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  1. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/06/report-in-test-dogfight-f-35-gets-waxed-by-f-16/ Admittedly the F-16 is still an incredibly capable aircraft. But if this story is true, there must be serious concerns about future conflicts with the F-16, or indeed any aircraft with capability beyond that of this 40-year-old design. Here is a list of the countries that operate the F-16, and there are many: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Dynamics_F-16_Fighting_Falcon_operators Cheers, Noel. Update detailing response from LM: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/07/f-35-project-team-says-dogfight-report-does-not-tell-whole-story/
  2. Airport textures

    Thanks guys. I'm aware of Zinertek; in fact, I have it installed. Just thought there was a market niche Orbx could easily fill, to improve quality. Cheers, Noel.
  3. Airport textures

    Hi Guys, I have all sorts of FTX add-ons that replace default FSX textures. What I don't have is something to upgrade the FSX airports. Sure I have REX and this improves runways and so forth, but I was thinking why doesn't Orbx produce a set of replacement buildings to upgrade default airports? I'm sure there'd be a market for an Orbx product, designed to fit with FTX Global. Thoughts? Noel.
  4. ORBX graphics card

    FSX is basically dependent upon processor speed, so overclocking can be useful. Upgrading the graphics card will have only a minor effect on FSX frame rates; minor but significant. You may also see an increase image quality without seeing a reduction in frame rates. Cheers, Noel.
  5. ORBX graphics card

    Yep, go for the GTX970 unless you are interested in games that are more dependent upon graphics card performance and have deep pockets! Cheers, Noel.
  6. FSX all over again!

    Consider Steve's DX10 Fixer as an alternative to jumping into P3D. With this easy to use add-on, FSX will be far more stable and the improved graphics are simply a bonus. I highly recommend it for anyone still using DX9 in FSX, as it addresses almost all the issues that have prevented wider adoption of the DX10 mode. http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?products_id=2630 Cheers, Noel.
  7. Majestic Dash 8 or Bae 146?

    The Q400 is brilliant, although not without flaws. Almost every system is modelled faithfully, just like PMDG but with better framerates! This is my favourite aircraft for FSX and has been since it came out. The sound of those twin turboprops has to be heard to be believed. It also flys just like it should, so landing it well is always rewarding. My one gripe is that I can't get the spot view to work properly; it seems to work the same as the locked spot view. But really, I spent all my time in the perfect VC anyway, so who cares? Cheers, Noel.
  8. Faulty Thustmaster Hotas Warthog

    Yep, I didn't want to try repairing it myself. I know my limitations and I'm not great at electronics. Kind of ironic really, considering that I spent the last 10 years working on printed electronics, particularly printed solar cells. But it was more chemistry than electron pushing. Have a look at my last project here: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5evOIe4IvP8 Cheers, Noel.
  9. Faulty Thustmaster Hotas Warthog

    I recognise some of those from my own collection, particularly the MS FF2, which I still have as a backup! Thankfully I was able to revive the Warthog, with the help of an electronics tech I knew from a previous workplace. I was very disappointed with Thustmaster, who seemed to think it was just fine to have a top of the line joystick peg out after 3 years. And I have had no response from them at all following the repair, which showed that it was a manufacturing fault. I was just very lucky that after 30 years as a research scientist, I knew who to call to get the thing fixed. Cheers, Noel.
  10. Faulty Thustmaster Hotas Warthog

    An Update: I have had no active assistance from the manufacturer or the retailer. I say active assitance, because although the corresponence was voluminous, it all amounted to exactly zero concrete help. In fact, I formed the distinct impression that the objective was to weary me with delays, in the hope that I would simply give up. The last straw was a demand that I produce a video of the joystick under test. Just how does a video of a non-working device help anyone? Do they really think I'm imagining the fault? Today I met with an electronics technician who was willing to try to repair the joystick at my cost. She found that a wire inside had come loose. In her assessment, the quality of all the solder joints was below an acceptable standard. After resoldering all the joints, the joystick was fixed! Learnings: 1. The exterior appearance of a product is no guide to the quality of its manufacture 2. Do not expect support from either the manufacturer or the retailer after the warranty period 3. Never give up Cheers, Noel.
  11. Faulty Thustmaster Hotas Warthog

    Thanks for the suggestions! The button presses don't register in any software I have, so it's dead I'm afraid. The manufacturer cannot suggest any avenue for repair, other than taking it back to the retailer. Since the latter is an online store, they will simply laugh at me. While it is the nicest joystick I have ever owned, I have to say the experience is a little like owning a BMW. It's lovely to drive but not as reliable as a Subaru. Looks like I'm out $500. I will NOT be buying another Thustmaster product. Cheers, Noel.
  12. Faulty Thustmaster Hotas Warthog

    Hi guys, I've been using a Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog for several years. Recently, the joystick buttons stopped working, although the axis controllers are fine. I've tried everything with the software, so I think it must be a hardware fault. Does anyone know where I can get a joystick repaired in Melbourne? Replacement cost is over $500... Cheers, Noel.
  13. Quick survey...how many Majestic Q400 pilots in here

    +1. Luv it! Cheers, Noel.
  14. Gliders

    If you are interested, check out Cumulus X! and the Aerosoft Discus glider. Then try ridge soaring at Dillingham, Hawaii. Cheers, Noel.
  15. Seeking new flight planner/map system

    Plan-G doesn't do SIDs, STARs or Transitions so it was always limited. I'm currently using a combination of FS Commander (v 9.3) which is much improved but still doesn't have a good mapping system, FSBuild, which does have a google map output but doesn't show SIDs and STARS well, and AivlaSoft Electronic Flight Bag, which IMHO is overly complex and difficult to operate, even if it is comprehensive. I've also looked at SimBrief (web based) and PFPX. Right now there is nothing that does everything I want at the level of complexity I am comfortable with. But there are a lot of options avalable, as I have listed. Cheers, Noel.