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  1. I believe my earlier post to like effect was deleted by the Powers that Be. But I persist. Once I took a ride in an aeroplane above Northern California, USA. It does not look like a landscape of Mars, where they are all growing beets! This is what TrueEarth No Cal looks like. Cannot anyone correct this madness? Mac6737
  2. Nick, Didn't want to leave you hanging. I can see nothing amiss in my hardware functioning in HWiNFO, although I admit a more practiced eye might see things that i do not. That said, please consider this matter resolved. With my res set to Medium (1024 x 1024), TE No Cal has been running smooth as silk (well, pretty much). I reverted to the old Orbx England region settings, and unticked the TE GBS settings. As I've said previously, it now looks great and runs fine. One final oddity: IRL, there's a destroyer escort docked across the Thames from th
  3. Nick, OK, are you saying I can have HWiNFO running at the same time as the simulator? I just opened it again and checked the box for "sensor readings." Am I supposed to leave that window open while I run P3D? Mac6737
  4. Nick, Well, as promised, I did it. Installed HWiNFO and ran it. Retrieved the HTML report and studied it. It goes on forever, most of it undecipherable by liberal arts majors like me. But I did look for any indications of something amiss -- like an entry in red, or a big red X -- but found nothing. But here's more data and a further Q: -- In prior posts, I also cast aspersions on Orbx TE No Cal, saying it "ran rough." The other day, I went back to No Cal after changing my display settings to the "Venema setiings" mentioned above. Wow! Great improvement.
  5. Nick, Thanks for your detailed advice. I'll do it, in due course. Mac6737
  6. Well . . .okay, I guess. But, actually, I also tried that before. It says it's freeware. Then it wants my credit card info. There a million scams out there in cyberspace, and it pays to be paranoid. However, I generally trust this forum and known characters on it. R U telling me this is not a scam? And, if it's freeware, why do they want my credit card? Also, how do they get rich? Mac6737
  7. Nick, I never said I was "unwilling to even test the theory." I pointed out that nobody had addressed the signal fact that my problems arise only in TE GBS. Well, now you have, and I am certainly willing to try HWiNFO. So, I went to the link you provided. Here's a screenshot of the home page. The option on the left is unavailable to me, because it rejects my email address as invalid. (???!!!) The one in the middle seems to relate to a Chrome taskbar, and the one on the right relates to pre-Windows DOS, and is no longer supported. So I'm still stuck. Mac6
  8. Thanks for your understanding. I hated the rolling surf in P3D, too, and I even posted an inquiry asking if it could be tweaked. The answer was even better: Orbx Freeware, "Pacific Northwest Ferries," which replaces the rolling surf world-wide. Still looks a trifle hokey, but a big improvement, and IMO better than still ocean water. As to disabling scenery areas, I'm confused. Nick says: "You don't need to uninstall TEGB, just untick it, either in the scenery library or if it is installed as an add-on, in the add-ons menu." Well, you can't access the scenery library unless
  9. Nick, So sorry, but I have NO idea what the Windows "swap file" is, or how I could possibly have disabled it. I agree with your 2d sentence here. However, i do have those problems, and I've been working with them, off and on, for 6 months. And it strikes me that what all the help in this thread seems not to get is that the problems I describe in detail arise ONLY in TE GBS! For instance, I have never had a problem with intermittent sound --not in FS 2.0, FS 4,0, FS 95, FS 98, COF, FSX, P3D -- until TE GBS. Everything else is running fine -- not flawlessly, but good enough
  10. Carlos, please see my lengthy reply to Nick. I give up.
  11. Nick, Yes, I did, and I tried the Venema settings cited in another thread that Carlos referred me to (see above posts). No improvement at all. I started from Bournemouth, and at first, it looked OK, plus FPS at my limit (30). As I approached London, though, FPS slowed to teens; then I lost all sound. Then CTD! Reloaded P3D; went to Orbx EGLC add-on. (Load time: 18 minutes!!!) London looked pretty good, but as I headed south, sound cut out again; on again, off again. Saved flight and put PC in sleep mode overnight. This morning I reopened the paused fl
  12. Thanks. Carlos. I'll try again, probably using the Venema settings. But please don't hold your breath. Everything in the South England is looking great. I don't have Hotfix 3 installed. Don't recall hearing about it, and I'm sure LM never sent me notice. Is it important? The description did not seem so, and the instrux for install said you would have to "delete your Client." I get impatient with tech guys' gibberish. One further Q: Yes, I have Orbx London City scenery (EGLC), which is terrific (but very dense). Where do you find the bgls you refer to
  13. Thank you, Nick. Not sure which "P3D settings" you mean, but I guess you mean the display settings. They are generally as recommended by Orbx manuals. Under "General," my monitor display is as stated previously. FXAA is ON, and AA is at 2xMSAA. I am set at Anisotropic 4x and the texture res is on ULTRA. I haven't the foggiest what any of those means (except the monitor). My "Options - World" setting are as in the screenshot. I don't believe there are any other settings that would affect performance, and in any case, all the stuff like
  14. I guess this is a "support request," because I am inviting suggestions. But for now I am content once more, having just uninstalled TE GBS. I've tried off and on for about 6 months, but "cannot build this to fly," as we say. With this scenery enabled, the entire platform has been terribly unstable. Many CTDs, often for no apparent reason at all, but many triggered by accessing almost anything: the map, trying to save a flight, autopilot. Frame rates vacillating like crazy, from near my target of 30 to less than 10, in the same airspace, and within minutes! Blurry ground textur
  15. Sorry, Nick, I missed that "yes." But I did it anyway; put that sucker in YBUD scenery. Behold --
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