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  1. I've noticed something perhaps similar, but not identical, on Chewwy's Twitch stream: https://www.twitch.tv/chewwy94/clip/FlaccidBeautifulPepperTheTarFu https://www.twitch.tv/chewwy94/clip/OriginalAnnoyingVanillaWTRuck I wonder whether they're maybe possibly related?
  2. X-Plane Custom Scenery packages cannot override any radio navaids anyway.
  3. Hi! I just got London City for XP11. Using macOS. https://cdn.orbxsystems.com/v3/284/readme.txt This product does not have a traditional cross-platform zip available. Please use Orbx Central for this. You can obtain it from the Orbx forum. Where exactly can I obtain it? Regards, Tim
  4. BTW I thought I read somewhere there would be some zoom level 18 imagery added around London… is that not part of SP1? Or am I misinformed?
  5. Any news about this or will it have to be a manual update again? Regards, Tim
  6. Oooooh nice. Feel free to message me if you need an additional Beta tester
  7. Hey, so for those of us on macOS will we have to re-download the whole thing once SP1 comes out?
  8. In the future, the scripts could be updated to pass the -fast switch to nvcompress -- I'm at about 3 seconds per file on my iMac. It's possible that the fast switch would reduce quality in the output DDS a bit, but whether it's actually noticeable remains to be seen. For reference, Ortho4XP calls "nvcompress-osx -bc1 -fast" and most people (myself included) seem happy enough with the results
  9. But conversion is borked: $ ./_mac_1_conversion -bash: ./_mac_1_conversion: Permission denied $ chmod +x _mac_1_conversion $ ./_mac_1_conversion Orbx Ortho Conversion starting Converting textures/a6c0x10000x17.JPG ./_mac_1_conversion: line 17: ./nvcompress-osx: Permission denied […] I know you're new to *nix, but come one, neither the _mac scripts nor nvcompress-osx have execute permissions GG I know how to fix this, but not everyone does. Hope you get it right next time P.S. I use the OS-provided unzip from the command line, but with it, execute permissions come out fine for archives I've created myself, so I'm fairly certain either the permissions were wrong before zipping, or whatever you're using to create the archive borked them.
  10. Cross-platform download seems to work now. I will complain a bit because it did take a long time to deliver, but better late than never Thanks!
  11. Looks like it worked Since the manual download is a single 26 GB file, may I suggest a checksum so we can make sure there were no issues with the download? Edit: I used the manual download, though it doesn't look like it came with any instructions. Is that supposed to be the compatible download?
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