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  1. Using Next Gen Mesh and see no issues at Orbx LOWI, or am I missing something ?
  2. PSXseecon Live Traffic updated for 4.3
  3. Alice Springs is one of my favouites, I have to say. Hardly a tree in sight
  4. Great to hear Robin. It is the gateway for the US Deep Freeze. Your NZDN is a masterpiece.
  5. The pack is just not Aussie. It is for NZ too. So reg numbers are VH and ZK
  6. I would say he is in the pub reading the Situations Vacant
  7. Bruce, just so you know, if you get a Outlook account, you can get @outlook.co.nz not com, whic makes it a breeze if dealing with online shops etc who don't like hotmail etc.
  8. Same as Rudy, excellent performance. FT YSSY does the buisness.
  9. Stunning!!! Keep up the great work.
  10. Many thanks for your advice. Will check it all out.
  11. That's great. Good tips. Using Android Tablet, would that be an issue ?
  12. Looks good, and very proffesional. I am very tempted. Her indoors will never know lol
  13. Crikey!! You need deep pockets for that sub lol Or did I read it wrong ?