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  1. I didn't realize Orbx Central could track SODE updates 'till I saw this post. I was on 1.6.3 and used Central to update to 1.6.5, so now I should be able to keep it current that way instead of haunting the SODE site. Fantastic job, Orbx! you guys are the best.
  2. Shader add-ons re-process color values of a frame before it's sent to the screen, providing what many users believe to be a better looking image. "PTA" and "Tomato Shade" are popular ones. However, they can also produce undesirable effects that causes some developers to not recommend their use. In appearance related issues in P3D, it's common to see the advice to disable/delete the shader (term for shader add-on) to see if that resolves the reported issues. Many times it does. Anyway, since you don't know what they are, and don't use one, that's clearly not what's causing the over-bright areas around the runway. That is to say that I think what you think is snow seems more likely to be a too-bright area. I only have this area in XP11, so I can't provide a comparison shot or validate what you see. What it does look like to me anyway is the lighter areas are far too light, which can also be caused by your monitor settings. I suggest for that you start with ensuring you're getting all 256 shades of black, which you or the standard monitor settings could be trying to compensate for by having your brightness too high so as to provide detail in dark areas. If you have an NVIDIA card, you can check to see that your black settings are correct by opening NVIDIA Control Panel (right click anywhere on your screen), then go to the screen shown in the attachment and ensure the "Output Dynamic Range" is set to "Full" instead of the default of "Limited". Then try adjusting the screen brightness as noted in this link to see if it helps.
  3. Grant, are you using a shader add-on and if so, which one?
  4. Using a date in January is usually what gets you that "hard winter." Just chose December or February and you shouldn't see the "picture postcard snow."
  5. This probably won't help with what I now understand you want to do, but here's where to find that ortho file I was pointing to:
  6. I'd expect the tile with Teesside to be +54-002.dsf. Google Earth is your friend here and the key is finding the whole number latitude and longitude of the lower left hand corner of the 1 degree by 1 degree rectangle you're looking for. Teesside it at 54 degrees 30'33" north latitude and 1 degree 25'47" west latitude. The whole number lower left corner of the relevant scenery tile will have +54 and -002 in the file name (north latitude is plus and rounded down while west longitude is minus rounded up. For example, Greenwich is tile +50+000.dsf.
  7. For HD, from the Orbx Central product website here: Installation size: 210 GB of disk space required, 300 GB free space before install. For SD, from the Orbx Central product website here: Installation size: 54 GB of disk space required, 90 GB free space before install.
  8. Thanks, Sasha. I now have everything I need on this. You guys are the best.
  9. Thanks for your help with this, Nick. Following the instructions in the "Double instances in ObjectFlow 2" link, I did indeed have the offending folder in my P3D Docs folder, so deleted it. Returning to P3D, I now had two layers at EGSG separated by about 50'. The lower had the bespoke Orbx add-on EGSG aircraft and vehicles and the upper one the bespoke hangars. Once above that layer, as expected, I couldn't get below it. Returning to [SimDrive]\P3D\ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_AA_EGSG\Scenery, I found the expected two EGSG files but with added text of ".disabled-by-egsg" at the end of the filename. Copying to a safe place and then deleting the added text resulted in EGSG looking as it should.
  10. I agree with you graybeard on the effort Orbx put into the TEGB II update and all at no additional cost to those who bought the first version. To miss one file in the installer is pretty small potatoes in the push to deliver a fantastic Christmas present to us on time. I’ve put in about five hours in the new South and have nothing but praise for the improvement in performance and upping the POIs.
  11. That’s all good news. Do you recommend I wait for a fix/patch, or just add .off after the file name. If the latter, please advise which file it is.
  12. Thanks for the double Object flow suggestion, Nick. I’ll run the fix in the link and report back. As for the plateau, I didn’t describe it correctly. That’s what it looks like with TEGB II inactive and Orbx EGSG active, done simply by unchecking the four TEGB II entries in the Scenery Library. I’d expect that combination to result in how things looked before TEGB. Is there a better way to get there, such as running the auto AEC corrector in Vector after deactivating TEGB II? I haven’t made any changes to the relevant .BGL files or moved any AEC corrections.
  13. My Orbx Stapleford/EGSG isn't playing nicely with TEGB version 2 (TEGB II), and now no longer works right with Orbx England. The issue is that while the enhanced aircraft, vehicles and ObjectFlow people seem to be in place, all hangars are missing, along with runway markings and lights. Also, regardless of setting in the EGSG control panel, there's no grass. The happens with all combinations of TEGB II active and inactive, EGSG active and inactive and Orbx England active and inactive as selected in the in-sim Scenery Library. Depending on the combination, I see the ramp area on a plateau. I tried file verify for EGSG and also removing/reinstalling it, with no positive result. This is the only issue I've come across so far since installing TEGB II, which I otherwise love. My sim is P3D v4.5 SP2. In trying to troubleshoot this, I'm not sure if the initial download of TEGB II is part of the issue. I'm one of the ones with the download size stated in Orbx Central as 74 GB instead of 54 GB or whatever it was supposed to be. Nevertheless, TEGB II seems to be working after getting through that issue with help from the forum. Also, the TEGB Library had no hickups. I do hope this can be fixed without removing and reinstalling TEGB II. I'm on a 1 MB/sec download connection and it took a day and a half to download the original 74GB (73.86 to be exact). Here's how it looks with TEGB II and Orbx EGSG. No hangars, markings or grass, and the farm north of the hangar line is at an odd angle to the horizontal: Here's how it looks with TEGB II and EGSG off. The runway markings and ramp area are floating above the ground ortho: Orbx England on and EGSG off looks fine, with the stock buildings and everything else looking good. Other info: No third party mesh installed, and no AEC applied in the Vector control panel.
  14. Really, all you should need is right there in the last panel of the link I posted. In case you missed it, here it is for you: Do note the yellow arrow is to show you where to get the file. It's not there on the real page. Click on the green box, and the installer will quickly download. If you really don't know what to do with the download, it's a simple executable file. Just left-click to run it, or better yet, temporarily turn off your anti-virus, then right-click on the downloaded executable, and then left-click run as administrator and it will do its thing.
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