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  1. central.log Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: Central does not seem to insert sceneries into P3Dv5. I can see them in Central but not in P3D Scenery Library. Steps taken: 1. Installed P3Dv5 2. Ran it once - incl. test flight 3. Renamed 'p3dv4' folder to 'p3dv5' in Orbx library folder (I removed P3Dv4 anyway). It shows OK in Central and P3Dv5 shows up in dropdown active simulator selection - see attached screen 'central.png' 4. Re-installed Global from scratch 5. Ran P3Dv5 - no scene
  2. This part I get. HOWEVER Do you think //42 asked FlyTampa for permission to develop LOWW Either way - I somewhat understand Orbx, but I have zero understanding for FSAddons pricing policy. I'd rather donate 30 EUR to local animal shelter than pay them full price & PS Actually I dd just that after getting sweet little cat!
  3. Hi, I have Windows Defender. Is this possible culprit? Cheers, Andrzej
  4. Honestly, that "Tongass Fjord" thing is the most frustrating thing Orbx ever did. We have a hole in the scenery line and the only option is to go, buy terribly outdated, incompatible product. With zero official support (MAYBE unless you run it on FS9). Sold by full price with no sales, promotions, nothing. Requiring manual, multi step installation process. Yeah, I know RTMM. But I am buying from Orbx not only for quality if their product but because of Central. I do not have to spend time on congiuration 3rd party scenery managers etc. This is why I love
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 Screenshot: Issue: When I try to put more than 3 products to dowload queue I am getting the error above. This is a bit frustrating when there's a time - like today - when I got updates to 14 different products. Cheers, & central.log
  6. I would take whatever-Asia from Orbx (and this is what I voted for above), but I honestly doubt it's gonna happen. &
  7. Is that MSFS2020? & PS Oh, and what's that FANTASTIC update advice?
  8. Until your post I was only reading but you forced me to comment - yes, I would buy anytime And I bet there is a lot of people equally interested but not feeling like commenting here and even more thise who do not even care about coming here to even read &
  9. And is there any value in it? Reading the release notes I cannot see any reason to install to be honest. &
  10. I second this question - I understand that we need to install Global Base again so that we would have 2 separate installs. Is that correct understanding? &
  11. Hey, Nice shots. Do you have HD buildings or not? &
  12. Cool, great work. However - Croatia has beautiful, paid Dubrovnik LDDU and Horovice in Czech Republic is paid one Both are strongly recommended BTW &
  13. We understand but do not support this decision, Ed Still - I do get Arabian Peninsula is just a bonus to Africa, and I am getting Africa LC anyway - with or without Levant! &
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