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  1. Hi John I finally solved my problem after a long investigation. I have an old XP installation and I didn't updated my Global Scenery, It was a XP10 one. After installing a fresh XP11 Global Scenery all floating object went down and KBHB look as It should Thank again for your help and your great job
  2. Thanks again for your help Jon. I remove all folder from my Custom Scenery folder expect Orbx_A_KBHB_Bar_Harbor, ZZZ_Orbx_KBHB_Bar_Harbor and OrbxLibs. Infortunaly I have the same problem. Somthing could be important, as you can see in my sceen shoot, not all objects were floating, only a part of them. That why I'm not so sur that my problem comfrome other mesh files. I should say, I'm a little disaponted by this problem because, again, you did a realy great job with this scenery.
  3. Hi Jon A last point. I just deleted the two folder of KBHB and reinstalled all the scenery but sadly nothing changed
  4. Thanks Jon for your answer, but, as you can see in my scenery_packs.ini file, I don't use Forkboy New England Ortho scenery or any other Ortho scenery. I realy don't understand what could it be wrong
  5. Hello,I just bought KBHB airport and sadly a noticed many object floating in the air.I use last version of XP the 11.4.1 one, on WINDOWS 10.I have a lot of your airports, and it's the first time i have this problem.You can find attached a screen shoot et the scenery_pack.iniSo do you have any solution to solve my problem.Thanks by advancePierre scenery_packs.ini
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