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  1. I am now getting no problem flying from Syd airport toward City Scape Syd even with my settings practically all set at ULTRA on my 5 GHZ comp.
  2. I have now had two exits to desktop as indicated in the title. The first flying from Sydney airport to the city happened after less than one minute that gave an exception error although this error message has not come up recently. Same CTD with approach to LOWI runway just flown. I know ASOBO are still dealing with this type of problem but I thought it best to let you know. Also I noticed two very large topographic bumps in the runway at LOWI on take off in that package just downloaded. I have a very powerful comp and many aspects set to Ultra.
  3. Frank Schnibben - what a talented individual. Cityscape Sydney looks absolutely stunning and the Harbour Bridge is incredible given its beautifully detailed designed pylons and steel superstructure. I’ve been simming since Bruce Artwick’s SUBLOGIC flight sim offering before Microsoft took over (~40 years ago) and this Orbx creation gets my top vote. And I’m guessing here, but thanks also to the Orbx team for correcting some of the coastal landscape (i.e. North Head and elsewhere) and those ugly gaps in the sea textures between South and North Head and Palm Beach and Patonga. The coastal Syd
  4. The terrain in the UK in MSFS2020 is covered by many, it appears, Fir trees (the 'pointy ones') across the landscape when fields in reality are surrounded by hedgerows and hedgerow trees such as elms, ash and oaks. Anybody else agree with this? The Orbx creation in X-plane of UK terrain as a result looks a lot more realistic than in MSFS2020. (Incidentally I have traveled to many airports and the UK generally over many years. ) The above is not a criticism of MSFS2020 overall which is a magnificent creation. I also look forward to Orbx's Sydney landscape upgrade. I hope it revises South H
  5. If you are unaware of the capability of Xenviro version 1.10 then read on: If you like me you were wishing for snow on the mountains in ORBX’s UK ‘True Earth’ North region (i.e. Scotland) then with the new version of Xenviro 1.10 this is possible. Not only does it allow snow but using a slider you can dial in the amount of snow on the ground textures from zero percent (‘no snow’ through to 100% for maximum coverage). This works for the entire UK ‘True Earth’ series. I tried it at several ORBX UK airports and it worked at those. After all, in 2010 the entire UK was covered in snow. BUT her
  6. Three cheers for ORBX on creating the outstanding, astonishing UK South, Central and Northern regions for X-Plane 11 including the additional airports so far and London major landmarks. I have now downloaded Southampton, Shoreham, Cardiff, Manchester Barton and Elstree, and these fit beautifully in the surrounding scenery. It’s all a very realistic environment for flight simming and viewing based on my experience in the UK, visited over the last 30 years.(Incidentally to a contributor on this forum who said he doesn’t like ‘flat photo scenery’ your mistaken Sir all photo scenery is on topograp
  7. Just purchased the x-plane version of Broome scenery. Great scenery however two problems. 1. The playback function in X-plane is disconnected while in the Broome scenery. Its OK at other airports. 2. The traffic on roads is on the right (American) and should be on the left. Re F
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