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  1. [FSX/P3D v2.2] Welcome to Sumburgh! [Part 2]

    Awesome work Lars, you are a master my friend
  2. PAGS Gustavus airport Alaska

    It's in beta testing right now, so maybe release within a week if all goes well.
  3. The next Alaskan airport is almost ready, PAGS Gustavus is an isolated airport on the coast at the foot of the mountains between Juneau and Kenai. A stunning, but remote location, with an active charter and air taxi service, plus some seasonal commercial 737 services from Anchorage and Juneau. Russ
  4. Welcome to Redding: A Tale of Two Airports!

    Beautiful work mate, top draw!

    Thanks for the great feedback mate, appreciate it
  6. Just bought PAEN

    Thanks for your kind words guys, great to hear people are enjoying it
  7. PAEN Kenai Municipal

    Great video Ben, it's nice to see people enjoying all the hard work
  8. AirDailyX have been quick off the mark to publish a 'first look' at PAEN Kenai municipal airport. http://airdailyx.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/airdailyx-first-look-orbx-kenai-paen.html
  9. PAEN Kenai release trailer

    Thanks very much
  10. A definite 'White' (Russ) Christmas

    Thanks for the kind words guys, they have been very enjoyable projects to develop, and i look forward to doing many more. PAHO Homer airport will be my next offering, adding another base to the Kenai area Russ.
  11. PAEN Kenai release trailer

    Homer airport is my very next project now Kenai is done, i'll be starting PAHO Homer next week Russ. Thanks Manuel, perhaps when FTX Norway region is out longyearbyen would make a nice project.
  12. Three from Kenai...

    Fantastic shots Capt
  13. PAEN Kenai release trailer

    Thank you for the compliments guys, it's been a great project to work on.
  14. Hi guys, Kenai has now passed testing and is now being uploaded to the Flight sim store, so expect release anytime soon. As a little Christmas extra we are releasing PAEN with an instant 10% discount so only $29.95 AU. Merry christmas everyone, enjoy! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWqrPr1YCJE Russ.
  15. PAEN Kenai my first and final shots.

    My main development aim has been good performance, and beta testers have reported very complimentary frame rates at PAEN. Thanks for your interest in this one guys, it's been one of my most enjoyable projects.