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  1. I have now got Terraflora and Buildings HD which means it doesnt look as bad now but it is still noticable Thanks Ryan
  2. @Nick Cooper Hello Unfortunately the issue is still the same Thanks Ryan
  3. @Nick Cooper Cheers! I'll give it a go when I get the chance!
  4. @Nick Cooper Hello Any chance you know of a date of an update to address this? Thanks
  5. Oh thanks @Nick Cooper Thats the exact same issue at me so Its good to see its not just me. If it helps I fly with EA off, ASCA, Envtex, Envshade. Thanks! @Marcus Nyberg Ryan
  6. @Marcus NybergHello Yes so it will be difficult to get a screenshot as it is when i move the aircraft or my camera, the lighting squares seem to flicker on and off. Thanks
  7. Hello I have an issue with ESSA after buying it. I looks really good but at night when i move at all the dynamic lighting seems to flicker into sqaures and is very buggy. Thanks! Ryan
  8. @Nick Cooper Do you know when we can expect this update by any chance? Thanks!
  9. @Nick Cooper Thank You! Do you know what version it might be that addresses this? Im currently on v1.4.4
  10. Hello @Nick Cooper I was just wondering if you have heard anything back yet? Thanks!
  11. I was going to add also, my autogen looks alot different to yours, not sure if this is apart of the issue
  12. Hello @Nick Cooper Firstly, I simply did not update v5, this is the first time i've had v5 so its completely new. Attached are the photo's the best i can
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