." I take it that means you do not have to switch FTX Central on and off? Which l think is great news. But further down the page it says this: What is it not compatible with? "Orbx payware airports - those are designed and matched to our dedicated full FTX regions for AU/NA/NZ/EU because of mesh elevation and other landscape mods." So if l am reading this right, its NOT compatible with your own products, so how can you run FSX without turning Central on and off. So if you already have Ftx regions, you cant run FTX Global, or if you buy and install FTX Global, you cant run FTX regions or airports. Could you explain this to me please? Thanks Carl
  6. European scenery

    Hello Do you know if there is any European scenery in the pipe line? Bigcav
  7. Hello out there Could anybody tell me please if there is going to be any scenery for the UK/Eorope. So far l only have the NW scenery, but it has blown me away. Uk version would be great Regards Bigcav