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  1. At airport NZHP FSX will lock up if you click on the GPS selecting a runway.....
  2. I am looking for a scenery file for FSX. I think it was designed by FTX ORBX. The scenery is for the Australia beach area and shows people parachuting, laying on the beach, dolphins and whales..(I Lost this scenery) I am looking for the name of this file and /or where I can find it? Thanks for your help! John
  3. Hi Tim, You are right the OR73 file was missing. The only thing I can think of is that the file was missing during the download process. I got the missing file from a flying buddy. Thank to you OR73 now works / shows as it should. Tim, I wish you lived close by so I could buy you a beer! This problrm is RESOLVED!! Agian Thanks! John
  4. Hi Tim, Thanks for your response. I did as you seggested and found three files for OR73. For some reason I can not paste to this replay. The three files show as: 1. FTX PNW objects OR73 PLC.bgl C:\program files (x86\Microsoft games\microsoft fl..... type BGL File. 2. ADE FTX pnw OR73 Calvert Peak.bgl C:\program files (x86\Microsoft games\microsoft fl..... type BGL File. 3. ADE FTX PNW OR73 Calvert Peak CVX.bgl C:\program files (x86\Microsoft games\microsoft fl..... type BGL File. John Nav Air FSS0081059 John
  5. I need some help. At airport OR73 the runway shows Elevated in the air. FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 100921 September 2010 FTX NA PFJ Pacific Fjords V1.0 Patch 001 March 15th 2011 FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST V1.0 PATCH 003a December 16TH 2010 FTX US 2S1 VASHON ISLAND VERSION 1.1 - June 2010 FTX US 7S3 STARK'S TWIN OAKS VERSION 1.00 (PATCH 002) - Jan 2011 Any ideas on how to fix??? Thanks!! John FSS0101549
  6. Thanks Tim! As instructed I deleated all the listed Adjustments.OFF files in the scenery folder and then installed the patch. No more error pop ups.. Thanks for your help! John
  7. After installing NA BLUE PJ i get two messages when clicking on Apply in the FTX Control Panel. I tried to send two Jpeg shots not sure it's working / uploaded. Thanks, John FSS0101549
  8. Installing the PNW patch resolved the isuse as mentioned. You guys are great! Thanks for your help! John, Nav Air
  9. In the FTX CENTRAL you have two options. One for Default FSX and the other North America. When I reset the Default to FSX My scenery is totally messed up. Example my aircraft shows under ground. In short from removing NA BLUE is there a fix?? FSS0081059
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