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  1. Good point, Dusterman. "Stock airports" wasn't the best term for me to use. The point I offered was simply meant to note if someone was expecting an airport to be enhanced in TE WA/TE OR by TE as we were used to in the older full-fat region days it won't be. So, the same look for airports in TE as the base sim. It is one of the plusses in XP that the portal system means user modified airports are screened and then added to the sim so the appearance of those airports is improved over time.
  2. Do be aware that none of the airports that come with either TE product are enhanced as only the stock XP airports are used. Enhanced airports were always a bonus for the older full-fat landclass regions for FSX/P3D, but not with TE for XP11. You'll see the reason explained on page 6 of the User Manual.
  3. The corners for TE Washington (TE WA) from upper left clockwise are 49.0.0N 125.0.0W to 49.0.0N 117.0.0W to 46.0.0N 117.0.0W to 46.0.0N 119.0.0W to 45.0.0N 119.0.0W to 45.0.0N 123.0.0W to 46.0.0N 123.0.0W to 46.0.0N 125.0.0W to start point. Here's why. In XP11 (and IIFC XP10). the scenery tiles are always in 1 degree by 1 degree areas. Any tile corner will be an integer degree of lat/lon with no minutes or seconds. For example, the corners in the tile in the upper left of TE WA (which includes part of Vancouver Island so as to include all of the northwest corner of Washington state), from upper left of the tile clockwise to lower left, are 49.0.0N 125.0.0W, then 49.0.0N 124.0.0W, then 48.0.0N 124.0.0W, and then 48.0.0N 125.0.0W. The filenames for the tiles use this in the naming convention, where the same tile's label comes from the lat/lon of the lower left corner, as in +48-125.dsf . Plotting this on a Sectional, you'll see why the border tiles around the outside of TE WA include little pieces of Idaho and Oregon and why there's the odd looking center bottom block sticking down into Oregon. Also, to avoid an extra tile (= more cost for imagery and processing) there's a tiny piece of TE WA that's missing southeast of 46.0.0N 119.0.0W, but of course included in TE Oregon (TE OR). Very apparent when flying down the Columbia from Pasco, WA to Hermiston, OR with TE WA but not TE OR installed. You can find the TE Oregon corners following the pattern now that you know it.
  4. Orbx was very badly burned by PayPal a few years ago and will never again deal with them. Do a search if you're interested in the details.
  5. Here's the forum section to ask in: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/forum/275-community-airport-poi-requests-and-photo-submissions/
  6. From Aimee's TE Washington announcement on the "Optional HD pack" which might not be the same thing. Do note the reference however to Israel's Farm: Optional HD Pack"  TrueEarth USA Washington uses efficient and optimised autogen, tree, 3D model and building facade textures for great performance on almost all mid-spec PCs, however for more powerful PCs with GPUs with at least 11GB of VRAM, we recommend purchasing the optional HD pack for better fidelity and clarity. This pack includes: 1024 and 2048 texture options for all 3D models and autogen 2048 textures for the Terraflora trees BONUS WA56 Israel's Farm Private Strip included Enhanced replacement and additional 3D buildings for the Seattle urban airports, designed to enhance the XP11 Gateway airports A control panel so you can toggle between SD, HD and UHD textures We recommend a PC with an i5/i7/i9 class CPU clocked to at least 4.6GHz or higher and a Nvidia 1080 class GPU with at least 11GB OF VRAM to use the HD Pack. We will be previewing more detailed screenshots from the HD Pack as development continues. The TrueEarth US Washington optional HD pack will be an additional $14.95 AUD (approx. USD $10.60/ €9.45 / £8.15) Here's the entire post. The quote is most of the way down the page, along with pix so you can see what it looks like :
  7. Being polite here so you don't get corrected later. This is a commercial support forum for Orbx and not a general interest one. Since Orbx doesn't make a Beaver, best to ask somewhere else.
  8. He did, but things can change. The post below is from March...
  9. I guess I should have added that it's frequently worthwhile to scan through the next few pages to look for updates. I wouldn't want to go through 62,000 results from a search either. It might be this post you remember seeing. "Intend to release the P3D versions of TE GB Central and North well before the end of the year" is likely all they want to say until the preview pix start coming as I noted earlier. Glad to see this moved into (hopefully) 2019 instead of staying in 2020.
  10. Probably no replies because it's not known. Orbx' approach historically is pretty much photos become available from the beta (but no release date), then they get more frequent (but no release date), then "Final Pictures" are posted (but no release date other than maybe a "soon") them it's released. Not posting release dates annoys some, but it saves a different annoyance when the announced date comes and goes without the software in the shop. It's the nature of software development that dates slip, no matter how good you are. It's simply Orbx' approach and it is their show. Another major vendor announces projects early with dates, then regularly gets beat up in their forum when that date slips. Orbx avoids that. Bottom line: Don't waste time by asking. You won't get anything on release dates beyond what's planned as announced in the yearly road map here. Since TE GB North for P3D isn't on the map yet, looks like it will be into 2020.
  11. XP11 requires scenery tiles to be 1 degree of lat/long squares. The area included with TE US Washington for XP11 has to fit that model and therefore follows the shape of the state so as to include all of Washington. To do so meant that some of the adjacent states and the southern portion of Vancouver Island in Canada had to be included. So that "chunk of central northern Oregon was not chosen for it's scenic value (or based on your point of view, it's lack of ).
  12. Earlier this afternoon, the TE US Washington page opened for XP11 on OrbxDirect. Here's a link. There, you'll find a downloadable copy of the user guide. Looks like we're really close now
  13. If CEO John Venema says it was a surprise to them and they weren't involved, then I believe him. Certainly they could be involved in the future, but what's in the trailer is clearly not Orbx.
  14. Perhaps you'd be interested in the two threads already opened on this, including JV's response in the first one.
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