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  1. Nick, SUCCESS! (And it only took 8 days!) For the annals: 1. I moved the previous download to my desktop. (Hence, Orbx Central regarded it as uninstalled, as you suggest.) 2. In Orbx Central, I clicked Install. This gave me 2 choices: (1) "Main Library" (no such folder): or (2) "Kos" (no such folder). 3. Selected "Kos," and booted up. Prompted to Enable Kos. The airport is now there, all ground vehicles busy. Looks great! 4. My first and unsuccessful DL, last week, was to "Main Library," at the time the ONLY choice aside from the P3D folder itself. 5. When that did not work, following advice here, I established a new library at C:\LIBRARY, in accordance with what I understood to be required by the Orbx Central Manual. 6. Moved Kos download to the new library. It still did not display. 7. My second download (yesterday) somehow went to the new Library I had previously created. Don't ask me why, but it worked. So it seems the DL worked when Orbx Central downloaded to the new library, but NOT when I had moved the same folder into it manually. 8. For the record, and with all respect to Doug: ObjectFlow 2 is NOT in that library, but appears to work fine. Thanks as always for your help. Mac6737
  2. Nick, OK, but is it safe to "uninstall" an airport by simply deleting the folder? I see that most of my Orbx products have an "Uninstall" option in Orbx Central. LGKO (Kos) does not; the only option there is "Install." Apparently, Orbx Central does not know (or has forgotten) that I moved LGKO to a separate library as advised by you and Doug on this forum. Should I delete the LGKO in that library? Or simply reinstall from Orbx Central? Mac6737
  3. Doug, I think I'm getting warmer. I established a separate library for LGKO, as instructed in the Orbx Manual. However, ObjectFlow 2 is NOT in that library. So I'm thinking I should put LGKO in the same library as ObjectFlow2, and I think that's what you have advised. BUT, before I do, I note that on startup, with LGKO enabled, I get an error message (described above), that says it can't find Area 138's scenery folder, and prompts me to unload. I just looked in the LGKO folder: There IS no scenery folder! My other airports in P3D have scenery folders (e.g., KJAC, YBUD). Could it be that I am missing part of the download to begin with? Mac6737
  4. I hope I am not getting tedious with scenery problems, but after about a year of delightful simming with Orbx, it seems every scenery DL brings problems. This time, it's Kos (LGKO), just rolled out by Orbx. Bought it and installed it. But wait, at the install stage, Orbx Central said this scenery cannot be installed in a simulator, but must be put in a library. My only library (I think) is "Main Library." So that's where I put it. It does not show up in the sim. The screenshot I will post here is thin gruel compared to the lavish screen shots in the Orbx adverts. So I'm thinking the new scenery is not enabled. What must I do? Thanks all, Mac6737
  5. Thank you, Nick, I appreciate your perseverance. I am way above my pay grade here. And I have re-read the Manual sections on Libraries, and find them confusing at best. To answer your question, TEGB Libraries and OrbxObjectFlow appear in this pathway: C:\users\myself\OrbxLibrary\p3dv4 There are folders in TEGB Libraries, but I'm not sure why, since I have uninstalled TEGBS, as previously reported. Meanwhile, looking in my Scenery Library with the sim open, the #1 scenery is FTXAA_ORBXLIBS, and the pathway to it is: C:\ProgramFiles\LockheedMartin\ORBX\FTX_AU\ BTW, What is an "external library"? External to what? As of now, the England region looks fine, with snow on the ground, and London looks great, with all POIs in place. (When TEGBS was installed, everything was green, even at system time, and the (ambiguous) program notes seem to mean it's always summertime in TEGBS.) Meanwhile, here in the States, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, which is even bigger than impeachment. Mac6737
  6. Nick, Many thanks. I must be a slow learner. I was familiar with the Orbx Central User Guide. What I thought I had learned was that the creation of Libraries was optional; its chief value lay in permitting uninstallation and reinstallation of a sim without having to reinstall all the Orbx add-ons. Since I hope and plan never to have to uninstall P3D v. 4, I have proceeded blithely on my way with no Libraries. Everything was cool until now. Before messing further with files when I don't know what I'm doing -- (I believe in Murphy's Law: "If something can go wrong, it will go wrong") -- I am asking for clarification. Now you inform me that the TEGB South installer requires an Orbx Central Library in place for the installation. OK, but I have now installed it twice, apparently without any such library in place -- UNLESS "True Earth Great Britain Libraries," which I never created, but which shows up in my Orbx product list, fulfills this apparent requirement. Does it? I add that I can't tell what is in "True Earth Great Britain Libraries"; all I know is that "Version 1.1.0 is installed and is up to date," and is "installed into the Main Library." But I do not know where the "Main Library" is, or what is in it besides "True Earth Great Britain Libraries." To cut to the chase: 1. What should I do now? TEGBS looked fine after I installed it, except for the problem with EGLC. It is now uninstalled, and EGLC looks great again, and all the buildings are there. I know from experience (see above thread) that if I simply reinstall it, all my London buildings with go poof. 2. Carlos advised me to disable four England scenery files, which I did, but which had no apparent effect on the appearance of TEGBS. Is Carlos right? Must those files be disabled if I now reinstall TEGBS for a third time? 3. You mention an Orbx Central Library must be in place for "True Earth Great Britain Libraries" and for objectflow." You may recall you helped me with objectflow last year, when the birds were missing from Murray Island (YMUI). One way or another, the birds migrated back, and "objectflow" appears in my Add-ons menu. Are you saying that I need to do something else with objectflow to make TEGBS function properly? Thanks again, Mac6737
  7. Carlos, As I expected, your prescription had absolutely no effect. Maybe I was not clear. EGLC was fine until I installed TEGBS. After I installed TEGBS, EJLC was severely degraded. So I uninstalled TEGBS, and EGLC was back again in all its glory. But I followed your prescription. After TEGBS was reinstalled, once again I had superb ground textures (but with summertime textures), but highly degraded London scenery. It is crystal clear that, for whatever reason, when I have both TEGBS and Orbx London (EGLC) installed, I get great textures away from London, but almost none of the detail around London that I got before installing TEGBS. I am sure that Orbx believes these sceneries are compatible, but on my (plain vanilla) rig they are not. There is something else I need to do to make these downloads work together. Meanwhile, I am uninstalling the (expensive) TEGBS. I would appreciate hearing from Orbx on this point. Thanks all, Mac6737
  8. Carlos, Thx so much. 01. OK. I'll try this. 02. What is a "refresh"?" EGLC is installed and functioning well, as far as I can tell. 03. OK, but what diff would it make? 04. Sorry. I thought I understood the basics of P3D, but I have no clue about how to "disable England products in P3D." What boxes? What products? "Uncheck" them in what menu? Thx Mac6737
  9. Since early last year, I have had Orbx EuropeLC and the England Region installed and operating in P3D v. 4. Some months ago, I purchased Orbx’s London City Airport (EGLC) and have been delighted with it. In addition to detail at EGLC itself, I now had several POIs I don’t believe I had before, such as the London Eye. Then, a few days ago, I bought Orbx’s TrueEarth GreatBritain South and installed it. Problem: Much detail in London was now missing! – like the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and clock tower, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, St. Paul’s and “the Shard” office building. So, I uninstalled and reinstalled EGLC, figuring that installing GreatBritain South had overwritten some of the EGLC scenery, and I booted up again: No difference. All those features were still missing. Ever logical, I then uninstalled GreatBritainSouth, and booted up yet again. This time, I got several CFG File Errors, all of them apparently related to TrueEarth GBSouth, and I was prompted to say whether I wanted to “unload this area.” Not without trepidation, I answered yes to all four or five prompts, and the sim proceeded to boot. Back in London, all was restored to its former glory: St. Paul's, the Tower of London, the London Eye, etc. QUESTION: Is it possible to run TrueEarth GBSouth compatibly with EGLC, and if so, what should I do now? I can think of only one further fact that might be relevant. When I went to Orbx Central to uninstall EGLC, my list of products included TrueEarth Libraries. This was new, and I don’t know where it came from. Orbx Central also asked me if I wished to “migrate” GBSouth and EGLC to Libraries. I didn’t do so. Should I have? Would that fix things? Thanks all, Mac6737
  10. Not a big deal, but I've come across something I haven't seen before: weird towers rising out of the scenery, in Madeira. I have most of the Orbx suite, and I believe I have everything Orbx makes that covers Madeira. I am attaching a screenshot. I have not seen this problem in the nearby Canary Islands, and I'll bet these monoliths do not exist IRL. Mac6737
  11. I recently purchased the Orbx AI traffic packages for AU/NZ and North America. Didn't notice anything amiss, but eventually realized I was seeing MUCH less AI traffic. For instance, in a half hour flight around Chicago (KORD), I spotted only one AI plane, a 747 landing. Same story in Australia, Cairns and Bundaberg. I upgraded to P3D less than a year ago. There is no scenery other than Orbx on my rig. Someone on the FlightSim forum suggested that I download a freeware program called "AI Flight Planner" to search for possible FS9 files in my system and convert them to FSX (which he says P3D uses for these purposes), but I am skeptical, and don't like to mess with files when I have no idea what I am doing. I can't claim my recent Orbx purchases have anything to do with this. There is at least some AI traffic. And yes, my traffic sliders are right up there. And yes, there are boats and cars as appropriate. Thanks all, Mac6737
  12. Nick, You needn't spend more time on this, especially since I seem to have solved the problem. But since you are an Administrator, you may want to know that this user can't imagine how Orbx Central can fail to "see" a folder in an Orbx Central library! Also, please note that I when purchase a product from Orbx, I never try to second-guess the installer. Wherever things are on my system, Orbx put 'em there. Mac6737
  13. Nick, Perhaps so, but -- as you said, above --there is ALSO a folder entitled "Prepar3D v4 Addons" in Documents. That's the one that was empty. So, just for the heck of it, I copied the Orbxobjectflow folder in my Orbx Library and pasted it into the previously-empty folder in Documents. Behold: Now, maybe someone can tell me why the Add-ons menu in the drop-down list under Options contains THREE items (Objectflow plus SODE and Buildings), whereas the corresponding folder in my OrbxLibrary/P3d v4 folder contains only Objectflow. Thanks again, Mac6737
  14. As mentioned earlier in this thread, that folder is EMPTY. I suppose I could simply copy the Objectflow folder to the Addons and see what happens. Here's another datum, if you can stand it: I went to Orbx Central and checked all of my (many) Orbx products. All of them -- EXCEPT Global Base Pack and the 2 Miscellaneous products -- invite me to "Migrate to Library." To this liberal arts major, this suggest that most everything is someplace other than where Objectflow is located. But I can't imagine why Base Pack wouldn't be where everything else is. Other than my problems with Monument Valley and Murray Island (remember?) my scenery is great! I have to sign off for the day. Mac6737
  15. I don't think I've had any problems creating a library, and I have been using Orbx Central for months. Since my last post, I fooled around in "Settings" and discovered I have the Objectflow folder In Orbx Library/P3dv4/Orbxobjectflow. I also discovered, way down at the bottom of "My Products," a Miscellaneous category, with Objectflow and SimObject Display Engine. So I verified the files, and was told Objectflow is installed and up-to-date. So is Monument Valley. The scenery is clearly there, along with Goulding's resort, Navaho Park Hqtrs. and the planes parked at UT25. But still no buttes! Here's a screenshot. What I don't understand is why the ONLY thing in Orbx Library is Objectflow. So there must be another Orbx Library somewhere. Yes? Mac6737
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