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  1. As you say, some day. Did you note the second XP11 paragraph, where it's stated they plan to port over their existing P3D airports? That points to ESSA coming over at some point.
  2. Here's the entire 2019 plan for all product lines. You'll find the X-Plane section about 3/4 of the way down. My guess is anything out past the end of this year is likely too indefinite to count on or subject to changing priorities.
  3. Even if your Windows 7 is 64 bit, any later 64 bit version should help. You clearly have your reasons for avoiding Win8/8.1/10 and you're not the only one that doesn't want to update, so I do respect your reasons. Just sayin' that something more current almost certainly will help your performance across the board
  4. You need the SDK if you use ADE to modify airports. Otherwise, you can loose it since it's not needed for the sim itself. Your issue may be linked to the on the Academic, Content and Scenery while the Academic Client is at 4.5.30293. Also, as noted in Poppet's excellent instructions, did you uninstall the Academic Client for 4.3 before installing the Academic Client for 4.5? Anyway, Pete's suggestion of asking for help over on the LM site is a good one, as it's really the best place for support purely on the sim.
  5. Re-read John's post, first line (post #2). See also the linked file.
  6. As noted in Stew's post, there's been lots of changes for the good since your absence. As others have so well said, your service is deeply appreciated, and that's from one vet to another To the mods: Is there any way someone can gift Landon a scenery or two so he can see where we are in simming today? If necessary, a PM to me with details would be welcome.
  7. Because it's not pinned, unless you know to click on the announcement on the master page, you won't find the post until page 7 of 7. Suggest simply pinning it so it's at the top of the pile.
  8. Looks like you didn't notice the "no support requests here please" that's part of this section title. One of the mods will need to move this for you to an appropriate section of the forum where you can anticipate assistance.
  9. I'll admit I said out loud, "Why???", and then I got to the VR part on the second read and realized what day it was. The whole thing was insanely clever, and the quotes from key developers were priceless themselves.
  10. Also, when Orbx reported it was no longer supported, it was noted the developer, not Orbx, owns the files and isn’t planning to update them.
  11. In OrbxDirect (where you go to buy the sceneries), you can preview the user guides here and here, where you'll find a coverage map for each. Because the two sceneries cover all of Germany (the current one of course as noted) and coverage is in squares, boundary areas in neighboring countries are included. In particular, there's a very nice size portion of Salzburg get with Germany South.
  12. Bob needs a running start to get up much of a slope. Give that a try and see if it helps.
  13. It isn't. I attached the .kmz file (Goggle Earth if you're not aware) that shows the boundaries and airports included. FTX NCA Coverage and Features Map.kmz
  14. Blucey, another suggestion for you, this time on posting issues you're having. You should use a descriptive title for the issue (such as "Error Code 1-800040005 in FSX") instead of your screen name ("Blucey"). This applies in any forum you're looking for help in.
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