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  1. No Chance, no matter what anybody else says, no way. Mark my words
  2. My bet is on an April 2019 release. Bart
  3. What is this XP 11 thing people are talking about?
  4. FSE forums have been down for a few days now, hence the redirection. Bart
  5. Yep all great areas. I would like to see Norway, all of Alaska and Canada done by ORBX. Cheers Bart.
  6. Brave move, Mac When you learn how to modify, I'd like that temp gauge in the CS c-130 in the VC now:) Good onya mate Bart
  7. Thanks Adam. yes it is a calculator on my yoke, used frequently when flying in Australia for true VFR navigation. And yes it's a Matrox triple head monitor setup. cheers Bart
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