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  1. Hi Greg, Sorry to hear of your problem, I believe Graham did the ADE work for PAKT and I have alerted him to this thread.
  2. Hi Andreas, Sorry to hear of your ongoing woes. The update to 1.1 changes the PR build to freeze over the float pond during snow cover, that was the only major change to the build. I have tried to recreate your crash but am having no luck. If you are experiencing no issues with version 1.0 then i would suggest continue using that, the only real difference is the float pond not freezing over in winter.
  3. Hi Medtner, The ADE side of things at PAEN was done by Neil Hill, i'll let him know about this thread.
  4. Hi Mariano, That texture is not a PAGS specific texture, all my airport texture names are alphanumeric, so that missing texture must be from an OrbxLibs object. I'll let the team know.
  5. Sounds like you have a 3rd party APX active for the airport. Do you have any AI programs such as WOAI or similar? try running a search of your FSX directory for "PAJN" any results returned outside of the ORBX folder structure or not containing "FTX" can have the file type renamed from ".bgl" to ".off" This should solve your problem.
  6. Hi guys, that is intentional and not an error. The ground textures on the airport do not receive snow cover, so to have grass on top of the non-snow ground textures would look strange.
  7. Hi Guys, There was an issue identified in the 1.1 patch for CZST, i have since corrected the problem and the fixed patch is currently in testing, so keep an eye out for it's release soon.
  8. It's in beta testing right now, so maybe release within a week if all goes well.
  9. The next Alaskan airport is almost ready, PAGS Gustavus is an isolated airport on the coast at the foot of the mountains between Juneau and Kenai. A stunning, but remote location, with an active charter and air taxi service, plus some seasonal commercial 737 services from Anchorage and Juneau. Russ
  10. Utley, your file sequence has become duplicated and therefore your control panel does not understand the conflicting file states. Delete the following files from that folder **make sure you delete EXACTLY and ONLY the files i have listed below** PAJN_GP.bgl.OFF PAJN_GPDX10.bgl PAJN_PLC_statics_DX10.bgl Your control panel will work after this.
  11. Well your files are correctly configured for DX10 mode, so there should be no reason for the control panel faliure based on the file states. You can force DX9 mode by changing... PAJN_GP.OFF to .bgl PAJN_GP_DX10.BGL to .OFF PAJN_PLC_statics.OFF to .bgl PAJN_PLC_statics_DX10.BGL to .OFF After making this manual change, the control panel should work again as normal, if not then an external factor is influencing your setup.
  12. Most likely you have some files in an unexpected state, post a screenshot of your PAJN/Scenery folder and i'll see which files you need to rename.
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