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  1. Huh, I never saw such blue and clear skies over Russia before, at least when I visited. Nice screenshot.
  2. Well, not only was it duplicating commands, but I wasn't able to use GSX at KMRY because of this bgl. file. I just went ahead and disabled the Westsim_KMRZ_APX.BGL file, and I was told that should solve the issue. When I get a chance tomorrow, I will fly in and out of Monterey, and see if it did in deed solve the issue with GSX and VOXatc.
  3. I've been breaking my head trying to figure out why my ATC program, VOXatc, keeps duplicating its procedure instructions at KMRY. I found this quote at a different website, and was wondering if this can be my issue. "KMRZ is indeed part of the Orbx KMRY Airport. It is the aeroclub on the north side of the runway while KMRY with its terminal is on the south side of the runway". Is this true, and is it the reason why ATC keeps repeating it self twice for the same instruction, from departures to arrivals. Not only that, but I can't use fsdt GSX to provide service vehicles.
  4. Oh Nick, you went ahead and bit the forbidden fruit! LOL, Lovely screenshot.
  5. I like the screenshots. One thing I'm not convince about it's those new trees in v4.
  6. Yes, this is the Pro Edition, and the best turbo prop out there.
  7. After spending some cash on a whole lot of ORBX scenery, I couldn't pass the opportunity of grabbing the mighty Majestic Q400 on sale too. I've had Monterey for a long time, but now I found the perfect bird for the perfect field, and she blends nicely with ORBX parked aircraft. Now I'm off to fly her to my next ORBX airport!
  8. Boy, my wife is going to kill me. I wonder if there is such thing as a rehab center for purchase addicts as they are for drug addicts? This sale event is like crack! Just kidding!!!
  9. I know what you mean, the other day I took my grandson and elderly mother in law to the aquarium, and I paid the same price for both of them!
  10. I would say for me, my favorite would be Eagle County Regional, Monterey Regional, Sonoma County Regional, Palm Springs International, and Jackson Hole. I like some where I can land a CRJ or coorporate jet.
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