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  1. Here's a thread from the Aerosoft forums that has some useful info on setting snow depths and effect in surfaces. It's applicable in general, not just the commercial product mentioned: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/162707-enat-fully-covered-in-snow/&do=findComment&comment=1035713
  2. Go ahead and reject reality then. An Orbx rep may have more to say. Every third party developer has this to deal with. It's a simple fact of MSFS life. No different than if a box product retailer decides to delay putting the product on the shelf. You speak to them, not the company that sent the retailer the boxes.
  3. I saw in the Known Issues list that the London City Pack has a conflict (Link here). While the KI list was first posted last August, it was updated on March 9 but without stating what the update was. It's unclear if the KI issue is with Sim Update 3 released March 9 (ver . So, this could refer to the earlier issues since resolved with an update from Orbx. Any thoughts from Orbx or user experience? My own sim update download is in a failure loop with 3.33 GB to go, so I can't test it.
  4. See the third Q&A in the attachment. Orbx has no control whatsoever on when products they provide to MS land in the Marketplace. You should direct your question to them. As a general observation though, Marketplace updates occur in batches and do not coincide with sim/world updates, probably so as not to overload their servers even more.
  5. Additional note: If you deleted the London City Pack as suggested by Orbx when Global Update 3 (UK and Ireland) came out, then on the London City Pack line as noted in step 3 above, the circle will be empty (light grey) and the download icon will not be red. In step 4 above, you should see an option to Install instead of Update.
  6. Updates are not shown as separate files. If one is available for an installed add-on, the download icon (fifth from the top right if Orbx Central is full screen, fourth from the top right in my screen shot which is clipped) will show in red. Please note, this applies only if as the previous post asked, you bought London City Landmarks through OrbxDirect or OC. If you bought it through the in-game store (the Marketplace), you'll have to wait for Microsoft to add it there. Ensure you're using Orbx Central, not the earlier app. You should be on version 4.1.28. Once OC opens, left cli
  7. You wrote too soon, Ron. The wait is shorter than you thought. Orbx just announced EGSG is coming for MFS, and if things work out, this weekend! Or maybe it's coming because you wrote?
  8. If you open the two pix by clicking on them, there's a very thin black line running essentially at where the horizon would be through the mountains.
  9. For Dave (OP): Instead of sharing a screenshot from your phone, simply hit the "V" key while in the sim and it will send a clear screenshot to a folder in your Windows Pictures folder called (if I remember correctly) FSX. If that's not the right file name, just look around in the Pictures folder and you should be able to find it
  10. The OP noted he's on FSX Steam and his references to add-ons support that. So it seems this should me moved to that support site.
  11. It was just updated. See this: MK-STUDIOS EIDW Dublin Airport for MSFS updated - Partner Previews and Announcements - Orbx Community and Support Forums (orbxsystems.com)
  12. Sorry about the winking smiley face in the quote. When I came back to this thread after I posted the above, the copied "B)" got translated to this: and I didn't see it in time to edit it out. I also should have noted that it's in real life situations like a runway under "short-term" construction result in the approaches not withdrawn to avoid having to republish them when construction is ended. That's where the NOTAM fits in. ATC simply won't clear anyone for an approach to that runway for the duration.
  13. Or, as indicated in the airport briefing pages in the TAXI tab, there's extensive construction going on on runway 16/34. In such a case, the approaches are left active (not cancelled or removed) but the runway NOTAMed out. It's not worth looking up historic NOTAMS for the airport at the time the baseline image was done, but here's a copy of a current NOTAM for EIDW: NOTAM A0169/21: Dublin Airport (EIDW) A0169/21 NOTAMN Q) EISN/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5325N00616W005 A) EIDW 2101120300 C) 2101160600 D) DAILY 0300-0600 E) RWY 16/34 NOT AVAILABLE FOR LANDING OR TAKE OFF TO FACILITATE APR
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