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  1. After 5 flights, i probably can say the problem is solved and was related to global ship traffic
  2. 1 very fast test (just loaded the plane, airport and date, with vc and spot views bur without taking off), with the old p3d.cfg and the ship traffic pack updated in lfmn and no CTD...ASAP i'll try other airports that geve me this issue to declare it solved. fingers crossed!
  3. Hi Nick, thx for the reply. As one user with the same issue on the italian orbx support page pointed out, the bug could be caused by Global ai ship traffic program. He is suggesting to unistall the previus version and install the updated one. I'll report my feedback asap.
  4. I've had multiple issues in this months either with p3d 4.4 or with 4.5 version. Basically the sim CTD for a strange issue related to boats traffic in some default airports (Ajaccio, Bastia, Nice, Tenerife) and with freeware and default planes. For instance, in Ajaccio LFKJ default the issue happens in the virtual cockpit and the spot view. When i pushback from the gates (g2/g3 and so on) to the rwy 02 (200 degrees approx) it crashes. If I select the top-down view doesn't happen. When i reach the runway and select virtual cockpit view i took off normally. My guess is that there's something wrong in the vector scenery around rwy 02. The same thing happens in at least 4 more airports. Lately i restarted my sim after a period of holidays from 23/12 to 7/1. When i ran p3d on 7th january it crashed every time i tried to start a flight from LFMN Nice. Then I tried a "homemade" solution: 1) i moved out of the user/appdat/roaming/lockheed martin folder my previous p3d.cfg, and copied that in a different desktop folder 2) launched p3d to create a new cfg. file 3) change one macro line at a time (jobscheduler, graphics, weather and so on...) of the new cfg with the old one. 4) every macro line i change i run p3d to see if it works and then go on with the next line 5) I found the problem, is the line "traffic manager". Basically, if i set ferry/ship/leisure boat traffic density at 1% or more, it crashes, but only in some sceneries (like Nice LFMN, Bastia & Ajaccio, Kahului Hawaii, not every in island or seaside scenery, for instance LIRN/Napoli, Lisbon, Miami, work fine). Very weird. Any guess about this issue? I repeat, the issue is likely to be Vector related, since i've only APT/AEC files of these airports in my p3d main folder
  5. Hi all, I've just upgraded p3d from 4.4 to 4.5 not by a full installation, but upgrading client, content and scenery. Now in my scenery library i have got this order (photo 1): third party sceneries (aerosoft, fly tampa, simbreeze etc), then ADDON SCENERY and below that orbx libraries, lights, fixed arpt, orbx lc (eu, na, sa, base). Below those ones i've got BATHYMETRY, some default sceneries (Photo 2) and then VECTOR'S entries. At the bottom (Photo 3) there's just one vector's entry. Is the order correct or should I change something? Thx in advance
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